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had a great fall
before death comes
stfuelly wrote in pandoraheartsdr

It was only a matter of time before she let the Chain that she'd contracted illegally take over.

That man had said horrible, unforgivable things about her brother, and now he had to pay. She'd obtained this power in order to change his future, not his past like so many others had done. Because there was no past in this place - only splintered moments of now that existed within a false Abyss. Different people all calling themselves her brother, and some that shared his face but not his memories.

Not that it mattered. He had protected her, and now she in turn would protect him.

Which is why there are several dead bodies within the mansion's hallway today. All men with long, stained white jackets on, swords unsheathed and sitting nearby each body, some sliced clean in half. Their heads are all missing, rolled a few feet away from each corpse with their one blind eye staring upwards at the ceiling. But though she's already killed several, it's not enough.

The crazed Chain is seeking out each and every one through their Contract with Mad Hatter, and won't rest until they've all been killed, and Vanessa is wandering through the hallways, eyes wild and breath strained, forced along for the entire ride.

[ooc - so the run down is: Vanessa contracted one Humpty Dumpty in a moment of weakness a few months back and now she's out for blood. Mainly Break's blood, but anyone who gets in her way will also be added to the body count. Breaks can feel free to try and fight her, but I'm sorry, Humpty Dumpty will have to take your head in the end. >: It's cool, it's just a flesh wound, you'll get better.

Anyone who wants to see her or just find the bodies afterwards is also free to tag into this post!

Also - very disturbing scenes of corpses and guro within. Please read/tag with that in mind.]

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Liam in the kitchen with the tea tray

Liam is carrying a tea tray laden with the remnants of tea with his younger self when he enters the kitchen.

The sight of the body causes the tray to slip through suddenly-nerveless fingers to crash to the bloody floor, porcelain shattering.

He steps forward without intending to, getting a closer look that he didn't really want. Even though this is a Break, he knows which one it is--he can't even say how he knows.

This is the one from the closet, the one who had offered--

He chokes.


Re: Liam in the kitchen with the tea tray

The sight of the bodies had startled her although she didn't show it outwardly aside from her fingers tightening on the hilt of her sword reflexively. Footsteps lead her to the kitchen and she pauses in the doorway, watching Liam for a moment before she speaks.

"...He's not the one who was at the wedding, is he?" The sight of so many of the same man dead wasn't something she'd expected but it didn't mean that this one would be the only victim.

"..There's nothing you can do for him now. We need to find somewhere and figure out what's happening before we're targeted as well."

Liam is shaking--this, seeing this, is one of his worst nightmares. He hasn't seen the other bodies yet, and that will likely make it worse.

He's startled by her speaking, but recognizes her immediately.

"Gwen... No. I was... I was trapped in a closet with him. Before the Abyss. And he..."

He can't finish, so it's just as well that Gwen speaks. He shakes his head in response.

"I can't leave him here like this. I won't."

"...What do you suggest then? We don't know who did this and we certainly don't know if they'll come back." Gwen glanced from him to the body before moving towards it.

"....The Mansion is littered with their bodies, the ones who look like this man and there's no telling who's next, Liam. We should focus on the living before tending to the dead."

"He'll revive. I'll just... carry him to a room. Clean him up. Something."

He's moving toward the body when she hits him with that and his knees nearly give out. When he looks up, he's pallid.

"The other Breaks are...?"

Oh, God. Are they all dead?

Gwen sighs, moving to his side a moment later. "We can move him but we need to do it quickly." She knew this had to be difficult for him but there wasn't time to let the shock settle in.

"...I'm sorry, I don't know how many of him there are in the Mansion but a lot of them are dead."

Liam nods, forcing his emotions back to deal with the problem at hand.

It's like walking through a cloud, stepping around the puddles of blood and picking up the severed head, shifting the body onto its back, placing the head in its arms to prevent it from falling when he lifts the body in a princess-carry.

If he tries hard enough, he can forget that the body he's handling is Xerxes'. He heads toward the door.

"Were there others?"

He means aside from Xerxes Break among the bodies.

Gwen walks out ahead of him when he approaches the door, hand on her sword as they leave the kitchen. Her eyes flicker around to ensure nobody's in sight before she half turns at his question.

"I haven't seen any others."

"Then whatever it was may have just been targeting Xerxes."

He grimaces at the idea. The dead weight in his arms is bothering his shoulder already.

"We need to find an empty room. One that locks."

"I think most of the bedrooms lock." She led the way to a room down the hall from the kitchen, gesturing for him to go in first before she locked the door after them.

"Is there anything else I can do?"

Liam hesitates just inside, considering what to do with the body, and then takes it to the bathroom and lowers it into the empty tub. He needs to clean the blood away, and he'd rather not place it on the bed and have to clear away bloodstained sheets later.

He's detached himself from the situation, and Gwen's question doesn't get through at first.

"I need to... I should tell Barma, and make sure the children know to stay in their rooms. The kitchen will clean itself, but I need to clean the blood away..."

From the body, he means. His voice is level, but he sounds a little lost right now.

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