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sweeter_madness wrote in pandoraheartsdr
A white-haired man, one eye covered by his silver locks, pokes his head out of the wardrobe. Hang on...this wasn't where he wanted to come out. He was actually aiming to surprise that stupid B-Rabbit. Instead, he ends up...where exactly?

He hops down to the carpeted floor, looking around, a bored, yet slightly amused expression passing his features. He started wandering around, looking around the hallway.

All jokes aside, where was he? No, really?

A slight sigh, as he reaches in his pocket to extract a sweet, plopping it into his mouth, savoring the sugary sweetness, his one red eye narrowing a fraction.


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Have a bitty!Liam peering at you from around a table.

Break notices a small child behind a table. He blinks twice, before pulling out a sweet from his pocket, colorfully wrapped, and waving it in front of him.

"Oi~" he smirks. "I see you there~"

Well, no point in hiding anymore. Liam steps out, regarding the man from a distance curiously. He is mildly interested in the candy, but not enough to move closer.

This one looks like Break but with short hair and he doesn't talk too funny... That probably means it's not a chain.

"Are you a Break?"

To Break, the kid seems to resemble Liam...a lot. Perhaps too much. Bloody hell, where was he?

He looks at the boy, before chomping down on the candy. The kid didn't seem all that interested in the sweet. Not that he would've given it to him, anyway.

"Mhm~" he purred, hinging his waist to look more closely at the boy. "Now, now, you must be Leim?~"

Liam takes a bitty!step back.

"Y-yes. My name is Liam. Liam Lunettes." He cocks his head. "You're not the other Break. How do you know my name?"

"Oh~?The other Break?" Break cocks his head back at the boy, before reaching out, planning on tapping the boy's forehead. "And let's just say...I know a lot of thing~" He grins characteristically, before straightening up, hands against his hips.

"Ya know, Liam~" another chomping on a sweet. "Mind tellin' me more about this place, hnn?~"

[[ooc: how's Break's voice so far?;;;I just started playing him, so I'm a bit nervous!!]

Liam tries to take a few steps back at the forehead-tap and winds up tripping over his own feet. He falls and then frowns up at Break. He'd rather leave and let the weird man find someone else, but...

"It's a magic mansion. It takes people and keeps them and there's no way home. And it plays tricks, too. It turned someone into a frog yesterday. And it turned me like this."

[ooc~ So far, so good, I think.]

Break raises a brow at the fallen child.

"Is that so..." He mutters, before looking back at the small Liam, something he is yet to get used to. "Oh?~ You weren't always this tiny, hnn? And oh my, a frog?" Break chuckles.

"And what about this other Break of yours?~"

"Uh-huh. I was an adult, Master Rufus said, and then the Mansion put a spell on me."

Liam scrambles to his feet.

"He talks funnier than you. And he has really long hair. And glasses, like me!"

"Eh? So Rufus is in this magical mansion too~?" Xerxes looks down at the boy. "Say, if you were an adult, do you remember being that?"

A pause. "...Funnier than me?" A slight shadow of irritation. "Now~ whatever do you mean?"

Liam nods in response to the first question, then shakes his head to the second.

"Uh-uh. I don't remember. B-but I was wearing bandages, and Master Rufus said big-me went on an adventure and was a hero and got hurt, so..."

He looks a bit shy at that. Why is he irritated?

"The other Break talks like a peasant." Liam furrows his brow, wondering if he can imitate it, and so he tries. "He tawks wivout pronouncing wards rioght."

Incidentally, his attempt to imitate isn't very good and is probably rather funny.

"Oh?" Break couches down again, resting his chin on his palm. "Is that what he told you~?"

He smirks at the imitation, a look of amusement pasted on his face. "I see...He some magical version of me?~"

Liam nods. "Y-yes."

The other makes him frown. "I don't know. I don't think he's magical. I think he's from a really different world. Gilbert said that sometimes versions are different, like there's a girl-him."

"A...girl Gil?" At that, Break chuckles. The prospect of Gil being a girl was just...ridiculous.

..."And so~ there a normal Gil here? My, my, how interesting~," another chomp of candy.

"You mentioned...someone been turned into a frog~" Break paused. "Vincent, I do hope?"

"Yeah, he's about my age, too!"

The mention of the frog disappoints him a little because he did want to keep it. "No, that was Gilbert."

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