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Merry Yule!
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
The largest ballroom on the first floor of the mansion has transformed over the course of the day. Anyone who might have walked past it this morning wouldn't recognize it this evening. Bright green wreathes and garlands cover the doorways and there are new, ornate candelabras and hanging from the ceiling. The heavy crimson curtains have been parted and tied back to display the large windows behind them, a fresh, snowy landscape beyond.

The fires are burning in the fireplaces and music is sounding from a nine piece orchestra near the dance floor. There's a large refreshment table that spans most of the length of the room, as well as several dining tables set up with room near the piano. An elegant feast in celebration of the winter season, the end of the year and the welcoming of longer, warmer days. A grand tree sits near one corner of the room with bright red and white glass ornaments and wrapped gifts underneath, each one bearing the names of the members of the mansion.

The Will has duplicated last year's celebration, but has also allowed the members of the city inside of the mansion this time, inviting them along through word of mouth and her own magical trickery. Mingle, be merry, and enjoy the festivities.

And if you're not planning on going? The Will has replaced all of your clothes with nice, formal ones for the occasion. You might as well show up.

[ooc - Merry Yule, everyone! And thank you for another beautiful year.]

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[There's a Jack behind the punch bowl, sipping daintily at a glass, watching everyone else move. He'll smile and beam at you when you come get dessert, pleasant as anyone else.]

[TIS FATE that HH would trip and fall right into Jill's lap.


........ Lllllap.


Yes. [Jill pokes him in the back of his head.]

That would be my lap, puffin. Congratulations.

Not a piffon. [He chews on one of Jill's knees.]

[He leans down to nip at Leo's ear, tugging lightly at his hair.]

You are so drunk.

[Liam sees him from across the room, and very nearly has a panic attack in front of everyone.

He manages to get a seat near his corner, and tries to concentrate on breathing properly.]

[Jack makes his rounds, later, glass of wine in hand, and it might be an hour or so before he comes across the poor man.]


[Carefully neutral.]

[Liam tries not to react, but he can't very easily hide a look of wide-eyed terror. His hand steals up to where he keeps his gun, but he really would rather not use it.]

Please go away.

[It's barely a whisper. Poor man isn't functioning very well in general, and Jack's presence makes it far more difficult to even pretend.]


[But Jack takes a step back, frowning a little.]

Shelly is back to normal, has been back to normal for a while now.

[Gradually, Jack may begin to notice that he isn't the only one doing the watching. There is a very dark woman with very pale eyes behind him, having slipped out of the shadow of a nearby potted plant. She has been following him, off and on, since her arrival--as she has followed all of those Lady Rainsworth cares for.]

[Jack doesn't turn around just yet, but when the figure's close enough, he takes a sip of his wine and says aloud:]

Want to dance?

[She is nearly startled by the question. Then, after a moment of hesitation, she moves up to stand more beside him. She has only ever watched dancing, and is not yet altogether comfortable with her human body. She glances at him, there is hesitance showing through a rare crack in her usually-indifferent mask.]

If you wish.

[Catching sight of him, Shelly makes her way over, skirts whispering their way softly across the floor. Since her run-in with the Will of the Abyss, Shelly's doubts as to the rightness of letting people close had been alleviated greatly, and so she feels no hesitation, leaning close and brushing her lips gently across his.]

[Jack startles, but smiles into the kiss, finding her hand and twining their fingers together.]

There you are, milady.

[When she pulls back from the kiss, it isn't far, remaining close and taking comfort in his hand in hers. He calls her "milady" so rarely, she gives him a small, teasing smile.]</font>

Are you enjoying the party, milord?

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