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And she's back
songstress_shar wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Sharon blinked at the oddly familiar ceiling before she slid from the bed, glancing around the room.  She knew this room, but she couldn't place why and it certainly wasn't her room at home. She sighed, running fingers through her hair before she left the room, dressed only in a pair of shorts and a tanktop, heading for the kitchen to make herself some tea.

Her footsteps paused in the doorway and she stared for a moment, taking in the kitchen before looking over her shoulder.  "....What's going on?" The question was rhetorical and she moved into the kitchen a moment later, beginning her search for the makings of tea.

[Okay so....this is Modern!Sharon about four years older and back from her trip home. She'll remember people as she meets them but it's kind of all still a ...what the hell moment for her so be patient.]

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[Liam has had a very difficult few days. After discovering the body in the kitchen, he had moved the corpse to an empty room, only to be informed that multiple Breaks had been killed. After making sure that the children were safe in their rooms and not coming out, he helped tend to the bodies.

It was the only thing he could do; he left the others to hunt down whatever had broken the peace.

He's dressed in clothes that aren't bloody for the first time in nearly a day, and comes into the kitchen for tea. He stops, blinks, and blushes at the scantily-clad woman. She looks like... but older?]


[Yay a familiar voice.]

Liam, what's going on here?

[Liam immediately takes off his long coat and offers it to her.]

You really shouldn't be out dressed like that.

[He sighs softly.]

The Mansion sent you home and brought you back? [It's the only way he can think that she aged since the last time he saw her.] I'm afraid you've come back at a... violent moment.

Brought me back?

[Well it did seem familiar and she blinked at the jacket before she smiled faintly.]

Right, wouldn't want to offend your delicate sensibilities. [The voice is amused and she shrugs the jacket on before turning serious.]

What's going on?

[He realizes, and blushes at the light teasing.]

You don't remember? You're from a different world from me. From most of us, really.

[Liam looks away at the question.]

There's a murderer on the loose. Likely a Chain, but possibly human. Could be an illegal contractor...

[He's aware that he's babbling and turns away completely before just spitting it out.]

Whoever or whatever it is has targeted all of the Xerxes Breaks here. Beheaded them.

[Sharon can't keep her amusement at his reaction from showing although her expression lost it's humor at his next words.]

They're all dead?

[He glances at her.]

All but one. The one from the world similar to yours.

And nobody knows who did it?

I haven't been involved in the investigation. I've been keeping the children entertained in their rooms, and bringing things to the remaining one.

[And keeping watch over one of the bodies, but he doesn't mention that.]

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