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Life's more painless for the brainless
And then this happened
hasnoscissors wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[Vincent awoke in a room that was not his own -- which, admittedly, was not terribly unusual. Having no recollection of how he came to be in that room, however, was. But discretion was, as always, key to these nightly affairs, and so after leaving a vague amorous note under the pillow which he woke upon, Vincent climbed out the window and into an expansive garden. Letting out a low whistle, he couldn't help but wonder who exactly it was that he'd spent the evening with. Needless to say, he would have to become reacquainted with her. Later.

Some time later, his hands tucked in the pockets of his dark, fitted trousers, Vincent walks down a cobbled street while whistling a tune that borders on jaunty. He winks at any and all passing ladies, holding their gaze for a little longer than one should to a stranger, making young girls blush and scandalizing old women. Every response widens his smirk by a fraction, until he looks every bit to be the cat that ate the canary.

In short, he is the very picture of a well-groomed and confident young man who is enjoying an early stroll. Though his vest and long coat aren't near the quality worn by nobility, they're still fine and well-made, and his cravat is tied immaculately around his neck. A blue ribbon ties his long hair back, pulling it out of his golden eyes. Yep, that's a plural. Two bright gold eyes.

It's not until he reaches the street corner does he take the time to stop, looking down from one street to the next in bewilderment. It's only then does his grin falter slightly, faced with completely unfamiliar territory. Apparently, he's also a very lost young man. He blinks slowly, uncomprehendingly.]

How strange. I must have taken a wrong turn...?

[Nevermind that he knows the streets of Reveil like the back of his hand. There's no other explanation for it, is there?]

Milord shall be furious if I'm late to return...

[OOC: Here is a Vincent who grew up without an older brother and without the red eye of misfortune! For how this came to be, here's a brief and very somewhat incomplete background for him, which contains some spoilers for chapter 65. But the short of it is: this is nice guy Vince. He's a nice guy who was raised by mommy and is here to mack on all your ladies. Also, he's from 85 years before current canon.]

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[Liam is carrying several bags and headed back in the direction of the Mansion when he happens upon Vincent.

He'd really rather avoid most of the Vincents, but this one has the confused look of someone who is lost--a mark of a new person.

And, given that Liam hasn't yet taken the time to explore the city properly yet, he is standing in his way to the Mansion.]

You look a bit lost, Vincent.

Mm, I seem to have gotten turned around somewhere...

[He frowns, a hint of a wry grin pulling at his lips, as though losing his way wasn't supposed to happen.

Slowly, his eyes turn to focus on the other man, looking at him as if seeing him for the first time. Because, well... he was.]

Do I know you?

[It's then that Liam notices his eyes, and he's stunned silent for a moment. This is certainly a different Vincent.

Then he sighs. He may as well try to explain, though he may be taken as insane.]

A version of you knows me. I'm afraid you're no longer in your own world. This world is another world, like the Abyss, but is more like a nexus. It pulls people from different times, places, and worlds, and brings them here.

And keeps them here. I've been here six months now. And there are several versions of me here, as well.

I assume your surname is not Nightray?

[His smile turns somewhat strained.]

Vincent Faucheux. A pleasure. [He thinks. Really, asking if his name is Nightray? Should he be offended?]

As elaborate of a joke as it is, it's a little outlandish, isn't it? Other worlds, truly? If you're aiming to be believed, you'd be much better off choosing something a little simpler next time.

Now, if you would be so kind as to direct me to the Sinclair estate...

[Liam only sighs. He's not surprised at all to be disbelieved.]

Not that you'll believe me, but there is also a Vincent Vessalius here, as well.

I really rather wish it was a joke. I could go home.

[He raises an eyebrow at that, a bit curious. Vincent, working at the same place as Kevin? How odd.]

Sinclair? Do you happen to know a Kevin Regnard?

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