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Age Regression~
easilyflustered wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Liam is headed to the downstairs library. He stops briefly in the main foyer with a frown. He feels... odd.

There is a loud BAMF, and a cloud of smoke envelops him.

When it clears, he has... shrunk. Into a bitty!Liam of about eight or nine years old, who is basically swimming in clothing and whose glasses are far too large and falling off.

The boy looks confused for several seconds, then seems to realize that he's not anywhere he recognizes.

He steps out of the pants, trailing a coat that is far too large for him and a shirt he is practically tripping over, along with bandages that he very suddenly doesn't need. He's searching the room, squinting at furniture and shadows and clearly looking for someone.

"M-master? Master Rufus? P-please, sir. I can't see through the illusion..."

[ooc - So we have a bitty!Liam who does not remember anything beyond the age of eight or nine. Pre-Rainsworth, likely very shortly after he's been sent to Barma. Tags or prose is fine; I'll follow you.]

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[Gilbert may have missed the explosion and smoke, but he arrives just in time to find the small boy who appears to be about his age wandering around the room looking for something. Though, he doesn't run up to greet him until he finally realizes who it is.]

Liam! [He shouts, running up to the boy's side.] come you're wearing such big clothes?

[The appearance of a strange boy surprises him. Is this one of Master Rufus' tests? Is this boy an illusion? He must be. He's the only child serving Lord Barma. And how would someone he doesn't know, know his name?

He looks at his clothing as though he hadn't noticed before.]

M-master Rufus... They're an illusion. I swear I'll see through it!

[He looks around the room, addressing the walls.]

I'll learn, I promise!


[Guess whose leaning down over bitty bitty Liam? Well, more or less crouched down in that leaning, staring where the kid is looking. Smelled like the guy who pulled a gun on him, just short.]

I don't think there's an illusion. [Boo.]

[Liam blinks up at the strange man, looking quite upset. There's no recognition there.]

B-but... This isn't Master Rufus' home, sir. That's where I should be.

[Break, finally back on even footing again after his creative spree and its resulting crash, is also walking about downstairs, and minding his own business. He turns into the foyer somewhere behind Liam, noticing the man's back as it is walking away from him.

For a moment he debates turning around. He does not particularly want to talk to this Liam today. The man is strangely hard to get rid of once he is around, and --]

[And then there is the smoke cloud and the heinously silly comic book side effect. Has Liam really been Nightcrawler under a hologram this whole time? That's stupid.]

[...except now there is a tiny Liam in the big Liam's place. And in his pants. And then not.

What the shit.

What the shit.]

[For a moment, Break turns on his tail to leave. Then he turns back again. Then he just starts walking about in a little circle while he considers what to do here.

He has too many bitties to watch out for as it is.

But he can't just leave a bitty walking around. With no pants.

This particular bitty will probably cling.

And nag. Small nagging child holding onto his leg all the time, no, no --]

[But what is that Break hears? Liam is calling for Master Rufus...about an illusion...?

...he doesn't remember being big, does he. He has no idea where he is!]

[Oh, that's much better. Tiny pantsless Liam will have no idea who he is, and he can take him and pawn him off on a Barma, and also he can take Liam's pants and hold them hostage for some later appropriate time.

Opportunities, opportunities.]

[And so, Break collects himself and strides up to the boy, content with this plan of action.]

Oi -- Liam? Here now, calm down a bit, yeah?

Apparently, Barma has a sixth sense for these kinds of things. He's on the way up from the library, when there's a loud poof and smoke trailing from the entrance.

He heads out. Stops.

Arches a brow.


Liam looks incredibly relieved.

"Master! P-please... I'm sorry I can't see through the illusion. I promise I'll learn. I'll be useful!"

He starts to come to Barma but winds up stepping on his oversized shirt and falling to his knees.

"Hey! Why are you wearing adult clothes?!" Elliot huffs as he approaches - clearly, this situation needs to be remedied!

Liam blinks at him with wide eyes, looking down at his clothes as though noticing them for the first time. He uses one sleeve-covered hand to push up the oversized glasses on his nose and peer at the other boy.

"I... I don't know. Aren't they one of Master Rufus' illusions?"

But would he feel like he was in clothing far too big if that was the case...?

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