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Avoidance never works
easilyflustered wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Liam has been scarce since he returned from the Abyss. He spent some time trying to help nurse a certain Break back to health, and that ended terribly. The rest of the time has been spent in his room, which has not been as private as he might like, since the Mansion keeps unlocking his door.

He has, at odd hours, gone to the kitchen--the lesser-used one on the second floor--to get tea and food. Unfortunately, the Mansion has decided that it's not going to let him into that kitchen tonight, something he can likely blame on tempting fate during his conversation with Gilbert.

So he has reluctantly headed down to the kitchen on the main floor to make tea and food to bring up to his room. He may also be scouring the cabinets for tins of Eques' baking to steal away.

[Tags or prose is fine.]

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This kitchen already has a Liam in it, wearing only one of his fingerless gloves because there is a bandage on the other hand, his cane hooked onto the edge of the counter and his camera resting on it. He’s just finished pouring a cup of tea.

At the sound of someone entering he whirls, still holding the kettle, and the look in his eyes is… panicked. When he sees who it is he blinks in surprises.

“Oh.” Is all he manages at first, then, “Please tell me you’re not some face copying Chain and you’re actually another Liam.”

Liam freezes in the doorway. He doesn't want to deal with anyone, but at least it isn't a Xerxes.

"No. I'm another Liam. Though Mad Baby might claim to be as well, if it were here."

He takes in his counterpart's appearance. Clothing that is certainly not from his world.

"How long have you been here? And I don't suppose your Pandora does medical research?"

At least then Xerxes would stop moping.

“Then if you are the Mad Baby, please don’t eat me. Or bite me.” He adds with a glance at his bandaged hand.

The rest is rattled off like a list because these are answers he’s given a few times. “I’ve been here a little longer than a week and, no, it’s an entertainment conglomerate. Please don’t make me explain what that is because it’s hard to do that. And do you want any tea?” he lifts the kettle he still holds. “It’s still hot and there’s this tin of quite good cookies I found.”

[He will find Shelly at the kitchen table when he arrives. She had intended to take her tea back up to her room. The prospect of carrying the service back up with her, however, had felt a little daunting, even if she is feeling much better, now.]

[She smiles up at him, setting her teacup back on its saucer.]

Mr. Lunettes! I was wondering where you were hiding.

[He stops and stares for a moment, startled. He hadn't expected anyone--especially Lady Shelly--to be up at this hour.

Liam is quite pleased to see her; after the Abyss, he had worried, but he didn't know where her room was.]

Lady Shelly. I'm pleased you made it out of the Abyss.

[Shelly is no stranger to sleepless nights. Even before the Abyss started to haunt her nightmares, a midnight cup of chamomile or jasmine tea has been a somewhat frequent ritual.]

And I you. [she says, patting the space at the table across from her. She is also in the habit of setting out an extra cup, knowing that the Mansion has its share of night owls.] Have you had troubling dreams?

[Excuse the Glen dozing with his head down on his arms at the kitchen table.]

[Liam will just be backing right out of the kitchen. He's not hungry enough for this.]

[lolwat, why so skittish?

Glen's actually sick; the Abyss left him with lingering effects. If Liam does decide to return to the kitchen, he'd better be quiet.]

I wondered when you'd be forced to come out of that room again.


[Liam blinks at him, startled. Well, he couldn't expect not to run into a Chain who admitted he rarely slept.]

I come out at times. The Mansion just locked the kitchen upstairs this time.

[Climbing inside through that open window. Yep.]

You can't do this forever, and it's upsetting to some.

masterrrrrrrrrrrr ;u;

(There will be a large dichrous Hare appearing beside him, a tin of Eques' cookies held in her large ears.)

[Her sudden appearance startles him, but Hare's presence has always soothed him.]

I haven't seen you since the Abyss.

/reaches baaaaaaaaaaack

I apologize, master.

(She inclines her head downwards, like a bow.)

I do hope you are healing well?

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