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Clockwise Doom
willofthemanor wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Anyone who finds themselves on the second floor as the clock strikes midnight tonight will find themselves awaken (or, if awake already, thrown) in a very different place than they were before. Instead of rooms inside of a house, there's nothing but the inside of a broken toybox. The floor is wet, several centimeters of water at its shallowest, a foot at its deepest. There's no door to the outside, and even those Contracted to Chains with the ability to come and go freely from the Abyss will find themselves trapped in this place.

If you're lucky, you might be able to find an ornate room to sleep in. Just ignore the talking dolls.

The residents of the first floor will find no changes to their surroundings, aside from the fact that the staircases that once led to the second floor have temporarily disappeared. Though, they might hear sounds from some unearthly place when then Trumps begin to attack.

But really, to the Will, it's all in good fun.

[ooc - feel free to use this post as a place to mingle within the new mansion!Abyss, or make your own post! have fun!]

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[A chocolate biscuit rested between Hatter's lips, catching the brim of his hat just as it nearly touched the damp ground. Righting himself he placed it back atop his head, adjusting it with a small twist.

Not that far away the crumbling remains of a few Chains sinking into the shallow water, several others high-tailing it in some other direction. The area no longer belonged to them, and it took a show of power to prove that to the lesser creatures. He was the more powerful monster standing at the time, so his claim was placed upon it.

His territory.]

[Liam is stumbling through some debris when one of the Chains that was high-tailing it comes straight at him. He manages to throw himself to the side and pull out his gun...

Only to find that the creature has fled.

Which means there's something worse out there.

Liam is careful when he gets back up, looking around for that danger and perhaps a place to hide. He keeps the gun out.]

Little Liam~

[Well, that somehow gave it a creepy little echoe..

Just a few splashes through the shallow water could be heard after that, along with a bit of a skidded slide on his feet, stopping just a few feet away.]

Be careful where you point that thing, you don't want it accidentally going off and wasting what bullets you may have, do you?

[When he hears the voice, he freezes--and not just out of fear. He recognizes that voice, and it takes him until the Hatter speaks again to place it.]


[This comes as a relieved sigh, an exhausted, relieved sigh, and Liam lowers the gun. He's been wandering for too long and found himself in the Abyss without having gotten any sleep and still worn out from the Mansion splitting him.]

[Very soon he's looming, fingers curled under the man's chin to tilt his head up.]

Quite the mess the Will has thrown you humans into, isn't it?

[Leaning close, fingers slipping away, and even ducking down to give him a check over. Yes, Hatter is lightly picking over him, both literally and not, just to see what condition he's in.]

[Break had been hiding out in a little makeshift fortress he'd made for himself -- one of several he'd had to make, since getting dropped into this place. He'd heard the Chains screaming as they were destroyed, and they were alarmingly close by. He should be moving. He should be getting away from whatever it was that was killing all these things so easily, staking out a new hiding spot.

But he can't bring himself to care. Break's exhausted, he's sick, he's injured. He hasn't been able to find anything but cookies to eat and he's been fighting dizziness for a day or two already; quite frankly, he's surprised he's lasted so long. He can't sleep. He can't tend to the clawmarks across his thigh properly, and they're hurting more and more. Probably getting infected. His knuckles are bloody from having to fight barehanded on occasion and he never did find any shoes, or weapons, so he just -- sits. And listens to things die.

It takes him a while to register the silence when it's all over. It's entirely possible he dozed off, even. But he wakes up just in time to see a bunch of fleeing Chains, and whatever it is that's scared them so apparently can't be bothered to chase them. After a while, the last lingering bits of curiosity he has get the better of him, and Break slides his bare feet back into the water and leaves his hiding place, looking around.

After a moment, he spots a Chain he recognizes, and the relief is so great that he very nearly faints on the spot.

Swaying on his feet a bit, he circles 'round the rubble he was hiding behind, moving toward the Chain, reaching out.]


[He might still be too far away to be heard. Or he might not be. Hatter is so much more than Break is, after all.]

[The biscuit snapped between his teeth, ears rpicked to the call of his name, eyes growing a little wide. He event catches the scent of blood.]


[Hatter moves, going in a straight line, even if it means going over whatever debre was sunken down into what was beneith the water. Who knows if he even bothered touching the ground, really. He scooped the man up, even if it was too quickly for him, off of his feet, frowning as he checked over the placs he could smell blood.

Picking at clothing, even at the bandaging, fingers curling around a wrist as he gave a little whine. The man might not have held a contract, but he worried over him all the same as if he did.]

[Hatter must have been on the ground, because Break dimly hears the water splashing as he approaches, but it's not like it matters. It hurts to be picked up, everything hurts -- but just now, he doesn't give a shit. He had his damned lung chopped out of him once and it hurt for a good half a year after; Break doesn't care so much about pain anymore, and the ache in his back, in his arms, when he moves to slide them around the Chain's shoulders and hold him as close as possible --

It's worth it. He's safe, now.]

[Fingers curl into the man's hair, just to rest the back of his head against his palm, frowning for one of the few times he ever has.

He needs to get him to a drier place, even if not one of the most comfortable, but he could make it so with the odds and ends that made up the broken toy box world of the Abyss. Hatter keeps him held close, tucking him against his torso as securely as he could with his arms, before heading to one of those floating sections of broken room.

Step by step, leap by leap. A low sort of snarl rumbles, but it's bitten back.]

(Walking towards Hatter with the skirt of her gown held up in her arms, and a pout on her face.)

I do quite wonder how those human females get around in their heavy outfits.


[He smiled serenely, holding out a hand to Hare with a soft humming.]

-we could always rip them to make it shorter for you.

(She shifts the layers of silk and cotton onto one arm to take Hatter's hand, her pout still there.)

But it's such a lovely skirt.

[Liam watches the retreating Chains curiously, and then sees the larger Chain responsible for their flight. He's barely caught a glimpse of this one around the Mansion, but the combination of the fleeing chains and the hat tells him who it must be.

He frowns. This is the Chain that is slowly killing his Xerxes, or a version of it, at any rate. Under the circumstances, though, Hatter is probably the very best Chain to have around. So he approaches, slowly and cautiously.]

[His tongue curls around the bit of chocolate cookie hanging from between his lips, drawing it into his mouth to finish off the little sweet treat. Hatter tilts his head once he catches scent of Liam, eyes narrowing for a moment.

This wasn't the one he had run into before, curious.]

You're making yourself look like a potentional snack you know, walk normally.

[Liam jumps, startled when Hatter speaks to him, and then he feels silly for it. He pulls himself together but he's still nervous. This is Mad Hatter, after all. But there are still Chains lurking, not too close now, but not as far away as he'd like, either.]

I, ah, I didn't want to intrude! You are Xerxes Break's chain, Hatter, aren't you? I don't suppose Break is around here somewhere?

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