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twodayswrong wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[ maybe earlier you heard some rumbling-- thunder, perhaps, or considering the faint vibrations underneath your feet, a minor quake (or the will acting up). they went away in a couple of minutes, though. no problem, right?

well, now you might note one (1) xerxes break (of the female type if you know what you're looking for), in the unnaturally-darkened foyer, singing a nonsense song to herself and laughing and laughing. blood spatters her clothing and hands, smeared across her mouth, and each time she sways, something manifests in the shadow, supporting her and urging her upright again. there's an enormous, ghostly crimson eye just over her head, a tophat more shadow than substance, and the darkness in the room? --a cloak that shifts and moves like the thickest black smoke.

mad hatter, and his unnatural lunatic laughter echoes around them like a death knell.

it's about time. ]

[ ooc; backdated to a couple of days before the party! .. forgot to post this. ]

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[Liam felt the vibrations when he left his room, but when he reaches the top of the stairs to see her... Despite the fact that he hasn't worked through what he saw in the Abyss, and Hatter's presence, he hurries down the stairs at the sight of blood. The next time she sways, he's there to steady her.]

Xerx? What happened? Are you alright?

[ the question brings a manic giggle bubbling up out of her throat, a hand coming up to tweak liam's nose as she leans into his arms. ]

Why, Liam, my dear, of course I'm all right. I have Hatter back, all is right with the world for the moment.

[ above her, hatter rumbles in agreement, the darkness around them spreading, deepening. ]

[What on earth--? If he didn't know better, he'd think she was drunk.

But maybe she is, on Hatter. He knows he acted rather odd when he first got Hare back.]

Here, getting back our contracts seems to give us a sort of high, Xerxes. I nearly put myself in danger when I got Hare back.

You're covered in blood. Let me help you to your room so you can clean up.

[One thing that doesn't need to happen is an encounter with the Baskervilles while she's like this, he knows. His own was bad enough.]

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