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Clockwise Doom
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Anyone who finds themselves on the second floor as the clock strikes midnight tonight will find themselves awaken (or, if awake already, thrown) in a very different place than they were before. Instead of rooms inside of a house, there's nothing but the inside of a broken toybox. The floor is wet, several centimeters of water at its shallowest, a foot at its deepest. There's no door to the outside, and even those Contracted to Chains with the ability to come and go freely from the Abyss will find themselves trapped in this place.

If you're lucky, you might be able to find an ornate room to sleep in. Just ignore the talking dolls.

The residents of the first floor will find no changes to their surroundings, aside from the fact that the staircases that once led to the second floor have temporarily disappeared. Though, they might hear sounds from some unearthly place when then Trumps begin to attack.

But really, to the Will, it's all in good fun.

[ooc - feel free to use this post as a place to mingle within the new mansion!Abyss, or make your own post! have fun!]

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Break is lurking in one of the darker corners, listening intently for anyone approaching, sword drawn from his cane.

At the sound of approaching footsteps he tenses, on the verge of asking 'who's there.'

No, it'll just be a Barma, who's actually taking down notes as he's walking around.

"Idiot duke!"

Grabbing him by the sleeve and yanking.

"This isn't a research project."

Yanking his sleeve back.

"You would know that very well, will you not?"

"Of course I would. You need to be aware of-"

Crash. Through the wall he'd been crouching by, a chain careens, showering them both with rubble.

His robe protects him from the worst of it, shielded over his face, and the notebook he's holding flies into the water.


Liam is searching for cabinets to raid for cookies, because he's rather hungry right now. He wishes there was real food here...

"Liam, is that you?"

He recognizes the step.

Liam recognizes the voice, and turns in that direction.


The question is, which one?

"Liam, hello!"

He laughs, softly.

"You seem cheerful, given where we are."

Liam picks his way over toward him.

"I don't suppose you've found any cookies?"

Hatter has part of the arm of a Trump propped over his shoulder, the fingers still twitching. Walking ontop of the shallow water that covers the ground.

Someone's been hunting.

"I should ask for a piggy back ride."

He observes. Break is ankle deep in the sludge.

"You should, and you could."

Smirking faintly, tilting his hat a little to the side.

Break trudges over, in that case.

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