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You might have noticed that for the last few days, you've been missing one(1) brooding Gilbert from your halls. He's been brooding in secret, until early this morning. Your morning routine might have been interrupted by screaming and glass breaking, a one sided airing of grievances by a very frustrated and pissed off Gilbert towards the one known as the Will of the Mansion.

But the yelling is cut off as suddenly as it started, and the voice disappears. Where did it go, you ask? It's a mystery! A complete mystery!

...By the way, there's a brooding frog sitting up on the windowsill of one of the broken windows. Clearly one thing has nothing to do with the other, right?


[ooc - The Will has turned Gilbert into a frog for a few days for breaking her stuff and just overall being a loudmouth pain in the butt. He'll be able to...well. Sort of speak. Do what you will.]

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[Bah. Break would be shocked if Gil ever found his antics amusing.]

I swear, everyone I know lives upstairs. [Back onto the plate with you, Gillyfrog.] I live upstairs. Tiny Elliot and his dog live upstairs. The hobbly Liam lives upstairs -- or he did, he got turned into a tiny Liam earlier and Barmy moved 'im.

[Wow, this is really very interesting, Break, but seriously. Not helping with all of the information--

Wait. What?]


Yup. I dunno if you met him when he was big, though he's been here a while now. There was this ridiculous smoke cloud and POOF! Tiny Liam in big Liam's clothes. I don't fink he's more'n eight years old now, and he doesn't remember anyfing what's happened to him since that age.

[Break heads down the hall as he speaks.]

The Barma who goes wiv the little Gilbert and Vincent is keeping an eye on 'im.

[Well, that's new. But very useful information. It seems like the Will is getting more and more gutsy with the pranks that she pulls...

He settles a bit on the saucer at that, tucking his legs in underneath of himself.]

[Break takes the stairs several steps at a time, going quickly, but keeping the saucer steady. They're at the end of a hallway, so he turns the only direction he can go in, and slows down a bit.]

Croak when we get to your door.

[It takes a while for him to finally get his bearings and figure out where the hell they are (when did the halls get this long?!) but after a bit he finally sees what he thinks is the door to the bedroom that he's been using temporarily and croaks loudly.

Where he's staying until Gilbertine lets him back into his original one.]

Here? [He tries the doorknob, and it's locked. Making a little "pfffft" noise at it, Break kneels down and sets Gilbert's saucer gently on the floor.

Then he pulls a bobby pin out of his armwarmer and uses the damn thing to pick the lock. It takes him maybe eight seconds, tops.

This accomplished, he picks up the frog again and lets himself in. A quick glance around the room shows that it's utterly spotless, so yes, definitely a Gilbert sort of bedroom; Break heads immediately for the bathroom.]

[He shifts a little on the plate, nervously. Sure, Break, right here would be great THANKS FOR THE LIFT BUT WE'RE DONE NOW, RIGHT?

...Also, he'll realize later that Break can break into his room that easily and be pissed. Just fyi.]

[Xerxes goes where Xerxes pleases, Gillyfrog, whether he has the magical ability to travel by cabinet or not. Deal wiv it.

Break actually has good intentions for heading to the bathroom, though. Once he gets there, he stares at the tub for a moment, but decides it's too big; instead he goes to the sink, setting Gilbert and his plate down on the counter. He turns the faucet on, fiddling with the handles until the water running over his wrist is lukewarm. Then he stoppers the sink and fills it up as high as he can before that stupid little drainage hole gets in the way.

A moment's contemplation and he snatches the washcloth on the tub's rim and drapes it across the edge of the sink instead, holding it in place with the soap dispenser; now Gil will have a means to climb in and out of the water.]

There. Now you won't shrivel and die. [Break is pleased with himself over this.] I'll send Raven up as soon as I find her, alright?

[And with that, flicking the water from his hands, Break turns to leave.]



Wow, that looks really good right now. So he'll just hop in with a gleeful bound--! Kyaaaaaaah~ such a happy frog all of a sudden...

Break, we're never discussing this ever again.]

[Break is, in fact, already gone, and will feel no need to return with Raven when she arrives. Break does not like amphibians, Break needs to find and sterilize his glasses, and Break is confident that Raven and her cleavage can handle the rest of this.

Have fun in your sink, Gillyfrog~]

[Go to hell.


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