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Event - It's beach time!
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
The Will is generally more one for trickery and making all of your lives miserable, but.

It's hot.

It's really hot.

At first she'd raised the temperature the last few days because she thought that it would be amusing to watch the false summer burn into the skin of the humans and Chains alike, but...then she realized something very important. Ever since materializing herself into the mansion (as a prank, mind you!) she'd been able to feel the effects of the heat too.

Well, bugger.

Really, the appearance of the beach (and the large body of water) on the far end of the hedge maze is for her. She wanted to feel the cool breeze off of the water along with the blaring hot sun. But after enjoying it for an evening while the rest of the mansion goes unaware of its presence, she decides to let it stay for a while. Maybe for the duration of the summer, even. And as an extra added bonus, she's even set up cloth umbrellas along the sand as well as a stack of towels and a small bar for cold drinks and fruit. Don't ask how they're staying cold - they just are. For the children there are buckets and shovels for making sand castles or collecting seashells, as well as fishing poles and kites. For the more modern characters who understand how to use them, there's even a surf board or two along with inflatable rafts, life vests and water wings, and if you get far enough out into that water, you'll definitely manage to catch a few good waves.

Just don't go out too far. Like the mountains on the horizon, if you go too far, you'll just end up seeing the shore on the other side.

The tides will move in and out, just as they would on the beaches back home, so don't fall asleep out there or else you might just find yourself waking up covered in seawater and seaweed. Unless you're Gil, then you already do.

Residents of the mansion will find appropriate (or not-so-appropriate) swimwear in their wardrobes when they wake up to alert them that something has changed, along with bottles of sunscreen whether or not they know what it is. Also...are those whales and dolphins in the distance? Maybe. Or maybe all of this is just an illusion that will disappear as quick as it's all appeared. Enjoy it while it lasts.

[ooc - beach event! tag into this post or make a top post of your own if you'd like! open for all forms of shenanigans and tomfoolery. also, feel free to add whatever you'd like to the surroundings that I might have missed.]

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Sharon was stretched out on the sand, face down on her arms, taking full advantage of the sun. She'd found one of her favorite swimsuits in a drawer. She hadn't made a habit of going to the beach at home but considering the nature of this place.

Well it would be interesting to see how the other residents dealt with it.

Break toddles by, carting a bucket full of shells. He has some Hatters to go surprise.

"Nice baving suit," he says in passing. "Lemme know if you need me to clobber anybody for looking too much, yeah?"

...well. Not!littlesister, intense overprotective streak despite his insistence on fostering independence in all the young women in his life, you know how it is.

"I'm sure you'll notice faster than I would, Break." She lifted her head, turning to look at him as he walked by. "Where are you off to, anyway?"

"Gotta go find the Hatters," Break says cheerfully. "There's two now; the one I usually hang about wiv has himself a ladyfriend."

Reaching into the bucket, he picks out one of the whole shells and tosses it down to her. Most of the rest are pieces -- the Chains won't care if they're whole or not so long as the colors and textures are exciting.

"Have fun" She caught the shell, setting it in front of her before smiling a little.

"Thanks, Break."

"Remember! Beat the snot out of 'em, I will, you just come to me," he calls back as he toddles off.

Hopefully any interested wankers in the area overhear him. Meh.

Heavens! Do people not get sunburned in your time?

They invented this lotion called sunscreen a long time ago. It keeps that from happening.

Really? And thus fell all standards of modesty? [He laughs.]

Liam happens upon her while exploring the beach, and quickly averts his eyes.

"Your swimwear is a bit... revealing."

He sounds embarrassed.

'It's actually somewhat modest by modern standards." She gestures towards one of the other Sharons wandering around. "Hers on the other hand..."

Liam glances where she gestures and gapes for a split second before he turns rather red and averts his gaze.

"Ah. Your world is certainly different."

"They even have topless and completely nude beaches in certain parts of the world." No that's not an amused smile on her lips, hidden by her arms.

"Too bad I can't introduce you to the things from my world. The Liam I know enjoys the technology."

"That's... a bit indecent."

He murmurs this, rather embarrassed.

"I've heard a bit about it, and I've read some. It seems fascinating."

"By your standards, but things change a lot between Victorian times in my world, and the current year." She spared him a glance before shifting to sit up slowly, stretching her arms over her head.

"Modesty and virginity aren't really as prized as they were a hundred years ago."

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