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Intro comes crashing in
blueflamingfail wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[So. Gilbert managed to knock himself out when he first appeared in the kitchen mid-fall only to slam his head into the counter and take some dishes with him on the way down.

And now he's woken up laying in the mess with a headache, and it does not even matter nor really occur to him where he is at the moment because he woke up in the middle of a kitchen mess that he apparently made for once and that is just not allowed.

But he does not know where the cleaning equipment is in this kitchen and cannot seem to find it anywhere proper--- and just what is he supposed to do if someone like his master were to come in and cut themselves on glass? Oh he found a mop-- but that is not suitable for glass at all! Just. WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?]

What kind of kitchen has no broom?!


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[Liam's returning a tea set to the kitchen, and he regards this Gilbert with a raised eyebrow. Obviously new, and such a Gilbert. He almost feels sorry for the young man, since he's obviously quite distraught over those broken dishes.]

A broom is unnecessary. The Will of this place will clean up the mess, as well as replace the dishes.

Ah, Liam. But, if someone steps on this glass-- [Wait hold up, rewind.] "The Will"...? What, did something happen with the Abyss?

[But Liam is so calm it can't be that bad...]

Everyone can clearly see it and avoid it, and once we leave the room it will be removed.

[He sighs. Oh, it's bad alright. Liam's just been here long enough that he's resigned to it.]

This isn't the Abyss. It's another world, of sorts. I've heard it called a "nexus." There are people from a variety of worlds here, including our Chains in human form.


[Brb marching stiffly out the door and back in to test this theory. Not so much that he doesn't believe you as he really wants to see if it'll make the mess disappear.]

[Liam watches him leave, and just sighs. He sets the tea tray down on the table and follows him out, though he's not sure whether it'll actually be removed so quickly.]

...It actually worked. [A half-relief. But that also means this really is some 'nexus' of different worlds and ...human chains are about.]

Isn't that dangerous? Or do they have their powers sealed?

It also cleans the dishes.

[He shrugs. He's still leaking glitter from his hair from his encounter with one of them.]

Some of them are hostile, but my understanding is that there's generally a lack of violence.

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