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Jubilaaaaation! She loves me agai -- wait.
Crest up
almost_cocky wrote in pandoraheartsdr
That other Liam isn’t the only one hunting through storerooms. The “funny-talking” Break is, too, on a grand hunt for more shelves for his bedroom. Now that his Liam is here, he needs to better organize his craft supplies, and they’ll need a way to actually store books instead of just leaving them scattered about everywhere like Break always has. It is a totally innocent endeavor.

Maybe it’s the fact that he’s been in a fantastic mood for days. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s been a whole week since the mansion brought him his Liam, which was an awfully nice thing to do. Maybe it’s the way he’s bobbing his head as he sings Cecilia to himself. Regardless, he catches the Will’s attention while he’s rummaging around, and after a single violent and dust-induced sneeze, BAM! There is an umbrella cockatoo with only one eye on the floor where Break used to be.

He puffs up for a moment, disoriented and feeling quite funny, and then catches sight of a bird in a cracked mirror propped up against a chest nearby. Further inspection reveals that he has feathers where there should be opposable thumbs, and there’s a beak on his face, which he can scratch at with his new grabby feet.


Ah, well. Shit happens. Squawking quietly to himself, Break waddle-hops out of the storage room, attempts to fly and lands flat on his beak, and elects instead to flounce off down the hallway. Gotta go find Liam and let him know his partner’s a raging bird now.

[Presenting almost_knightly in animal form, because his player needs some crack in her life just now. Helpful videos of cockatoos being cockatoos in this journal; latecomers welcome as always!]

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[Liam nearly steps on the poor thing while carrying a few books in a less precarious way, but notices at the last possible second.]

Someone's pet bird?



[Flouncing past you and continuing on his way now, bye.]

Not a pet?

[He blinks at the bird as it wobbles its way down the hall. That leaves only one other option.]

So who are you? Did you need me to help you find someone?

[Break pauses, puffing up, but turns to peer up at him. He still doesn't want to be around this Liam, but getting to his own would be much faster with his help.]

My -- Liiam.

[He's a one-eyed white bird; Liam can figure it out from there.]

[That makes it pretty obvious. Oh, lovely. That Break.]

What on earth did you do to irritate the Mansion?

[He sighs and bends, putting out his arm so Break can climb on it if he wants.]

I didn't notice him in the library; do you think he'd be in your room?


[He does hop onto Liam's arm, and climbs up to sit on his shoulder so he'll be free to hold on to his books.]

Maybe -- nothing. My room? Or -- kitchen.

Possibly nothing. Maybe she was looking for amusement and you were a convenient target.

[He lets Break settle before he starts off.]

We'll check your room first, since it's closer.

Did not. Like my song. Maybe.

[It's as good a reason as any.]


[Is he going to regret he asked?

He's not moving too terribly fast, so as not to dislodge the recently-transformed Break.]

[Not wanting to get thrown down the hallway now that he is little, Break dutifully skips the verse about making love with Cecilia in the bedroom and picks up with the chorus.]

Ceeeeelia, you're breakin' my heart, you're shaking my confidence daily; woah Ceceeeelia, I'm down on my knees, I'm beggin' you please to come home~

[Singing, it turns out, is much easier than actually trying to speak on his own; with the songs already memorized, the imitation of it comes easily. Pleased, Break bobs up and down along with the beat, and --

-- realizes abruptly that he was doing pretty much the exact same thing in the storeroom. Well, that's probably what put the idea in her head, anyway.]

[Smart idea, Break. Very smart.

He's assumed, actually, that the bobbing is a bird thing.]

Doesn't seem to have anything to do with birds.

[They're nearing his room now.]


[Encouraged by the progress made with the singing, Break launches into a rather squeaky rendition of Under Pressure, still bobbing along. Thanks for serving as a walking perch while he amuses himself, there, Liam.]

[Maybe the Mansion just found you annoying, Break. Annoying bird.

He does his best to ignore the annoying voice in his ear as he comes to the door and knocks.]

'Cause love's such an old-fashioned word, and love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night, and love dares you --

[He pauses when Liam knocks and leans forward on his shoulder to listen for a reply. The only noise from inside, however, is a meow and a thud as one of the cats jumps into the door. Mordred has developed a habit of "greeting" anyone who arrives.]

Hm. [Break watches as a little orange paw emerges from under the door and gropes around. Now that he thinks of it, he probably should not be alone with the cats in his current state.]

[Liam sighs, but when he sees that clawed paw feeling under the door...]

You may want to have someone take care of the cat until you're back to normal. After all, you're now its prey.

[But he obediently moves toward the kitchen. Please do not serenade him the entire way, birdbrain.]

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