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why does this keep happening
uʍop ǝpısdn
retraced wrote in pandoraheartsdr
When Gilbert wakes, he's outside in the garden. His eyes open slowly, blinking in confusion at the sight of the bright blue sky above him, the smell of the grass and daffodils, the strange buzz sounding from the house, like the sound of crickets being filtered through hands covering his ears. Just a moment before, he'd stood in front of his brother, a gun pointed directly at him while Raven roared overhead. But now...

Raven isn't there. The sun is too warm. Alice isn't calling Oz's name and there's certainly no Leo Baskerville threatening to take his master from him once more.

There are, however, singing flowers. Those damned singing flowers. But they aren't singing the same thing as before; this time they're singing this. And dancing. And Gilbert has no clue what to do other than stare in horror.


Give him a second; he'll come back to his feet once the shock wears off. Or when he gets sick of these noises and decides to rip them from the ground to make them shut up.

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Liam hears the sound of singing flowers and comes to investigate the cause. He's wearing a pair of khakis his closet decided to cough up, and another t-shirt. This one, since he's now seen the show, is another Firefly shirt--this one with the Blue Sun logo.

He blinks down at Gilbert.

"Oh. Gilbertine was looking for you. Were you sent home?"


For a second, he doesn't even hear Liam's words. Because. What the hell is he wearing? There's a long moment of silence before he finally reaches up, rubs at his eyes and replies, "I was. How long was I gone?"

There's nothing else for him to wear, srsly. He's not pleased about it, but he's managing.

"About two and a half weeks."

He tilts his head curiously.

"Did you experience what Gilbertine explained?"

He's silent, thinking that over. Two and a half didn't feel like quite that long at home, but close enough. And without his memories of this place, it was as though he'd actually lost two years of his life being back there. It's completely disconcerting to have to think about it that way; was he still twenty-four? Twenty-six? Had he de-aged?

Ugh, now his head hurts even more.

"I did...and - I think - a little bit after."

Liam offers a hand to help him up. The poor man looks confused.

"Did Xerxes wake?"

He's still assuming he's already awake.

"Would you like to get some tea? It must be a bit disconcerting for you."

"I'm not completely sure," he answers, softly. He swallows thickly, the sudden rush of memories of two years of this place beating themselves back into his head all at once.

"...Coffee would probably be better." He groans as he stands up, stumbling a bit before his feet finally decide to carry his weight.


He steadies him.

"I found something called 'instant coffee' in the cabinet. Just to warn you, apparently the Mansion decided to bring things from another world here. Perhaps the Xerxes with the accent mentioned how different his world is? Some of their technology is here now. I think 'instant coffee' may be one of those things, among other odd foods."


Wow, the phrase doesn't translate over to him at all at the moment.

"Huh? How did it - what?"

"I honestly haven't a clue. It's why I'm wearing these clothes. My wardrobe went missing."

He doesn't sound too bothered about it anymore.

"I was wondering..."

He turns and looks over the clothing, blinking in confusion. Well, thank goodness that the Will allowed him to keep his own clothes in that case, though he's sure that that will change soon...

"It's odd. It gave me something called 'Levis' to wear, and they were somewhat uncomfortable. Those pants the Xerxes with the accent wears. At least these are a bit better."

He heads inside with Gil.

"You're lucky you didn't arrive in different clothing. It changed mine while I slept."


"If that's the case, then I'll probably wake up in something else too..."

He shudders at the thought. Ugh, mansion, you're so needlessly perverted.

"What a hassle."


He nods in agreement, opening the front door for Gilbert.

"It's quite a hassle, though Gilbertine seems to be enjoying the new kitchen technology. I daresay she might cry when the Mansion takes it away."

He steps in, nodding gratefully.

"New technology? Like what?" If it's something that even makes Gilbertine cry, he's curious to know what it is.

Liam considers the list he'd heard and seen.

"Coffee maker, electric kettle, blender, microwave, rice cooker, electric mixer... A variety of others. Apparently the technology was created to make cooking easier and faster. The ovens are apparently more efficient, too."

As they go inside, Gilbert may notice that the air is COOL.

"And there's something called air conditioning that makes the temperature inside of the Mansion comfortable. My younger self really enjoys that."

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