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Long morning
little smile
easilyflustered wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Liam is sitting underneath a tree outside, with bittyliam curled up and asleep against him. There's a jar of grasshoppers near them, along with a stack of books. One that the little one apparently fell asleep reading is The Lost Years of Merlin. At the top of the stack is Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. There are also various children's books on King Arthur and Merlin.

Liam is currently reading Le Morte d'Arthur.

Clearly, bittyliam's naming of his frog has resulted in curiosity.

(The bitty will only comment if he's woken.)

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Yyyyyyeah, I cannot let this slide even though I am hiatused. .|

Break passes by from the other side of the tree, coming in from the gardens, where he was out messing with the koi fish in the pond. He spares the two of them a passing glance, but otherwise ignores them -- until he catches a glimpse of the cover of the book Liam is reading.

He knows that image. It's not his most beloved version of the book, but --

Sorry, Liam, Break will be kneeling down in front of you and shoving the book toward you so he can get a better look at it. When he's done gawking at it, and at the books nearby, his expression shifts to something outraged and almost hurt.

"Where did you find this?" It comes out as a quiet hiss.

Liam blinks at him, startled. He'd been engrossed in the book. The expression on Break's face worries him.

"In the library. They showed up recently, most of them after he named the frog Merlin. He has more in his room, but some of them are too advanced for him, like this one."

He keeps his voice low as well, so as not to wake the bitty. Liam is actually rather enjoying reading it, even if he initially started to be able to tell the boy the story later.

"What's wrong, Xerxes?"

Temptress my luscious butt; you are a troll under my bridge

"...he named the frog Merlin. Bloody —"

It's a mutter that he barely restrains from becoming a snarl. He looks like he wants to clutch at something, but the hand on the book remains gentle.

"I have been waiting for King Arthur books to arrive since the first day I landed in this stupid mansion," he says quietly, standing. "I've checked bofe libraries for them daily."

Which billy goat are you?

"We made a list of names, and that was the one he liked best after talking it over with Barma and Hatter. The other option he was considering was Ent."

He frowns at the reaction.

"He's a child, Xerxes; he liked the character and a picture from something called 'Disney' had him dressed in blue. Blue frog in a 'magic mansion,' and that's how it got the name."

Liam gestures to the top book.

"I've finished reading that one. If you don't mind, I'd like to finish this one so I can tell him the stories, but you can have it then."

The one in the high heels. Clip-clop, clip-clop

"I grew up on King Arthur." Which is his way of not saying that these stories are some of the most important things to him in all the history of ever, of course. "The picture he saw is from the movie The Sword and the Stone, based on the book of the same name by TH White. Have fun imitating me accent if you read that one out loud to him."

Stomping off now, bye.

"The tiny Elliot wants to read them, too. Particularly books concerning Lancelot. I promised him, so let me know when you're done."

lol brb imagining dork in stilettos

"So these are from your world, then. I thought so."

He frowns, putting a bookmark in the book and setting it aside to pull out his little notebook and write the name and author down.

"You could read it to him. He enjoyed your reading of 'Oh, the Places You'll Go!', you know."

Liam's not really understanding why he's so pissy, unless it's that the mansion gave the books to someone else first. He recognizes that these are important to him, but they're here and that's what should matter, right?

"I'll bring them by your room when we are, he calls softly after him.

"England is where I was born."

He's not answering the comment on reading aloud with the tiny Liam. Other books? Sure. He can do a pretty wicked Gollum, to say nothing of his imitation of the cobras in Rikki-Tikki-Tavi or his dramatic retellings of certain favorite fairy tales. But these stories are personal to him in ways that no others are -- his very first tattoo was the Excalibur on his wrist, for pity's sake -- and he's feeling far, far too possessive of them to expose himself to the tiny Liam's particular brand of invasive personal questions just now.

The tiny Elliot just accepts that they share a mutual interest in knights and moves on with his life. The tiny Liam will want to know why they're important, and Break loves them far too much to share that with these strangers who don't even know what fucking England is.

After an angry powerwalk across the lawn, he disappears into the mansion and aims straight for the library.

…can't resist a Liam party.

Liam has been actively avoiding people of late but today he's just really fed up with not having his cane and had gathered camera, umrella/replacement cane, and thick scarf (never mind that the weather is hot) to go to the gardens to look for it. This turned into an extended walk which led him to the very tree both Liams are under. Oh dear.

He starts to backtrack quietly but his foot lands on a stick which snaps sharply and he freezes with a 'kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar' expression, hoping neither Liams will have heard that.

Liam hears it and checks his younger self to make sure he's still asleep. Then he raises a finger to his lips to indicate that the other Liam should be quiet, then gestures to the sleeping boy.

So much for not getting noticed. He nods vigorously, he has no intention of waking Bitty, after all, these days he has enough trouble with adults. Catching sight of the title of one of the books he drifts a little closer, cocking his head to read it again, not sure he had it right the first time. Because that book looks very familiar.

Liam blinks when the other Liam seems interested in the books. He'll be very surprised if the King Arthur tales are as important to this Liam or his Xerxes as they seem to be to the Xerxes from the world these are from.

Those stories don't have a special meaning to him but still, since he'd been avoiding libraries in the name of avoiding Barmas it honestly hadn't occurred to him them there might be be books from his world here. He speaks very quietly, not wanting to wake Bitty.

"…are those… King Arthur books?"

Liam nods, and replies just as softly.

"Most of them showed up in the library after he named the frog Merlin."

"That's good he found a name at last." Still speaking quietly, don't want to wake Bitty, but Liam smiles because he's heard a lot about that frog. "I didn't know your world had a King Arthur legend."

After all, the only other person here who's ever mentioned it was the Xerxes that came from a world like his. Then again, it's not the kind of thing that comes up in conversation often.

"We don't, though there are tales of knights in ours as well. There were a few children's books involving King Arthur, including one with a picture of Merlin in blue. That's what led to it."

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