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Hare had himself perched on the front steps of the mansion, a cup of tea gone cold on it's saucer atop the post nearest him. His attention had been caught by something else, hand lifted as something crawled with fluttering wings over fingers. It almost looked like a butterfly, but it's wings were of rather thinly sliced buttered bread, and the body looked like a crust of bread- and the cube of sugar for a head wasn't missed either.

There were a few others, them perched on that cup and having a drink of that tea he had neglected. Right at the moment the bread-and-butterfly was more important, watching how it's legs moved and how it tickled his hand.

Nevermind that he'd been lost within the mansion- again- just an hour or so ago. Outside was nice, and this insect smelled like a breakfast of weak, sugared, tea and buttered toast.

(OOC: Keeps getting lost and finding himself again, silly thing. Prose or brackets, either accepted.)

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Liam comes outside with his own cup of tea, and blinks and smiles when he sees Hare.

"You didn't get lost again, did you?"

Then he sees the bread-and-butterfly and blinks again, crouching to get a better look.

"I did, disoriented and then turned around, you know."

From being returned to the mansion out of the Abyss that one week, yes. From the vast darkness and ruins to hallways can unbalance an already poor sense of direction. He lifts his hand just a little, and slowly, so Liam could have an even better look.

He smiles slightly.

"Perhaps we should see about drawing you a map."

Liam peers at the creature.

"What is that? I've seen them flying, but that's definitely not a normal butterfly."

He tapped his chin, "It might help, but then again this place might be too large to ever put down on a map completely. Bigger on the inside."

"This?" Looking down over the insect, hand turned over as it perhed in his palm, thosw odd wingers fluttering, "It smells like it's made of bread, butter, and sugar."

"True. It could also be the Mansion toying with you. It does tend to change things up every so often."

He blinks at that, startled.

"So it's edible?" Not that insects in general aren't, but this one seems to be made of food. "How odd!"

"Then it didn't get bored of it the first time around," Hare's nose wrinkled, twitching it in a little sign of irritation. How rude of it.

Don't mind as Hare catches one of the other insects at the tea cup, somehow not disturbing the others there, and looked it over, "Perhaps it is." Yep, popping the otherone into his mouth with a thoughtful look, other hand turning as the one there moved to perch on fingertips, "Very edible. Tastes like a small snack you might have with tea."

He really did just eat that bread-and-butterfly, Liam.

"The Mansion never seems to get bored with toying with us," is all Liam can really say to that. Given the awkward things he's experienced over the past week or so, anyway.

He's a bit taken aback when Hare actually eats the creature, but he had asked if it was edible. He's not quite brave enough to try it himself, though.

"How intriguing. I've caught insects with my younger self--have you met him?--but he doesn't want to feed butterflies to his frog, so we've left these alone."

"I'm beggining to notice-- so long as it doesn't have me under another clock."

His hand moved, letting the edible insect rest ontop of Liam's head after a little coaxing off his fingers, "I haven't met him, Master." He hadn't met all that many people, really. Far to busy trying to get un-lost once he'd been lost. It was easier when he was just going from one room to a kitchen.

"It has a tendency to find knew ways to toy with us. At least you've found your way out of the Mansion again."

When Hare puts the insect on his head, he carefully has a seat on the step, trying not to disturb it.

"He's..." He searches for words to describe his younger self. "He's a bit of a handful. Far too curious for his own good."

Hare nodded a that-- it was rather pleasent to not be lost within all of those hallways and rooms again. Outside was very nice.

The bread-and-butterfly crawls over Liam's hair, ending up hanging off the top of an ear at some point. It doesn't try to go back to the tea with the others, content to slowly flutter it's buttery wings on it's newfound perch.

"If he wasn't curious he wouldn't learn more than the regular child," don't mind as Hair settles against Liam's side, the Chain's been a little lonely by himself, "No matter how much of a handful he'll make himself from it."

"Maybe if you had your own room, you could use it as a point of reference?"

The feeling of the breeze, and tiny insect legs against his ear, is actually somewhat relaxing, and he doesn't mind Hare's presence at all.

"True. My concern is that he'll get himself into trouble. It's not exactly safe here. I try to keep an eye on him."


His head tilted to rest lightly against Liam's shoulder, watching the insect like that, "He'll have a good hand of people watching over him, I'm sure."

"Do you need a place to stay until you get acclimated?"

He's offering to let Hare stay in his room. He stays still, letting Hare rest.

"He will. Barma asked him to be his ward, and he accepted. Also, one of the Breaks is watching over him as well."

Hare fidgeted for a moment in place, "I could find something of my own, don't much wish to trouble you with me."

Chin propped lightly upon the man's shoulder, glancin skywards.

"He'll be in good hands then."

"I don't mind, if you need it. You troubled yourself with me while I was injured, after all."

Liam nods, carefully so as not to disturb the insect on his ear.

"I worried at first; this is no place for a child. But he's cared for and happy here."

He doesn't say what he's thinking; that young Liam is actually happier here than at home.

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