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Event - It's beach time!
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
The Will is generally more one for trickery and making all of your lives miserable, but.

It's hot.

It's really hot.

At first she'd raised the temperature the last few days because she thought that it would be amusing to watch the false summer burn into the skin of the humans and Chains alike, but...then she realized something very important. Ever since materializing herself into the mansion (as a prank, mind you!) she'd been able to feel the effects of the heat too.

Well, bugger.

Really, the appearance of the beach (and the large body of water) on the far end of the hedge maze is for her. She wanted to feel the cool breeze off of the water along with the blaring hot sun. But after enjoying it for an evening while the rest of the mansion goes unaware of its presence, she decides to let it stay for a while. Maybe for the duration of the summer, even. And as an extra added bonus, she's even set up cloth umbrellas along the sand as well as a stack of towels and a small bar for cold drinks and fruit. Don't ask how they're staying cold - they just are. For the children there are buckets and shovels for making sand castles or collecting seashells, as well as fishing poles and kites. For the more modern characters who understand how to use them, there's even a surf board or two along with inflatable rafts, life vests and water wings, and if you get far enough out into that water, you'll definitely manage to catch a few good waves.

Just don't go out too far. Like the mountains on the horizon, if you go too far, you'll just end up seeing the shore on the other side.

The tides will move in and out, just as they would on the beaches back home, so don't fall asleep out there or else you might just find yourself waking up covered in seawater and seaweed. Unless you're Gil, then you already do.

Residents of the mansion will find appropriate (or not-so-appropriate) swimwear in their wardrobes when they wake up to alert them that something has changed, along with bottles of sunscreen whether or not they know what it is. Also...are those whales and dolphins in the distance? Maybe. Or maybe all of this is just an illusion that will disappear as quick as it's all appeared. Enjoy it while it lasts.

[ooc - beach event! tag into this post or make a top post of your own if you'd like! open for all forms of shenanigans and tomfoolery. also, feel free to add whatever you'd like to the surroundings that I might have missed.]

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[Bitty has been convinced to let big-him teach him how to swim, so in addition to both of them wearing matching Victorian swimsuits, the child is wearing water wings. Liam is currently coaxing him into the surf.]

[ooc: I'm out of town so tags will be slow. Order is bitty -> Liam -> you.]

[Liam is patient, letting the child decide how fast he gets in the water and how deep. He hopes the boy doesn't get frightened.]

We'll take it slowly.

[Gilbert watches him a spot a ways away, trying to pick up some tips without interrupting them. Maybe he can ask Gilbert or Gilbertine later to teach him too, if he can't figure it out on his own...]

[Liam nods.]

Okay... You're sure it's safe?

[He's letting big-him lead him into the water even as he asks, so he clearly trusts him.]

[He smiles gently.]

It is. I won't let anything bad happen. You know that the human body is buoyant, right? It's easy to stay on the surface. I'll teach you that first and then you can learn how to move.

[Buoyant? That's not a word that he recognizes at all...maybe Mister Rufus will explain it to him later. He moves from his hiding spot to another one - this time on the other side of the nearest umbrella, body peeking halfway out.]

It means it floats on water 'cause it's lighter, right?

[He doesn't even notice his not!brother, mostly because he's nervous.]

[And this little boy is wearing a white girl's swim suit, but as it's Vincent this should not be out of the ordinary. Right now he's digging around for sand crabs in the surf.

Until a big wave suddenly comes in and wipes him out--]

Brother! Master!

[Liam hears Vincent's cry and hurries over, dragging big-him.]


[He plucks the boy from the wave quickly, still holding onto his younger self, and perches the blond child on his hip.]

All right, Vincent?

[It's the brat.

Oh, he has to see this. Yep, he'll be watching from some ways away, arms crossed.

No, he's totally not holding a grudge against a kid, shut up.]

[The child notices him from a distance and when his older self isn't watching, sticks his tongue out at him. He can't help it; Elliot just looks so pissed off.]

[Liam is talking about what he's going to teach him.]

We'll start in shallow water.

[You did not--

For now, he'll just stick his tongue out right back, eyebrow twitching. He really, really hates this brat. (Except not really hate, but dislike at least.)]

[Too late. The child turned his back on Elliot right away and didn't see it. Have a blatant snub, Elly.]

Okay. It's less scary 'cause it's not deep.

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