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Clockwise Doom
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Anyone who finds themselves on the second floor as the clock strikes midnight tonight will find themselves awaken (or, if awake already, thrown) in a very different place than they were before. Instead of rooms inside of a house, there's nothing but the inside of a broken toybox. The floor is wet, several centimeters of water at its shallowest, a foot at its deepest. There's no door to the outside, and even those Contracted to Chains with the ability to come and go freely from the Abyss will find themselves trapped in this place.

If you're lucky, you might be able to find an ornate room to sleep in. Just ignore the talking dolls.

The residents of the first floor will find no changes to their surroundings, aside from the fact that the staircases that once led to the second floor have temporarily disappeared. Though, they might hear sounds from some unearthly place when then Trumps begin to attack.

But really, to the Will, it's all in good fun.

[ooc - feel free to use this post as a place to mingle within the new mansion!Abyss, or make your own post! have fun!]

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[There is a young woman picking her way among the broken toys, her violet eyes glancing this way and that with a worried frown. She holds her skirts up as she wades barefoot through the pools, but the hem is already soaked. Pale, almost stark-white hair has started to come loose from where she'd had it pinned up so neatly.

A gaggle of chains trails along behind her, but they're not attacking; in fact they seem puzzled. Every so often she turns and glares at them. The first few times, her stare alone was enough to send them scurrying away, but they're becoming more bold.

She wishes this was just a very familiar nightmare, but somehow she knows it isn't, especially when she hears someone else splashing along nearby, and the Chains all turn their heads toward the sound and murmur "human!"

It's worse than nightmares, even worse than her memory of this place, because she can't do anything now.]

[ooc: Adult!Alyss from an AU where she was freed from the Abyss 10 years ago... info here if you want!].

[Liam is exhausted and sore and hungry, and he's down to three bullets. He's checked cabinets, but all he's found is cookies, cookies, more cookies, and, blessedly, some water. No ammunition.

And without his gun, he has no defense. He's never been good at hand-to-hand combat, or even with a weapon like a sword. He's not built to fight.

So when this particular band of Chains hears him when he stumbles over a bit of wall protruding from the ground, he knows he's in huge trouble. He's so exhausted he's not sure if he can run.

He shoots the lead trump in the head, taking it down, but two bullets against a horde... is nothing.]

[When she sees who it is she almost bursts into tears. Of all people, he should not be here. It shouldn't be possible. He's younger than the one she knows, but he was never here.

She's more frightened than she's been in years, and that makes her furious.]


[Her scream makes the chains grind to a stop, turning to look in her direction, hesitant.]

Is Alyss angry? [They murmur nervously.

For a second she's shocked, and horrified. She's not that Alyss anymore. She doesn't want to be. She can't be. But as long as they think she is, she'll use that. She strides over to stand between them and Liam, and forces herself to smile up at them in a way she hasn't smiled in years.

I didn't say you could play with my toys, did I? Greedy little puppets want to be punished?

[They balk and bow and shuffle back a few steps, eyeing her and their intended prey unhappily. She hears them start to murmur, Alyss has changed, Alyss is different.

As if she's ignoring them, she spins on her heel and goes over to grab Liam's arm.]

We're going to go play by ourselves now! [she announces, and before Liam can protest she adds in a low voice] Stay with me and don't look back!

[When the girl's yell makes them stop--her yell of his name, and he doesn't recognize her--Liam can only stare. She slides in front of him, her stance... protective.

And then her words... This is the Will of the Abyss? And she knows him? She looks older than the one he met in the kitchen, but that could be more dangerous.

But he knows that his only chance to survive right now is to listen to her. As fickle as the Will may be, the Chains' goal is to eat him.

So he doesn't pull from her grasp. Instead he nods just slightly and lets her lead him away, not daring to look back.]

She's shaking and the skin on the back of her neck prickles, feeling the chains watch her, but they don't dare follow. She leads Liam as if she remembers the way perfectly, but the truth is, there is no way to remember. They pass behind a wooden wardrobe floating a foot above the water, and suddenly they are in a space that is almost a room, with cracked walls on three sides and a window floating in mid air. She stops, her fingers curled tightly around Liam's arm.]

What are you doing here? How -- what happened? Why did it all come back?

[She's a grown woman who just stared down a horde of chains, but she feels and probably sounds like a terrified young girl.]

[Liam looks at her in concern. Fortunately, she's holding his right arm, which isn't his injured side. But she's clearly upset.]

I'm not sure I understand. Why did what come back?

[He hasn't seen her before, so he asks hesitantly,]

Were you at the Mansion, too?

[His response makes her even more upset. Almost in tears, she lets go of his arm and hugs herself, one hand over her mouth.]

You wouldn't know, of course. You're too young, you haven't found out yet!

[She shakes her head, confused by his question.]

What mansion do you mean? I was at home with Oz. We're staying at the house in Sablier for the summer. The orchards there are just coming into bloom.

[Thinking of that, she can't hold back the tears.]

But you wouldn't know about that, either.

Who are you?

[She looks like the Will of the Abyss, but...

Liam hesitates before reaching out, trying to calm her. In her world, Sablier still exists during Oz's time? And he's older?]

You're from a world in the future, then?

Let me explain about the Mansion--that's likely what brought you here.

The Mansion exists in some sort of separate world, and an entity we call the Will of the Mansion brings people from different worlds--sometimes different versions of the same people--to the Mansion.

It plays pranks, and throwing us into the Abyss seems to be its latest.

I might not even be your Liam.

[She listens, blinking in confusion, but she needs to know whatever he knows, who he is, why he's different.]

The future, the past. It's all here, all the time. You must be from that time, but different. A different different past.

[She catches herself rambling, but it's actually starting to make a little more sense. This is the Abyss, but not the Abyss. There's another Will in another world. This time, she's just another luckless person who fell in. It's not really a comforting thought.]

I'm -- I'm Alyss, only I'm never called that anymore. That's only my sister's name, Alice. I'm called Lacie. Lacie Vessalius. You do know Oz, don't you? He's my husband.

[There's a crooked little smile through tears when she mentions Oz. She puts her hand on Liam's sleeve again, his left arm, and clutches at the fabric.]

When is it, where you are, Liam? What do you know now?

[Liam nods.]

I didn't think that possible before I was taken to the Mansion, but there are multiple people with various pasts, and some very different worlds.

[He's taken aback by her explanation. Oz is married to this girl?]

You're from a different future. We have an Alice, but her sister... [He blinks, and asks softly,] You were the Will, weren't you? But you're... human.

[He winces when she grabs his sleeve, and carefully disentangles her fingers.]

I was brought to the Mansion immediately following Yura's party, before I found out its outcome. I'm still recovering from the injuries I suffered there, which isn't helping me here.

A different different future. A different different past. There are so many of them. 'Every wish makes a world,' just like he said.

[She murmurs, shaking her head a little. For a moment she doesn't seem to see Liam at all.]


[When he pulls her hand from his sleeve, she suddenly notices him again, but now she's just staring at his arm. She reaches out to just lightly touch his sleeve again.]

It was in a sling. But it's all better now?

[Oddly enough, she doesn't seem to be happy about this.]

[He's not sure who she means, who said that, but waiting for clarification only leaves him with more questions.]

What happened to you...?

[This time she's careful, and he's surprised she knows, but then she is, or was, the Will...]

Not all. I was taken right after it happened. It's still healing.

[Her reactions, all of them, confuse him.]

[She cocks her head, looking at him as if she expects him to have all the answers, but then she finally realizes that he doesn't after all. She gives him a rueful little smile and shrugs.]

What happened? I grew up, Mr. Liam. That's all. Someone granted my wish.

I guess it doesn't matter now or here, though. I'm glad you're recovering well.

[She pats his arm lightly, then draws her hand away and steps back, a composed young lady again. A cabinet floats by outside the wall, and she tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear as she watches it drift away.]

There are Chains nearby. I should like to know more about the Will of this place, but it would be better if they didn't find you here. You should go, Mr. Liam.

[He goes over the conversation in his mind when she turns a bit dismissive, and realizes.]

I'm supposed to know, aren't I? Or an older version of me is, anyway.

[He watches her with concern.]

The Will of the Mansion, or this Abyss? [If it really is the Abyss. He doesn't know.] If-- Lacie, if you're not the Will anymore, this place is just as dangerous for you as for any of us.

[Formerly the Will or not, this young woman shouldn't be here alone. He may not be much protection, but...]

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