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when the wind blows
bittyglen wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[There's a storm brewing outside this evening and this Glen is none too happy about it. In fact, he's pretty frightened. He didn't want to leave his room in the first place and has been hauled up in his quarters because he's been in immense pain. Carrying the weight of having five contracts with his chains, he's still getting used to having that overwhelming power. He decides to get something to eat from the kitchen. After fumbling through the fridge, he begins to return back to his room with an apple in hand. He spots someone in the hall and blinks.]


[There's a crash of thunder and lightning outside which startles him and he cringes some.]

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[bitty!Liam is actually quite fond of storms, because they quiet his mind a bit. Sometimes if it seems like Master Rufus won't need him, he takes naps during them.

He was, however, told to go eat something if he felt hungry and he is headed in that direction when he encounters a boy he doesn't recognize. He smiles politely.]


[He looks him over and figures that he doesn't pose a threat. That and he appears to be very cordial.]


[A pause.]

What's your name?

I'm Liam. Liam Lunettes.

[He's noticed that the boy seems tense.]

Are you okay?

[He hesitates for a second or two before speaking again.]

I just... I dislike storms. My name is Glen Baskerville. It's nice to meet you.

[Liam's a bit... Well, not surprised after all. He knows lots of children dislike storms, and he's one of the exceptions.]

Maybe if you think of storms as the world's way of telling you you're not alone? That's how I think of them. Sometimes it's too quiet.

[And the name-- OMG this child is Glen Baskerville?! Polite, need to be polite even though he's scared.]

N-nice to meet you.

[He can read body language quite easily.]

Are you afraid of me?

[Liam is nothing if not honest.]

A little...

[Does not compute. He doesn't seem frightening to himself. Hmmm.]


[Liam fidgets slightly. This Glen is a little boy, so maybe he's not dangerous?]

Um... In my world, adult-you is scary.


Why? What did he do?

[More fidgeting and hesitation.]

He caused the Tragedy of Sablier. The city went into the Abyss.

B-but you're a child, like me. So you're not so scary.

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