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wow I have not top posted with him since last year oops
grim_candy wrote in pandoraheartsdr
*so, if you happen to visit the foyer today, you may find yourself witness to a sight that's rather peculiar even by the mansion's standards.

The place looks empty until, with a faint cool breeze that sets the chandelier to tinkling, a man steps out of thin air -- right into thin air.

The peculiar Break performing this feat glances about in a mildly annoyed fashion as he just hangs there for a moment, gently floating ponytail and billowing dark mantle looking for all the world as though they don't feel the touch of gravity. Then finally, reaching up to adjust his ribbon tie, he resignedly puts one shoe forward and properly steps into the place again. The cloak whooshes upward as he drops toward the carpet, coming to a gentle landing. He sighs a little and brushes off his shoulders as he straightens.

He's been off to report to his bosses, and now... back to the daily grind it is. Not that he doesn't enjoy being here -- the place certainly has its many charms -- but really, sometimes one just doesn't feel like going to work.*

((If you haven't met him, this is AU Grim Reaper!Break. He's more or less exactly what he sounds like lol, but there's a bit more info in his journal if you want.

My RP muse is pretty fickle lately so I apologize if tagging is sporadic!))

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Liam meanders along from a trip to the library for books on elephants in time to see that rather bizarre sight, and just stops and stares for a moment.

A Break, but really from what just happened it could only be one of them--one he hasn't met, but has heard about from a certain Break.

The stare turns from confused to curious.

"You're the reaper, then?"

The reaper? My goodness, have I gotten that famous?

*sounding rather amused as he glances over in Liam's direction, giving a little chuckle.*

I would be he. Good afternoon, Liam. *beam*

One of the other Breaks is fond of you. He mentioned you.

[Liam gives him a polite nod. He'd rather expected he'd never meet this Break except in the course of his work, so he's a bit surprised.]

Good afternoon. I'm told you generally spend your time invisible, so I didn't expect to ever meet you properly.

Well, I didn't meet that other Break by staying invisible all the time. *another brief chuckle* It's true that I mostly do my work unseen, though. I must say, rarely do I run into any of you around here... *pausing to scratch his chin a bit, then offering a wry grin* --Though in one sense, that's not a bad thing.

If it's in your line of work, that would be a bit of a relief.

[He can't help but return the wry smile.]

I've been here for several months, but if you're essentially immortal that's likely much like the blink of an eye. There are several other Liams here, though. That Break's Liam recently arrived, even.

Oh, I'm not all that immortal. I haven't passed two centuries yet, I'm fairly sure... *thoughtful look as he ventures closer, since apparently the younger man's decided to stay and chat. Sorry about the temperature dropping a degree or three as he steps up, Liam.* A few months are still a few months, at any rate. I suppose we just haven't managed to be in the same place at the same time~ *shrugging a little, voice turning wry* Things do get busy around here occasionally.

But goodness, don't let me keep you-- *glancing down the hallway Liam came from* Were you in the middle of something?

Ah. Still longer-lived than most people, though.

[The cooler temperature intrigues him. Perhaps he can interest this Break in hanging out with his younger self so the child will stop being cranky over being hot.

The reminder of the fact that people have died recently derails that thought. He shrugs.]

Nothing pressing. Reading up on elephants for the young Vincent who lost an eye. He rather likes them.

*very dry* "Living" is probably not quite the term I would choose---

And my goodness, I wasn't aware we had a youngster Vincent running around. *amused eyebrow raise* Been babysitting, have you, Liam? I certainly don't envy you the company of that little treasure.

[The comment sobers him a bit.]

I suppose it wouldn't be.

[He shakes his head. He knows Break never liked Vincent, but he doesn't want a child to be the object of scorn based on what an adult version has done.]

There are two, actually. I met the first when he was cutting the hem of my pants with scissors at the wedding. This one is... different. He arrived with his red eye recently gouged out, and doesn't seem to have most of the destructive tendencies. Even if he does display them later, they can hopefully be redirected.

I'm also busy watching my younger self, so I suppose it is babysitting, a bit.

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