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Your Heaven's a lie.
songstress_shar wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[Sharon is currently in the music room, just playing a few songs she likes, and singing along. She'd been in a mood to do this ever since she'd left the kitchen after her talk with Break and it wasn't like anyone would mind, really. The conversation had reminded her of being home more than she'd wanted to admit and she slipped off as soon as she could manage.]

(Feel free to pick which song she's singing from the links here, here, or here. Also, feel free to choose other songs if you want to.)

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[Liam followed the sound of the music out of curiosity. It doesn't sound like music from his world--rather, it sounds a bit like the music Dork's singing flowers produced during the meteor shower when he'd been introduced to them.

He's a bit startled to find someone else, though it's clear from her mode of dress that she's either from his world or one similar. It takes him a moment to recognize her.]

... Lady Sharon?

[Sharon glanced up at the greeting before she blinked and paused for a moment, rubbing a hand over her eyes.]

Just Sharon, Liam, just Sharon. I don't do the title thing like the others here seem to.

[Ah, so there's a version of him in her world, then.]

Sharon, then.

There's a Xerxes here who is dressed similarly. Are you from his world?

[He actually kind of hopes so; that Xerxes seems rather lonely, even if he tries to hide it.]

Not the same world, no. His Sharon is a fashion designer. I'm from a similar one though.

And you seem to be in line with the majority of the others here.

[Oh, right. Then there are other worlds like that Xerxes'... He wonders a bit what he does in hers.]

Then you're a musician?

[He nods.]

I am. Most others seem to be from a different timeline or slightly different worlds, however.

I am, yes.

[A brief smile]

It does seem that way. Break and I seem to stick out like sore thumbs, really.

We don't really have music like that, in our worlds. It's rather interesting, and it sounds a bit more expressive.

[He comes in properly, since he had really only been hovering by the door.]

It must be difficult. I know Xerxes has mentioned missing things from his world.

There's so many types of music in my world. It's definitely strange being here.

I know exactly how he feels though. There are things I'd love to have here that just wouldn't really work in a place like this.

I've been able to hear... I believe Xerxes called it a capella. He trained some singing flowers.

I've looked for books on worlds like yours in the library, but I haven't seen any. What Xerxes has described--flying machines, music boxes that hold thousands of sounds recorded like pictures--sounds so intriguing.

Maybe if the Will is nice, she'll let me bring an Ipod or some kind of music storage device here so you can see more.

Did he tell you about movies and television?

That would be quite interesting.

He mentioned moving pictures--movies?--and the idea of combining the moving pictures with the recorded sound. It sounds much like being able to watch a play at home.

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