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Old habits die hard
Bird is the word
just_your_fear wrote in pandoraheartsdr
" Yhoo~ will D'hoo~ nicely!" The muffled voice called out from Owl's doubled over position on the couch. His snowy white hair pooling around his upside down head, his shirt and tie hitched up showing off little patches of feathers sticking out around his ribs. A hand pawed and pulled a shiny penny into his grasp.

Sitting up, chuckling as his face turned red and the loony Chain felt a little dizzy from the head rush. He was still getting used to some of the things this neck and head couldn't do, compared to when he was in his Chain form.

"I don't think Dodo has one like yhoo~ yet. Maybe yhoo~ belonged t'hoo~ one of the nobles?" Inspecting the coin closely before setting it in the little pile of bits and bobs the silly bird had been collecting to decorate his nest out with again. Maybe it was that time of year again? could have even had something to do with mating? Either way, Owl was more active earlier these days, during the day now too as well as in the night, and he's been a busy little criminal by the looks of it.

Everything you could think of, from earings, forks and gloves, to shoes, bookmarks and candle stands, it was all in a little bundle beside him on the couch.

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Liam is checking sitting rooms for a deck of cards, since he gave the set he found to his younger self after teaching him solitaire games. He's not surprised to find one occupied, but he doesn't know this person.

He nods a greeting and moves to check the desk drawers near the couch when something on the couch catches his attention.

"You have one of my earrings there."

One of the ones he wore to Jackie's wedding, in fact.

"May I have it back?"

" I d'hoo~? .. oh, um.."

Aw, Owl really happened to like that earring, there was no chance Liam could forget about it was there? No, didn't think so.

Plucking the item from the seat and looking it over, admiring it so. " I don't have any piercings, I was thinking of asking my mate t'hoo~ pierce me though. Does it hurt?"

Holding it out eventually to Liam, smiling and blinking, one eye at a time.

Liam considers.

"I was very young when mine were pierced, so I couldn't say for sure. It can be painful, and the main thing is making sure that they don't close or become infected."

He takes the earring.

"I'd offer you a different pair, but... Well, I don't wear them because I nearly died in them. Silly and superstitious, perhaps.

"I'm guessing you're Owl?"

Owl watches, waiting for any words of advice.

"I'm sure my mate would l'hook~ after me during and after the piercing. I might ask him t'hoo~ d'hoo~ it for me!"

He seemed excited and he'd forgotten all about being sad that his stolen earring had been claimed. Taking note that this Liam was superstitious, he'd do his best not to bring him bad luck, but Owl had been know to leave shoes on tables and open umbrellas indoors.

"I am indeed! What gave me away?"

Tipping his head aside as he asked his question, tipping his head a little too far to the side almost at a painful looking angle, much like his bird counterpart could.

Liam blinks, wondering finally who Owl's 'mate' is, but he's too polite to ask.

"So long as you keep it clean, and don't let it close over the earrings, you should be fine. I'm sure if you searched some of the storage closets you'd find earrings. I'd offer the ones I mentioned, but I wouldn't want them to bring you bad luck, as silly as the idea is."

He smiles.

"You have an interesting way of speaking, and the way you tilt your head is much like an owl. I'm Liam Lunettes, by the way. You may know that already, since I did spend several years living at Rainsworth."

Owl wouldn't have thought it rude of Liam to ask whom hos mate was, he was rather proud of the fact that he was nesting up with the Barma house Chain. Its just seemed natural to them after a while, the Rainsworths Owl and the Barma's Dodo, together.

" I'll go l'hook~ there later today! Thank yhoo~ for the tip!" No, Owl didn't much like the thought of more bad luck, had Liam known Owl from earlier months in the Mansion, he would have know of the heartache and torment that plagued the poor loony bird, no, he'd had his share of trouble thank you very much.

Owl smiled back, making a little sign with his fingers, something he was proud of and did to almost everyone that made him smile.

"I d'hoo~ ... I've never noticed." Blinking, one eye at a time, again, very much bird like. He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck. " I d'hoo~ notice people watch me with an odd l'hook~ in their eyes when I tilt my head. Its not off putting is it?"

Ah! so that's where Owl recognized this man. He clasped his hands, nodded his head and smiled brightly. "Yes, yes! I know yhoo~ Might I apologize for any silly errands Duchess Cheryl and Duke Barma sent yhoo~ on." He chucked and beamed brightly.

"I'd also recommend wearing only studs rather than dangly earrings, for about a month. It will give your ears time to adjust."

Liam shakes his head.

"It's a little startling. Humans can't bend their necks like that without pain or injury, so it's a bit surprising to see."

At that he smiles easily.

"Actually, I'm glad for the silly errand that brought me to live at Rainsworth for a few years."

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