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I feel the hands of fate, they're suffocating
married_a_noble wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Emmeline had quietly left her room, leaving Oscar asleep in bed and was seated in one of the window seats, looking out at the grounds below. She'd been napping a lot more lately which led to her being up at night and restless, although she hadn't felt like actually getting fully dressed. She was currently in her night rail and a dressing gown to keep warm, and just considering what her plans were for the next months.  It wasn't something she'd be able to hide much longer, if at all. 

Her hands clasped over her belly, a brief jolt of fear entering her expression.  Oscar had told her what had happened before and that was part of the reason she'd kept this from him until it was impossible for him to miss.  The way he looked at her sometimes when he thought she couldn't see was almost painful to watch and she was determined he wouldn't have to go through that again. 

Not that it was up to her, as much as she wished it could be.  Her head rested against the glass, dark hair loose down her back for once and she closed her eyes.  It had to go better this time. For Oscar's sake as well as her own.

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Liam has had difficulty sleeping since his latest shared dream, and so he is wandering the halls and considering having tea or maybe raiding a cookie tin in the kitchen when he comes upon her at the window.

She looks... depressed. He didn't know her well before she died, but he's concerned nonetheless.

"Are you alright, Lady Emmeline?"

She turns her head at the voice, a faint smile coming to her lips, although it might look a little forced. "I'm fine, Mr. Lunettes, just couldn't sleep."

He knows better than that, but it's not his place to question her.

"I suffer from insomnia myself. Would you like to join me for tea in the kitchen?"

Emmeline slid from the windowseat, giving a slight nod and a more honest smile. "Tea would be good, yes."

He smiles and starts to escort her to the kitchen.

"What kind shall I make, milady?"

"Something relaxing, maybe chamomile?" She walks beside him quietly aside from the suggestion.

"Certainly. There's a lovely chamomile in the tea cabinet."

It isn't too far to the kitchen.

"I'm afraid I haven't seen you since the wedding. How have you been?"

"...I haven't really been up for company since the wedding so it's partly my own fault, but I've been mostly well." She enters the kitchen ahead of him and moves to take a seat at the table.

"I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes it's difficult to handle this place."

He immediately gets down a kettle to heat water. After getting it on the stove, he gets out the appropriate tea and the teapot and two cups.

"Would you like something to nibble on?"

"It can be, yes."

She's staring down at the table before his question sinks in.

"...No thank you. Food hasn't really been agreeing with me lately."

That concerns him, and he pauses, glancing at her with concern again.

"Are you ill? We do have a doctor here at the Mansion who is quite helpful."

"It's nothing that won't pass, given time, but I appreciate the offer. I would ask you not mention what I just said to Oscar however. He worries too much as it is."

He nods, reluctantly. He knows Emmeline died young in his world, and that being ill here would concern Oscar.

"I understand. I do hope you feel better, though."

"Thank you, Mr. Lunettes, I do appreciate it." She rested her chin on a hand. "Who is this doctor though? I might want to speak to him about other matters in time."

Liam doesn't make a connection.

"A young man by the name of Canterbury. I came here quite injured, and he made medicine to speed my healing, and took out the stitches when it was time."

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