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A tumble
bittyliam wrote in pandoraheartsdr
If you're in the right location today, you might see a little boy climbing a tree laden with ripe cherries. He is, unfortunately, not used to climbing trees and is unsupervised.

There's a startled shriek as he lose his grip on a branch, and he tumbles to the ground, arms outstretched to try to catch himself. There's a loud crack when he lands.

Liam sits up, dazed, and is silent for a moment before he realizes that his arm hurts and takes a look. The forearm is slightly bent in a way that shouldn't be possible, and it's already swelling.

He starts crying, not quite sure what just happened, and more than a little frightened.

[ooc: tags or prose is fine.]

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[Barma watches over him dutifully.]

[Liam comes in about fifteen minutes later, looking quite worried. He's a bit startled to find Barma there with him, but is glad the boy isn't alone.]

Is he alright?

[This is asked softly, and his body language indicates that he expects that this is his fault.]

He's going to be fine.

[Keeping his voice hushed.]

[Liam looks incredibly relieved, and comes a bit closer, studying the boy's cast.]

I'm sorry, sir.

Not your doing.

How are you?

I should have been with him.

[He hesitates briefly; he hasn't been doing wonderfully, but he's alright.]

I'm fine, sir.

[He isn't sure how to answer that.]

I'll keep a better eye on him.

He isn't your responsibility.

[Liam frowns at him.]

He is me. I should be responsible.

You aren't. He's a fiercely independent boy.

[Liam looks away. He's glad the child has gained that independence, but the feeling is tempered with a feeling of personal inadequacy. He had never been able to be independent.]

I should still watch over him.

You do. But unless you were standing beneath the tree itself, nothing could have stopped this.

I should have been; if I'd known he was going outside, I would have accompanied him.

You're being unreasonable.

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