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Clockwise Doom
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Anyone who finds themselves on the second floor as the clock strikes midnight tonight will find themselves awaken (or, if awake already, thrown) in a very different place than they were before. Instead of rooms inside of a house, there's nothing but the inside of a broken toybox. The floor is wet, several centimeters of water at its shallowest, a foot at its deepest. There's no door to the outside, and even those Contracted to Chains with the ability to come and go freely from the Abyss will find themselves trapped in this place.

If you're lucky, you might be able to find an ornate room to sleep in. Just ignore the talking dolls.

The residents of the first floor will find no changes to their surroundings, aside from the fact that the staircases that once led to the second floor have temporarily disappeared. Though, they might hear sounds from some unearthly place when then Trumps begin to attack.

But really, to the Will, it's all in good fun.

[ooc - feel free to use this post as a place to mingle within the new mansion!Abyss, or make your own post! have fun!]

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[Luckily, Raven has been responding when needed and he still isn't out of bullets. So even though Gilbert looks exhausted from running the endless landscape, he's at least not hurt like so many others. But for the meanwhile there's no danger around, and he's doing a bit of exploring, opening a drawer of a floating desk to check the contents, gun still grasped in one hand.]

[Liam rounds the corner, having managed to kill a trump that found him with one of his few remaining bullets, and he sighs in relief. Of course, seeing him from behind and having only met Gilbertine, he assumes...]


[Wow, as if he couldn't get any more depressed. Standing up at full height to face him.]

It's Gilbert.

[Liam looks terribly embarrassed at the mistake.]

I'm sorry. From behind...

Have I met you yet?

...Oh you're not a frog anymore.

[gj Gil gj.]

[Is this guy for real?]

It didn't take...

Well maybe you can make yourself useful then. [He indicates his gun with his sword (that may be blood stained, hey the thing isn't for show).] Any idea how to get out?

*oh, look who it is, Gil. It's the guy who ran you out of his wrecked bedroom with some very unkind words when last you saw him. He's leaned back against half of a cheerfully-papered wall floating in the darkness nearby, looking rather tired and on-edge himself as his gaze jerks in the direction of the movement. He stares for a second with a surprised blink, hesitates, and calls out--*

Looking for something?

[He jumps and flings himself around, gun instantly up and pointed--]

[--and then instantly lowers it. Break. Not only Break, but one that can see. Well, that might not be true. He might have just heard him rustling around in this drawer, or...

Or he just doesn't want to admit which Break it is.]

Break - don't sneak up on people! I could have hurt you! [He snaps as he runs towards him.]

Ahh, good, you're the real thing. A Mad Baby masquerading as you would never presume to claim that... Gilbert Nightray could put so much as a scratch on me...

*he manages a grin and an amused drawl, though it's plainly not up to his usual standards of perfect poker-face -- he looks visibly a little shaken, and the words are punctuated by a brief cough. As Gil gets closer, he'll probably be able to notice the blood on the older man's half-undone cravat.*

And it doesn't count as sneaking when I was here first. *managing something like a disdainful sniff as he gives Gil a once-over*

[A difficult psyche. Broken. Beautiful, really. Attached to more than one person, so many to choose from.

Intimate with Break and a female version of himself... both are tempting. But only one will work here. Only one won't be questioned.

Baby takes Oz's form before rounding the edge of a wall.]

Gil! You're stuck here, too?


[He rushes to his master's side, immediately checking him for injuries.]

Are you all right? Are you hurt?

[Baby smiles with Oz's face, in the exact way he sees in Gilbert's mind.]

You don't need to worry about me, Gil. I'm fine. I think I found something, though.

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