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whereisfang wrote in pandoraheartsdr
It was a pleasent day, really. Not one to be wasted inside, even for someone who spent a lot of time inside and out of sight.

Fang found himself beside a large pond not that far away from the mansion, cloak set aside and covering that sword of his. He was watching dragonflies skim across the surface, a fish here and there leaping up to try and gulp one down. The air was fresh, and the breeze was cool on an otherwise warm day.

A small boulder of sorts did fine as a seat, keeping him from sitting on the slightly damp ground around the water. The Baskerville picked up a smaller smooth pebble, rolling it over his fingers before giving it a flick-

Just to watch it sink on the first try. Not that he was going to leave it at that, and when was the last chance he got to skip rocks.

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Liam is walking alone. He is, in fact, exploring a bit to find places to bring his younger counterpart to.

Fang is hidden from sight until he's only a few yards away. Liam stops, startled, and stares.

He had caused this man's death, and Hare told him that he was, in fact, the reason Lily hadn't continued attacking his "dead" body.

Fang took no apparent notice of Liam, instead he was scooping up a handful of pebbles from the water's edge. Smaller round ones were picked out and tossed back into the water, disturbing a from here and there as they lept onto a lilly pad.

He was left with a few smooth and more flat stones, picking one up and looking it over. Yes, the man was still skipping stones as if there was no other concern that trying to get more than two skips.

Concentrating. On just how to hold his wrist and hand as the stone was sent with a flick and- HA! Seven skips!

Liam is tempted to leave quietly, avoid this man. After all, he brought about this man's death, and he's not sure if this man knows it or not.

However... Fang did feed his younger self while most of the adults had been trapped in the faux Abyss. And he does feel the need to at least thank him for that.

He keeps a respectable distance, in case he startles the man, when he speaks.

"That's a difficult number to reach. Lucky."

"I've been trying for a while," even if the first few tries didn't even get up to one, but that's not the point.

No, he hadn't startled, glancing over for a moment before sending another stone across the water.

This time it was only three.

Liam is quiet for a moment.

"The young Liam told me you cooked a meal for him, while the rest of us were gone. I've been meaning to thank you."

It feels awkward to do so, to have such a conversation with a Baskerville, but really there's no reason not to.

Fang shifted on the rock, turning to face Liam as his head tilted.

"He'd been eating only cookies and needed a decent meal. There's no reason to thank me for feeding a hungry child."

His tone carries that, really, there's not need to thank him because it was the only thing he saw to do, not because he didn't want the man to thank him for events that happend in the past in a world he'd not return far as we know =|

He nods.

"It was still kind of you. As he actually is a younger me, I did want to thank you."

Liam isn't quite sure how to thank him for the other, given that he also was partially responsible for his death.

"So I guessed." Rolling on of the other smooth stones over his fingers, giving it a slight toss upwards, flinging it towards th water after catching it.

Three skips.

"Talkitive boy."

"I was, at that age. He's... quite precocious."

He wonders if he should mention the other at all. After all, this Fang may not have experienced that yet.

"Mm," children could be.

He casts a glance back towards Liam for a moment, "Seems you healed well."

Well, that answers that question. He can't quite stop himself from cringing slightly.

"Here, yes, for the most part. I'll have to start the process over again when I'm sent home. I was brought here right after, quite injured."

He gathers himself for a moment.

"Hare told me you stopped her from attacking again."

"There was no point in continuing an attack once you were down," beating a not so dead horse in a way, and they had come for only one reason, "Far too cruel a thing to do," nd Lily was just a child. She wouldn't have known, was probably never taught otherwise.

The Tragedy of Sablier didn't leave a good example, either.

He inclines his head respectfully.

"I likely would have actually died had you not stopped her. Thank you."

There's no need, here, to pretend otherwise or hide that he hadn't been dead.

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