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/dusts off, does random thing
cesoie wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Someone is rather cheerful today.

Sweeping inside from the garden appears one long haired blond young man, a large armful of roses tucked there against his chest. They were mixed of vibrant reds, pinks, yellows, and even some such a deep red they're nearly black- even a blue one here and there. Why, this young man is even humming a little tune to himself, closing the door behind him with a foot. It was a wonder he could see where he was going as he walked further in.

The Mansion's garden was nothing like the one from home, but it still did have such lovely flowers.

It was hard to tell what Vincent would do with all of them that he carried, but something would be done. No bush had been plucked bare, but a few had looked so overgrown when he'd gone out, then they looked a little uneven after some roses had been removed- this was the result.

So, Vincent went about placing them in random places to be found. Be that strung around a doorknob with a ribbon or just laid out somewhere with a bow. Those left over woul be for his own personal use.

(OOC: I don't even know, but I felt like bringing him back, even if for one post. This Vincent was adopted by Jackie along with his brother, who later married her world's Glen Baskervile. Right here, infact. =3

Action may be quicker than prose, but I'll take either. Feel free to catch him tying a rose to your door or just walking with the rose overload.LOOK! NOT POSTING WITH A CHAIN FOR ONCE!)

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[Liam happens to see him on his way to the kitchen. He hesitates for a moment--after all, with him Vincents have a bad track record. Then the blue roses catch his eye.]

I was given to understand that blue roses were impossible. I suppose that's another thing the Mansion is challenging.

The Mansion does appear to enjoy challenging things we'd believe impossible, Sir.

[Vincent had never come upon Liam before, and never would have in the time he came from. He'd not even ran into one in the mansion when he was a boy. His smile was polite.]

There are even roses here that sing.

So I've noticed. I've encountered some of the singing flowers--they can even be tamed, I've been told.

[He realizes at the 'sir' that this Vincent apparently doesn't know him--or any Liam. How odd. He offers a bit of a smile. Liam is still wary, but curious.]

You're from a different world, then?

[Gloved fingertips idily brushed over a few roses' petals, smiling more to himself than just to be polite.]

With given time I'm sure they can be.

I am, and I believe time as well when compared to my counterparts.

[Time...? Does that mean this Vincent never traveled through the Abyss?]

Then unless you've met a version of me here, you likely don't know me. I'm Liam Lunettes. I'm assuming you're not a Nightray?

A pleasure to meet you, Mister Lunettes- and no. I'm no Nightray, but a Baskerville instead.

[Briiight smile. A small part of him wouldn't mind leaving it just like that, just for reaction-

and he does let it hang as that for a long moment.]

My mother married the Duke a while after adopting my brother and myself, and found she carried his child. They had a wedding here just a few months ago, I believe.

[At first he stiffens, but the explanation relaxes him, and he smiles.]

I was there. It was shortly after I arrived here. I found it rather amazing that a world exists where the Tragedy did not occur. It's nice to meet you.

I'm a servant of the Barma household.

It was odd to be told of it as a child here, and terribly confusing to be careful of a man who was more of a father figure than that man mother had been married off to.

[Because seriously, he was being taught how to care for flowers by the man, and Gilbert the piano. The Chains were even like babysitters some days- even when he and his brother were left with Alice and her sister/otherhalf for playdates of sorts.]

Barma, am I right to assume you work under a descendent of Arthur and Miranda?

I can imagine that would be difficult for a child.

[Liam is generally careful of certain people, but he's also met people like Gwen.]

Yes, Rufus Barma. Arthur was his father.

I thought it had all been some terrible and long nightmare when I returned home. Though, it was a shock when I ran into my younger self here, so he and I share a room now, and it appears to do him some good.

[And he had still been afraid of the dark for some odd years after returning home. He could help himself cope at night, instead of bothering mother and father- it helpd when little Eva possibly woke them enough at night.]

I've met the man a few times, whenever there was a ball or some party Father had to attend- once I was old enough.

[Liam blinks and stares for a moment at that.]

You have a younger self here, as well? The Mansion regressed my age for a little over a week a while back, and now the child is here as well. I've been caring for him, and Barma adopted him.

[He hadn't considered the possibility of sharing a room with the boy, though.]

I don't know much about Arthur Barma, but I do know that Master Rufus inherited the red hair.

He was here long before I was, Mister Lunettes. For a long time it was only myself and mother, then father came- not an awfully social child. This mansion does pull the oddest of things.

[He made sure his younger self didn't stay in the room, no one but Jackie and Glen ever paid the boy much mind in this place.]

I don't know much of him myself, my meetings are very brief.

Your brother was never brought here?

Yes... The Mansion seems fond of troubling pranks.

[He considers this Vincent, what it's safe to tell him.]

There are other younger versions of yourself here. Barma cares for two of them, I believe.

Not once. Our baby sister, however, was.

Some of them can be quite.. scarring for those of a young age, or any age.

[His fingers curl into the flowers, still careful to try and not cause any bruising to them.]

Does he? My, I know I was a bit of a handful myself, but I can't imagine being able to care for two..

I recall. One of the Xerxes--the one who made the dress--pointed her out to me; she was there at the wedding as both an adult and an infant.

[He nods.]

I'm... hoping to protect him, whenever possible.

[Liam watches Vincent gently toying with the roses--different than the Vincents he's met, who destroy them.]

The one, when I met him, was busily cutting the hem of my pants from under a table at the wedding. The other... I've heard he arrived injured, and is being cared for by Barma and Canterbury, the one healer we have.

Barma does have the aid of Gilbertine and the Xerxes I mentioned in that adventure. I've been focusing on my younger self, though he has asked for me to be involved with the others as well.

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