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ain't no party like an uncle oscar party
unclednw wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Uncle Oscar is a man. A man on a mission. The sun is high in the late-spring sky, the birds outside are singing happily, and he's just learned that one older, otherworldly-Xerxes Break will be celebrating his birthday in a few short days.

He has Plans.

Now he just needs to find people to help him execute them properly. Which is why he's looking rather scheming as he moves through the hallways of the mansion. Stop him if you really want to get roped into this.

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Liam has finally ventured out of his room during daylight hours, after a discussion with several people--especially a very irate Hatter. He blinks and smiles when he sees Oscar headed down the hallway toward him.

Perhaps a game of chess is just the thing to start?

"Lord Oscar."

No time for chess, Liam!

...Wait. Liam?! He needs you too!

"Liam! Just the other person that I was looking for! How are you this fine day?"

Liam blinks.

"Well, thank you... Yourself?"

Oh, dear. He's seen this look before. Right before Oscar dragged him off to dance with Break at the wedding.

Well, crap.

"You were looking for me?"

It's an innocent look, Liam. Completely. Innocent.

"Of course I was! Why, the last time that I saw you, your face had melted right off of your body into the floor of the Abyss! I needed to make sure that you had become you again!"

Better to laugh about it now than let the paranoia build up later. Have fun with that, Liam.

"Plus, I need you to help me prepare things."

Have a troubled stare at that, Oscar.

"My face...? What?" Then, horrified. "You were in the Abyss, too?"

His brain is having trouble keeping up with this conversation.

"Prepare for what?"

Oh, confused? Just as planned.

"Never mind that! It's Xerxes' - the one from the future or somesuch - birthday in a few days! We'll need to find decorations! And a Gilbert or three to provide dinner!"


And that throws him for another loop. That Xerxes? The one he's been avoiding? Of course it has to do with him. He sighs.

"You might consider asking someone who helped decorate for the wedding where they found the decorations. I'm not sure."

He considers the food issue.

"I found a cookbook from Xerxes' world. Food he said he'd missed. I gave it to Hatter, but we can get it back. I'm sure Gilbertine would enjoy the challenge."

"How can anyone dare to call you useless, Liam? You're brilliant! BRILLIANT!"


"Now, where can we find this Hatter?"

Liam blinks at that, taken aback by the praise. It takes him a moment to respond.

"I know where his room is, but he might not be there. I can check. Do you know who handled the wedding decorations?"

"I'm not sure I have the faintest-"


"What if the one who did the decorations is the very man who we're throwing the party for...?"

He heard that he'd done the dresses, at least.

"I don't think he did. He had far too many outfits to sew to be bothered with that. Gilbertine might know."

Liam leads the way toward the foyer so they can go upstairs.

"Hatter's door is the one with the butterknife embedded in it. If nothing's hanging from that, we can knock."

Liam is rather hoping that if he helps Oscar with the preparations he'll be able to quietly sneak away before the actual party.

Taking these stairs like a boss.

"A butterknife? Now why would a person ever need to hang things off of a knife to be--"

...Oh. Eyebrow twitch.

"Even the Chains, huh...?"

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