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Movie mingling post!
Brb dorking
almost_knightly wrote in pandoraheartsdr
You are in a sitting room of your choice. One of the ones that seems to have acquired a large television, a great big flat screen big enough for everyone to see no matter where they are in the room. The lights are out and there are snacks aplenty, but don't crinkle the wrappers or talk too loudly or you're going to the Special Hell.

As for what you're doing here: MOVIES! What do you want to see? We have all sorts of movies, and even some TV shows, available for the mansion this week! A few of our characters will be running marathons, so feel to settle in for the whole night -- and stay up far past your bedtime, if that's the case. No one will tell.

[Mingling post! I will be setting up larger threads for various marathons; feel free to set up marathons of your own, or have your character hoarding a television all to themselves somewhere else with some other movie. Tag around and have fun, and by all means, assume latecomers and backtagging are A-ok! A lot of us are busy of late, but nobody wants to miss the fun!

Oh, and modern characters: No spoilers. It's rude.]

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[He's thoroughly engrossed in this.]

Re: Doctor Who marathon

[plopping down beside him to watch.]

[Liam blinks, startled from his intense Tardis-watching.]

Good evening, Lady Ada.

[Is it evening? He's not sure, himself.]

[Oh another one of those.]

You can just call me Ada, you know.

[And then she catches what's on the screen.]

This is one of my favorites.

[He nods, then glances at her.]

This is from your world, then, Ada?

It is.

Although this is a few seasons behind where it is now.

[He blinks at her in confusion.]

These have seasons? How is that possible?

[He's thinking autumn, winter, spring, summer.]

The tenth Doctor, the one in this episode, was featured for three seasons and a few movies. The seasons usually consist of around thirteen episodes.

American shows tend to have much longer seasons.

Ohhh... Does each season tend to center along a longer plot, with each episode being a subplot that adds to the whole? Is that why they're divided like that?

[Intensely interested in this. Entertainment is so different in your world.]

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