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Merry Yule!
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
The largest ballroom on the first floor of the mansion has transformed over the course of the day. Anyone who might have walked past it this morning wouldn't recognize it this evening. Bright green wreathes and garlands cover the doorways and there are new, ornate candelabras and hanging from the ceiling. The heavy crimson curtains have been parted and tied back to display the large windows behind them, a fresh, snowy landscape beyond.

The fires are burning in the fireplaces and music is sounding from a nine piece orchestra near the dance floor. There's a large refreshment table that spans most of the length of the room, as well as several dining tables set up with room near the piano. An elegant feast in celebration of the winter season, the end of the year and the welcoming of longer, warmer days. A grand tree sits near one corner of the room with bright red and white glass ornaments and wrapped gifts underneath, each one bearing the names of the members of the mansion.

The Will has duplicated last year's celebration, but has also allowed the members of the city inside of the mansion this time, inviting them along through word of mouth and her own magical trickery. Mingle, be merry, and enjoy the festivities.

And if you're not planning on going? The Will has replaced all of your clothes with nice, formal ones for the occasion. You might as well show up.

[ooc - Merry Yule, everyone! And thank you for another beautiful year.]

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[Somewhat tentatively, Shelly steps into the ballroom in a pale blue gown. This is far more public and open a place than she's ventured to in quite some time. However, after a run-in with the Will of the Abyss, some days ago, she has been feeling a bit better about things...]

[Liam sees her from his corner, and manages a smile in her direction. He's not very pleased to be forced to be here, but he's glad to see Shelly out and about, and not wrapped in a cloak.

He's not quite willing to venture out of his corner, however.]

[Catching sight of Liam, Shelly makes it easy, moving toward him with a smile. Beneath the cheerfulness and the playful formality, there's a tinge of concern in her eyes.]

Are you enjoying the dance, Mr. Lunettes?

[He tries to reassure her.]

Trying to, milady. It wasn't my choice to come tonight. The Will rather insisted.

[He keeps his voice light, though he's really rather tired of her interference.]

I'm quite unused to so many people.

[Shelly gives a wan, sympathetic smile, reaching out to pat his shoulder.]

I quite understand. Perhaps we can find a quieter place. Surely the Will will not begrudge us that.

[Since the mistletoe incident, he's not bothered by her touch. His killer had only worn her body, not been her.

He manages a bit more of a smile and offers his arm.]

Shall we try to find one, then?

[Smiling, Shelly slips her arm through his, falling into step beside him as they make their way toward the door out into the Mansion proper.]

By all means, Mr. Lunettes.

[Liam relaxes almost imperceptibly as they leave the throng of people. It's just a relief.]

How have you fared lately, milady?

Lady Shelly!

[He runs over, holding onto the gift she had given him.]

Wh-what is the meaning of this?!

[Someone's trying to act like his father. :|]

[Shelly smiles despite herself, leaning down a bit and pretending to examine the gift as if she doesn't recognize it, at first.]

Why, it's your Yule present, Master Nightray! I thought it might please you.


[He bites his lip, all of the previous bravado evaporating.]


[Her smile widens, and she reaches out to settle a gentle hand on his shoulder.]

You're very welcome, [she says softly.] I'm happy that I could give you something you liked.

[Elliot flushes at the welcome. And after standing there awkwardly, he turns and runs away with the present...

Only to return a few minutes later, completely changed into his tunic. Like he was going to change in front of a Lady. :c]

[A-awwwwwwww...! Shelly kneels down to get a proper look at him, beaming at the little knight.]

Sir Nightray, you look absolutely gallant!

[The tiny boy just grins at her and turns all around, arms out.]

It fits just great!

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