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Never in any case say I have lost such a thing, but I have returned it.
Aggravation | You're in ruins.
of_murder wrote in pandoraheartsdr

She had only closed her eyes for a second.

She may have collapsed from exhaustion. She recalled Sharon saying that "Gilbertine, you must rest" as she wavered after the meeting with Duchess Rainsworth and Duke Barma. (Why did she always feel such a strange twinge when she looked at that man?) She had waved the other woman off and had sank down on a chair as she absorbed the news.

Duke Nightray was dead. Leo was gone. Vincent was now a traitor to Pandora. Oz still had not wept for his friend. How could she rest?! How could she possibly sleep when she may be getting keelhauled into leading the Nightray House when Oz needed her?! How could she relax when her brother was doing god knew what and may end up as dead as--

And Elliot was still dead. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes with a sigh. Maybe if she went to sleep, she would awake to find it all a dream. Like that dream she'd had a few weeks ago (perhaps a month or two?) so vivid she had thought it was real, like she had lived a different life somewhere else. The dream had been lost to her in the waking world but...she remembered what it had been like to wake up from it. It had been like picking up a book half way completed years before and taking off again from the marked place.

So she had closed her eyes.

The first thing she notices is how she can only see out of one eye. There is a momentary panic as she feels the scar. How-?! She sits up and gasps as all the memories flood back. Glen Baskerville with a sword. A threat to kill her brother. Pain, so much pain. Break hauling her up. So much blood everywhere, sickness. Break telling her she was no match for that man as he bandaged her wound. She had never lost her eye in her world.

I've been here before. She looks around her bedroom, and blinks at the shambles it's been left in. She is still in her night shift and when she reaches for her eye patch she finds that the night stand is on the other side of the room. She slips out of the bed and tries to find a robe and shoes in the mess. She succeeds but also find a silver pistol that fills her with nausea to look at.

"Knave." Both of her contracts are broken. She is totally helpless save for this gun that is thankfully loaded.

"How long?" There is no dust or cobwebs in the room suggesting it's been untouched for ages so...(But who made the mess and why?) She flings open the door and scrambles into the hall. She must surely look like a fright. It is mid-day and she is still in her night clothes. Never mind she has more or less forgotten her scar is in full view in her agitation. Her haggard face only looks more ashen in her panic.

No blood, no bodies, no external reason for why it looks like a self contained tornado hit her room. She gasps and pants. She won't cry, not even when she's separated from Oz but...I knew this was going to happen.

She had known and had forgotten it.

So mansion your female Gilbert has returned, and she's currently throwing vases, small glasses, basically anything that can break-- into the opposite wall of the hall from her room.

She'll either tire herself out and sob herself to sleep (like a toddler) or you can try to stop her.

[OOC: So Gil is updated for 60. Action tags preferred but I will take prose for this.]

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[bitty!Liam has been exploring the Mansion, trying to commit everything to memory so he won't get lost again. He was about to go past the room that he associates with Knave when the door flung open, and Gilbertine stumbled out. He sees her from the undamaged side first, and he recognizes her as an older female Gilbert--the one little Gilbert told him about. He doesn't see her scar and missing eye until she turns in his direction, and it renders him speechless.

She doesn't see him, presumably because he's so short, and so after she goes back into the room he starts to go past the doorway hesitantly. It is, after all, not polite to talk to ladies in their bedclothes.

He'll be yelping rather loudly when the first vase hits the wall about a foot in front of him.]

[Okay the cry of a child stops her. She pauses and does at last see the little boy. She drops the book. Is that....a tiny Liam?]

Huh? [She's still a little too upset for complex thought and just stares at him in surprise.]

[Liam fell back on his butt when he wheeled back from the thrown vase, and he stares up at her with just a bit of fear. She is, after all, an upset woman with one eye in her nightclothes looking just a touch crazy. But he's far too polite to say so.]

M-Miss Gilbert?

...Gil is fine. [She sighs and covers her scar with her hand.] I'm sorry if I scared you.

[Liam gets up slowly, a little surprised when she covers her scar.]

It's fine. A-are you okay, Miss Gil?

[He's under the impression she's referring to the name rather than the name and title, so...]

[No she is not okay at all. She has learned time stops when you're taken so she's not missing anything but--

What can be resolved here? Especially if they'll just forget when they go back? The thought makes her so sick.]

I just feel a little unwell. [She sinks onto an armchair and does even notice a week's worth of dust rises from it.]

[Liam frowns a little, coming a bit closer. Have bitty!concern, Gil.]

M-maybe you should lay down? I can go make you some ginger tea? If your stomach's upset, that might help.

[He knows how to be a servant in these situations, so he's offering to serve her.]

No, thank you. [She won't have anyone serving her. She glances at him.] Are you...attached to the Barma household?

[He nods.]

Master Rufus says that I'm his best servant. At least, big-me is. But the Mansion put a spell to make me little again and he wants me to be his ward now.

I see. I started serving when I was your age too. [And it seems even longer than sixteen years ago. It feels longer than a hundred years ago even. She feels like she's lived at least three life times and every one has been pockmarked by Tragedy.

Yet you never think of such things as a child. It's all just wondrous and a new day every day whatever happened before. Why did they all have to lose that?]

I know. I met the Gilbert who's my age. But he's a boy.

[He comes a bit closer, blinking at her.]

What happened, Miss Gil?

I forgot something very important.

[He finally comes to stand beside her chair. This is something he understands.]

I forgot all about being big-me. What did you forget?

I forgot about being here before.


[Have some bitty!concerned eyes.]

I'm sorry, Miss Gil.

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