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Merry Yule!
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
The largest ballroom on the first floor of the mansion has transformed over the course of the day. Anyone who might have walked past it this morning wouldn't recognize it this evening. Bright green wreathes and garlands cover the doorways and there are new, ornate candelabras and hanging from the ceiling. The heavy crimson curtains have been parted and tied back to display the large windows behind them, a fresh, snowy landscape beyond.

The fires are burning in the fireplaces and music is sounding from a nine piece orchestra near the dance floor. There's a large refreshment table that spans most of the length of the room, as well as several dining tables set up with room near the piano. An elegant feast in celebration of the winter season, the end of the year and the welcoming of longer, warmer days. A grand tree sits near one corner of the room with bright red and white glass ornaments and wrapped gifts underneath, each one bearing the names of the members of the mansion.

The Will has duplicated last year's celebration, but has also allowed the members of the city inside of the mansion this time, inviting them along through word of mouth and her own magical trickery. Mingle, be merry, and enjoy the festivities.

And if you're not planning on going? The Will has replaced all of your clothes with nice, formal ones for the occasion. You might as well show up.

[ooc - Merry Yule, everyone! And thank you for another beautiful year.]

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Liam would really rather not be here, but the Mansion wasn't about to accept that, even dressing him in the clothing he wore to attend Glen and Jackie's wedding. He has tried to leave, to no avail.

And so here he is, tucked away in a corner, trying to avoid people.

Ah, but Liam will never, ever be able to avoid his own Chain -- not if they're both in the same room, anyway.

She's barely recognizable tonight. Her large glasses remain, but she's somehow convinced herself to wear the green dress and managed to get all that hair up into a moderately presentable bun. Since the tiny Liam talked about it with her, she's been trying to pretend that she's Hermione Granger, because Hermione turned herself from bookish to stunning for a Yule Ball once, and Hare really adores Hermione.

Still, when she approaches Liam and takes his hand, she's shaking like a leaf. There are too many people here, and she doesn't feel like she belongs.

Liam would never want to avoid his Chain, actually. He adores Hare.

He smiles when he sees her headed over, and squeezes her hand gently.

"You look lovely," he assures her when he notices the shaking.

The Hare flushes, of course -- so red that between her face and the dress, she looks quite seasonal, really. The Chain fidgets, looks in all sorts of different places that aren't Liam, and opens and closes her mouth in an attempt to speak several times before she finally pulls him down and announces in a whisper, "I'm pretending."

He blinks at her, a bit confused about her announcement. Liam is quiet for a moment, trying to figure it out. When he can't, he decides to ask.

"Pretending what?" he whispers back.

"To be someone who -- who isn't scared of parties," she replies earnestly, still whispering.

Then she stares around, shiftily, as though she is expecting someone to pop out and eat her at any moment. Where is dear Hatter? If anyone tried anything with him around, he'd eat them back.

"I completely understand."

He smiles shyly at her.

"I'm trying to pretend I'm not scared, myself," he informs her, still in the secretive whisper.

He doesn't say what he's scared of, but it doesn't matter all that much.

"Really?" She tries to speak a little louder, but her voice comes out a squeak, so she drops back to whispering again and adds, "You don't -- don't look scared."

He's lurking in the corner, yes, but Liam has always had a tendency to stay on the edges of things, unnoticed. It's how he overhears things.

If it isn't a Liam! A normal Liam, too - not that Break really minds the crazy alternate versions running about, but seeing people who look even relatively like the ones back at home reassure him. And this one seems to act more or less normal, too, wallflowering as always. Well, Break hasn't been to the dance floor either, but at least he's mingling with people. (Sort of, anyway.)

He makes his way over, waving slightly in greeting and offers Liam a plate full of cookies. Either he's feeling generous today, or getting friendly with any Liam in sight is his way of spiting Barma for the trickery with his treats earlier tonight. Break is strange like that.

Liam isn't expecting to see a Break, really. They've been rather scarce of late--not that he's really the person to ask given that he's hidden away in his apartment.

He nods his greeting, and selects a cookie from the plate.

He does not, however, feel much like talking, so he decides to leave that to Break.

Good luck with that.

Break raises an eyebrow at the silence. He'd expect a greeting, or at least beratin him for eating so many sweets. But he can deal with that.

He stuffs one cookie in his mouth before setting the plate down on a nearby table. The one other Liam he met - the very female one - knew sign language, so he's going to at least try with this one as well. And for that he'd like his both hands free.

"You're looking glum tonight."

He stopped trying to pester Break about his sweets intake ages ago.

Liam cocks an eyebrow at that. Trust Xerxes Break to find a way to avoid having to stop eating to talk to people. Well, two can play at that game. He shoves his own cookie in his mouth and signs back.

"I don't particularly want to be here."

Break is not going to point out that this is far more serious than just wanting to eat and talk at the same time. He's accustomed to having silent little sign conversations with Liam, anyway.

"And whyever not?"

He expected the question, but it still makes him cringe slightly. There's a long pause before he signs back.

"It's complicated. I... am not comfortable around people."

Well, that's not really a surprise. Liam has never been one for big gatherings, but that usually doesn't stop him from taking part anyway. Nor working at Pandora. Break frowns slightly, but decides not to push. Instead, he picks another cookie and tucks it in is mouth to sign.

"The Mansion just isn't letting you leave, then?"

Not surprising, either. Break is also here only because his hair was already done and his wardrobe full of fancy clothes, after all.

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