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A tumble
bittyliam wrote in pandoraheartsdr
If you're in the right location today, you might see a little boy climbing a tree laden with ripe cherries. He is, unfortunately, not used to climbing trees and is unsupervised.

There's a startled shriek as he lose his grip on a branch, and he tumbles to the ground, arms outstretched to try to catch himself. There's a loud crack when he lands.

Liam sits up, dazed, and is silent for a moment before he realizes that his arm hurts and takes a look. The forearm is slightly bent in a way that shouldn't be possible, and it's already swelling.

He starts crying, not quite sure what just happened, and more than a little frightened.

[ooc: tags or prose is fine.]

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[Break doesn't see him fall, but he's out harassing a bunch of pigeons nearby when he hears the shriek, and he's on his feet and running over in an instant. There's a bit of relief when he sees that Liam is sitting up on his own, so obviously nothing that bad must have happened. But there is still the Crying Child Factor™ to deal with here, and so Break is rather nervous when he approaches.]

Liam. Liam, hush, love, what's happened?

[He reaches out for him, but he won't pick him up until he has a better idea of what's happened.]

[Liam looks up at him tearfully, broken right arm held up.]

M-mister Break, m-my arm... It hurts.

[He sees the deformity now, and huffs a sigh, realizing his heart is racing. Gingerly, he rests his fingers on the part of Liam's arm below the crook, careful not to jostle him.]

You've broken the bone in it. Doesn't look serious, though. Does your hand feel okay? No numbness or tingling?

[Liam whimpers softly.]

Dunno. Hurts.

[In that case, he's not about to set it himself.]

Alright. I'm gonna splint this for you so it won't move any further, and then we're gonna go see Canterbury. He'll help me put it back in place and get a proper cast on, and he'll have some medicine to give you for the pain.

[Quickly and efficiently, Break stands and moves to find a couple of thick, sturdy sticks, snapping them easily from their trees. Then he strips off his vest and his shirt, and pulls out one of his knives from its sheath under his jeans -- he'll need bandages.]

[Liam manages a nod, watching him. Normally he'd be interested, but now he just follows his movements with a dazed look.]

[He's far calmer now that this isn't the emergency he had anticipated, and in only a few minutes, Break's shirt is nothing more than long strips of cloth.]

Hold still for me? I know it hurts.

[Gingerly, he begins wrapping Liam's arm; then he settles a stick against it and wraps that along with the arm. The other stick goes on the other side, immobilizing it, and Break talks all the while to keep him distracted.]

I take it you've never broken a bone before? I broke my ankle once, when I was much younger than I am now. Hurt like blazes, and my friends were idiots. They were all a bit drunk, and one of 'em told me it was just a sprain, so I actually got up and walked around on it, wiv some help. When I got home a couple hours later me mum took one look at me and hauled me off to the hospital, and later she personally whacked everyone who'd been wiv me at the time.

[It hurts when he does that, and he lets out a little whimper before biting his lip and trying to bear the pain. Listening to Break's story helps a little.]

I c-can't imagine walking on this. What's a hospital?

It certainly didn't feel good, but I was leaning on somebody at the time. And a hospital is a big building all chock full of doctors. That's where you go when you're sick and hurt in my world, instead of a doctor coming to your place. They've got too many really big tools and machines to help them to really make house calls anymore. I've been to the hospital loads of times.

[He finishes with the splint, tying it off as gently as he can. Then he looks Liam over for signs of shock.]

This splint is to keep it from moving so the break won't shift and get any worse before we get to Canterbury's. Do you feel sick or anyfing?

What do the machines do?

[The boy is starting to tremble a bit, and is quite pale.]

A little. Dizzy.

Anyfing you can fink of. They can measure your heartbeat, take pictures of your insides, give you fresh air to breave --

[Carefully, he picks Liam up, cradling him in both arms -- making sure to keep his head lower than his legs. Then, because Liam is the sort who will feel better for knowing what's happening, he keeps talking.]

Alright. What's happening to you now is you're going into shock. That's very common wiv injuries; it means your body was so startled by what's happened that it's upset. Since your legs and your back and your head are okay I'm holding you wiv your head down; this way you'll get more bloodflow to your heart and your brain, and you'll start to feel better. If you were laying down, I would just prop your legs up.

So they help find problems and make people better?

[He cradles the broken arm against his chest, his other hand searching for Break's shirt to hold onto, but of course he doesn't have one anymore. The explanation helps, and he nods.]

Is shock bad?

Yep. That's how they found the growf in my lung. I had a bad cough that no medicine was helping, so they took some pictures and found the tumor that way.

[Break is holding him securely, and moving just slowly enough that his balance is impeccable. There will be no jostling between here and Canterbury's. A bit stupidly, he wishes he still had his old ponytail -- grabbing onto it had always comforted Sharon when she was a child, for some reason.]

It can be if left untreated, but it's also to be expected; and in this case, I daresay you'll be completely fine shortly. As injuries go a broken arm is pretty tame, and this fracture is mild on top of that; there's no bleeding or anyfing, and it looks like a clean break to me. I also found you and started taking care of you quickly, which always helps.

It's good they were able to find it.

[The lack of jostling helps, but Liam still hurts. His crying has subsided to a few sniffles, though.]

C-can it be fixed, Mister Break? Can my arm be fixed?

Oh yeah, definitely. It'll hurt again to put the bone back how it goes, but for a fracture like this, it won't be hard for us to do and it'll be over really quickly. Then he'll put a proper cast around it to hold it still while it heals, and in a monf or two you'll never know it was broken.

[He opens the door of the mansion gently and doesn't bother to waste time closing it behind him, instead heading straight off to Canterbury's.]

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