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modern mansion is a go
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Well, you people here at the mansion might be used to waking up with things changed or rearranged or simply a little But for most of you this morning, you'll think you've stepped into some bizarre fantasy book. On the outside, things still look the same. The sun is still shining, the birds are still singing and the temperature is still high, even for the summer months.

Except, there are a few things that are different.

For one thing, the air inside of the house is cooled by strange boxes blowing cool air. There's music playing, not from a piano or violin, but from other strange boxes. And the music is louder, more metallic and faster than anything the people here are used to. The kitchen has been taken over by loud, electric devices that cut food up for you with the push of a button. The phones are small, and can be taken in between rooms without wires and still operate. The Victorian style clothing has been replaced with jeans, t-shirts and miniskirts, among other strange garments.

And dare we mention the boxes on the tables in the sitting rooms that have moving pictures.

Yes, your mansion is now modernized, based on the memories of the modern members, taking from their heads by the Will herself. Good luck learning your new surroundings, residents. And be sure not to trip over the automatic sprinklers on the front lawn.

[ooc - event start! all info can be found here! feel free to post reactions in this entry, or make your own top-post! go nuts and have fun with it!]

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[Liam woke up from unplanned sleep to a strange device blasting music. He found, to his horror, that his wardrobe had been replaced and all there is for him to wear are t-shirts with strange pictures and sayings on them, and jeans. Including the clothing he was wearing.

He's currently wearing the most inoffensive shirt he could find, which is a brown with "firefly" on the front. He doesn't know what it means, but it seems inoffensive. There were no plain ones, and nothing to wear over it, so he feels horribly under-dressed.

But he's hungry, so he's venturing out into the hallway, walking a mite uncomfortably in these odd pants.]

[He'll find another Liam crouching in the hallway, peering at the camera at his feet like he thinks it's about to explode or attack him. His cane is lying on the floor next to him within easy reach. He's just reaching out a hand to poke at the camera that's been missing for weeks when he hears the other Liam's footsteps and looks up. Seeing the clothes he wears cements it.]

Oh, so this is a dream.

[Liam blinks at him.]

It might be, but I doubt it. I certainly wouldn't dream things like this.

But I might.

[The poke doesn't make the camera do anything disturbing so he picks it up, very glad that it's back. He takes the cellphone from his pocket and shows it to the other Liam.]

It's the only thing I can think of to explain why this works again, or why my digital is back. Or why you're dressed like you come from a world like mine.

…unless this is some sort of new Mansion prank. In which case it would be my favorite one so far.

There was nothing else in my wardrobe. It had better not be another dream.

[Given how his dreams have gone. He looks up at the ceiling.]

I refuse.

[Out of context, it probably seems somewhat insane.]

Mansion prank? Is that technology from your world?

Refuse what?

[Somewhat confused and not a little concerned; talking to walls rarely does any good, Liam. If he had had any idea of the context of that he would've gone beet red, but ignorance was bliss in this case.]

Yes, it is. If this is a prank it's certainly a detailed one. [He points to the other Liam's shirt,] That's the name and logo of a TV show in my world. A good one. How would the Will know about that?

To participate if this is a dream.

[Best to keep it vague.

He blinks down at his shirt.]

A what?

I would actually assume that the Will is aware of the goings-on of all our worlds.

I don't think you have a choice.

[Putting the cell back in his pocket he clarifies.]

I think I talked about them when we first met? Like movies but they run for longer and are only shown on television.

[He makes a face at that last part.]

That is not a comforting thought. But I suppose it would explain some of the things I've found today.

[Liam is not the only one to discover his entire wardrobe switched for a modern one, and its a Shelly in a sundress that he finds, when he reaches the kitchen. By her equally sunny smile, however, she is not nearly as troubled by this development as he is. As the Mansion's pranks go, it is hardly the greatest hardship she's ever had to endure, after all.]

[She beams, upon seeing him.]

Would you care to join me for a picnic, Mr. Lunettes?

[He stares openly for a moment, shocked at the fact that she's displaying so much skin (as well as the fact that he only recently saw her displaying more in that dream), before catching himself and looking away. He almost misses the question completely.]

A picnic, milady...?

[He hesitates. Neither of them are dressed appropriately, after all...]

[Shelly smiles, a tiny mischievous sparkle in her eyes. She can guess what he's thinking, and it makes her want to pull him outside for some fun all the more. Setting aside the apples she had been in the process of packing, she moved over to him, taking his hands in hers and pulling him a bit farther into the room, lest he take it into his mind to escape.]

Yes! It's such a lovely day out! It would be such a shame to spend it indoors!

[He fights down a blush when she pulls him into the kitchen, but she's acting... normal for Shelly. Perhaps it wasn't a shared dream, after all? But the implications of that are also troubling.

He's never wanted to disappoint her, so he relents.]


[His gaze is again drawn to her bare shoulders and he looks away again.]

It seems the Mansion has altered your wardrobe as well.

[She beams.]

Indeed it has! I must say, it took some getting used to, but it's so very comfortable...!

[Turning back to the basket, she adds a few slices of bread, a small dish of butter and a some cold chicken, making their meal complete. Presenting the basket to him, she loops an arm companionably through his and tugs him merrily toward the back door.]

[He loses his fight against his blush.]

I feel rather under-dressed, honestly. And these trousers are a bit uncomfortable.

[He takes the basket and doesn't resist when she takes his arm and tugs him toward the door.]

[Shelly gives him a gently teasing smile.]

We were both less dressed, by the sea. At any rate, nearly everyone seems under-dressed, this week. I don't believe anyone will look unkindly on us.

[Opening the door, she leads him out into the sunlight.]

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