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Senta props her feet up on a coffee table, leans back, and takes a long drag of her cigarette.

"I wish I could say it was good to be back, but really-"

No. Not at all.

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Liam wanders in, intending to search for papers or a notebook or something he can use to start keeping a journal of sorts, since his little notepad wasn't with him when he arrived.

He sees someone who appears to be Vincent and immediately pauses near the door. He's had a run-in with one and doesn't trust them anyway.

So he'll offer a polite nod and a, "Sorry to have disturbed you," before turning to leave.


Her voice comes out melodic and soft, so very womanly.

"It's nice to see you."

Liam blinks several times at her, startled. The voice indicates... A female version of Vincent?

And he's fascinated despite himself. Oh, dangerous curiosity.

"H-hello. Er... I'm afraid I don't know what to call you... Lady Nightray? In my world you're Vincent."

"Senta will do."

She promises, reaching to crush out the cigarette.

"It is Liam, isn't it?"

"Senta, then."

He honestly wonders if he should keep the Lady or at least Miss, but he also knows that Vincents can be very insistent, and he'd rather not trigger that.

"Yes. D-do you know me from your world, then?" That sounded odd. "I mean, rather... Are you acquainted with the Liam in your world?"

"We work together at Pandora."

She confirms, with a little nod.

"Ah, so it's similar to my world, then."

He's interested in hearing just how similar, but also isn't sure whether Senta is similar to her male counterpart in his world in other ways. Ways that Xerxes warned him of.

He finally settles on a neutral, "It's strange how similar and different the worlds people here come from can be."

"I'm sure Mister Hatter has had a great deal to say about all that."

She guesses, shrewdly. Because really.

He can't quite keep himself from frowning. She refers to Xerxes in a similar way.

"I wouldn't know, honestly."

He's being a bit vague, of course, but he's also choosing to apply it to the Xerxes from his world, rather than any of the ones here. He doesn't know how his Xerxes would see this place.

"Oh, come, you're quite inseparable in my world."

She laughs brightly, adjusting her legs.

"He is a friend," Liam agrees. "But the Xerxes Break from my world is not here to give his opinion on the strangeness of the Mansion."

He's still hovering by the door.

"Come in. Sit down. I'm being impossibly rude."

She stands, and straightens her jacket.

Oh... Is it possible to refuse? Hm...

"It's really okay... I've only come in to search for a notebook to use. I had hoped there was one in the desk in here."

"You don't have a few moments?"

But she looks so hopeful, Liam.

"Oh, er..."

Oh that look why are you giving it?

"I can look later, I suppose... Really, there is no set routine here."

Liam gives in and takes a seat across the coffee table from her.

"Did you just arrive? I didn't see you at the wedding."

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