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Event - It's beach time!
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
The Will is generally more one for trickery and making all of your lives miserable, but.

It's hot.

It's really hot.

At first she'd raised the temperature the last few days because she thought that it would be amusing to watch the false summer burn into the skin of the humans and Chains alike, but...then she realized something very important. Ever since materializing herself into the mansion (as a prank, mind you!) she'd been able to feel the effects of the heat too.

Well, bugger.

Really, the appearance of the beach (and the large body of water) on the far end of the hedge maze is for her. She wanted to feel the cool breeze off of the water along with the blaring hot sun. But after enjoying it for an evening while the rest of the mansion goes unaware of its presence, she decides to let it stay for a while. Maybe for the duration of the summer, even. And as an extra added bonus, she's even set up cloth umbrellas along the sand as well as a stack of towels and a small bar for cold drinks and fruit. Don't ask how they're staying cold - they just are. For the children there are buckets and shovels for making sand castles or collecting seashells, as well as fishing poles and kites. For the more modern characters who understand how to use them, there's even a surf board or two along with inflatable rafts, life vests and water wings, and if you get far enough out into that water, you'll definitely manage to catch a few good waves.

Just don't go out too far. Like the mountains on the horizon, if you go too far, you'll just end up seeing the shore on the other side.

The tides will move in and out, just as they would on the beaches back home, so don't fall asleep out there or else you might just find yourself waking up covered in seawater and seaweed. Unless you're Gil, then you already do.

Residents of the mansion will find appropriate (or not-so-appropriate) swimwear in their wardrobes when they wake up to alert them that something has changed, along with bottles of sunscreen whether or not they know what it is. Also...are those whales and dolphins in the distance? Maybe. Or maybe all of this is just an illusion that will disappear as quick as it's all appeared. Enjoy it while it lasts.

[ooc - beach event! tag into this post or make a top post of your own if you'd like! open for all forms of shenanigans and tomfoolery. also, feel free to add whatever you'd like to the surroundings that I might have missed.]

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[ break is so furious it's a wonder she hasn't exploded. she doesn't know how she got out on the beach, and to be honest, she doesn't care. what she does care about is the fact that she somehow got magicked out to the beach in a knee-length sundress and wide-brimmed straw hat.

her cane is also nowhere to be found, and hatter is actually amused by all this, so he's absolutely no help.

--not that she'd know, of course, but she makes a rather pretty picture, despite it all, small and slim and athletic-looking, with long legs. unfortunately, her livid scowl spoils it somewhat.. ]

How many times can I mess up the html in one comment

[Break picks up on the waves of pure, unadulterated rage long before he actually sees his female counterpart. When he does locate her, his first thought is somewhere along the lines of "hnnng", but he stomps that down in about a second and a half. The second reaction is "eeheehee!" but no, expressing his immense glee at this turn of events would get him slaughtered too, so --

Actually? No. No, there is no right reaction to have to this, is there? She will probably kill him for not being dead at this point. And if he leaves her where she is she will stay lost and alone and...very, very angry, no doubt, easy prey for whoever else takes one look at her and goes "hnnng", so it's the noble thing to do to go and drag her all over the beach with him fetch her, isn't it? Even if she bites him. Which she probably will. Oh geez. What do, what do?

Eventually, Break just sidles up to her, keeping well out of arm's reach.]


it's like the lightbulb joke

Don't call me that.

[ it's snapped, because she's clearly feelng extremely vulnerable beneath the fury, arms crossed against her abdomen and bare toes curling in the sand. she's never really thought of herself as a woman, so to be forced into the role like this freaks her out-- quite a bit. ]

How the hell did I get out here?

The mansion's a heinous bitch?

[He'll probably get punished in some way for that comment later. Oh well. Cautiously, he reaches out to take hold of her elbow --]

Come along. Let's find you a pair of pants.

[-- because much as he likes her in a dress, it's no fun if she hates the world and everyone in it.]

[From her spot by the shoreline where she's keeping an eye on the swimmers she catches sight of that particular Break.

No, Lady Break, Lady Liam is certainly not shooting you and your pretty dress envious looks from under her floppy hat. Nope, nope.]

[Liam notices her with a start from where he's taking a break and having a drink of water from the bar--the bitty is off making sand castles. He snags a second bottle and heads over. He feels a bit sorry for her, actually; he's had the Mansion play plenty of pranks on him of late, and this is a rather cruel one for her.

He's not dumb enough to get too close to her, though. And he tries to avert his eyes, because she is in a rather disrobed state.]

Another Mansion prank?

So it seems.

[ she's seething where she stands, scowling at no one in particular. after a moment, she shifts, though, shoulders stiff and expression hinting toward disturbed and vulnerable beneath the anger, tilting her head toward liam.

she sighs. ]

I suppose it's going to be impossible for me to find my usual clothing, isn't it?

[He honestly wishes he had a jacket to let her borrow, but he came out in his bathing suit today. He doubts she'd even be out here at all if she'd been given a choice.]

It's likely. The Mansion does love to be thorough when it plays a prank. If it helps, some of the people from different worlds are wearing outfits that are far more scandalous.

[Shelly cannot help but smile, seeing Xerxie standing there. She's heard such stories from (Modern!)Break, and the expression on the other woman's face solidifies her belief in them. She does an admirable job of keeping her smile casual and pleasant--no amusement here, not at all--as she approaches.]

It's a lovely day, isn't it, Break?

[ her visible eye widens at the sound of shelly's voice, face flushing involuntarily. she struggles to fight it back down, embarrassed that her mistress has to see her in this sort of state. ]

.. I'm certain it would be lovelier, my lady, if I had awakened to my usual clothing.

[ despite the dress and the feminine appearance, she still has the same sense of courtesy as a man-- she reaches out, taking shelly's hand and bowing over it, lifting it briefly to her lips. ]

I hope that you're enjoying the sea, and I pray that you won't strain your health.

[Catching that blush, Shelly's smile widens a bit, but it isn't without sympathy.]

For whatever consolation it may offer, I've woken to a similar situation, in my time here... Though I believe in my case it was the doing of a misguided Chain, rather than the Will herself.

[Her voice softens to a more confidential tone.]

And the dress is quite fetching on you.

[Rather than letting Break's hand go, after the kiss, she gives it a gentle tug.]

Walk with me a while and I'll enjoy it even more.

[Oh...yeah just ignore Rufus watching her from underneath one of the nearby umbrellas, quietly laughing behind his fan.

Damn, those legs.]

[ she has an unerring sense for where barma is at any given time and what he's doing-- so it's probably no surprise that a few moments later, a seashell is sent hurtling toward the noble's face.

her expression is completely innocent. (she didn't even more, what are you talking about.)

hope you can duck, barma. ]

[Yyyep, ducking like a boss.

To add insult to injury, he rolls over to his stomach and flaps his fan in her direction.]

[Oh, bitty is curious. A girl Break? Wow. Have a bitty running up to you.]

That's a really pretty dress, Miss Break!

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