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The Hare of March
histeatime wrote in pandoraheartsdr
(Hare was coughing, hiding her face behind hand. When she finished, a small sneeze followed. Sniffling, she rubs her nose.)

My, I ought to avoid this form for a while...

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[Liam hears the coughing and the sneeze, and investigates.

Although he's not used to his Chain having human form, he recognizes her as Hare.]

Are you alright?

(She smiles and opens her mouth to respond, only to be stopped by a cough.)

[He is immediately at her side, hovering a bit, uncertain.]

I didn't know you could get ill, Hare.

Come with me to the kitchen and I can make you some tea? Or let me know where your room is and I can bring it to you?

[Have a little bit of a panicky, worried contractor.]

(She shakes her head, giggling lightly.)

I'll be alright, master. There's nothing to be concerned about.

[He frowns at her, feeling her forehead to check for fever.]

Of course I'm concerned. I'm sure you'll be fine, but if you're ill you should be cared for.

(Her forehead feels fine, if a little cool to touch.)

You're very kind...

(Hare smiles fondly at her master. It wasn't often that her contractors would be like Liam; they often found her powers to be of no use, leaving the large rabbit on its own after the deal.)

[He looks at her affectionately.]

You've kept me company for so many years, and you saved my life. The least I can do is care for you when you're ill.

Come along. I'll fix you some tea with honey.

[He takes her hand to pull her along.]

Thank you, master.

(She follows him obediently, her hand in his, humming a quiet tune along the way.)

[When they reach the kitchen he has her take a seat, and then rummages for an appropriate tea.]

Colds--if that's what this is--will get worse if you don't have fluids and rest. I can bring you tea and food in your room until you're well.

I don't have a room.

(Saying it simply, hands on her lap as she watches her master search for tea.)

[He nearly drops the ginger green tea tin when he hears that, staring at her in surprise.]

But... you've been here longer than me. Why wouldn't you have a room...?

I have no need to.

(Hare points to herself, smiling~)

I am a Chain, master, not a human. When I require rest, I do so outside~

But you have a human form here.

There are plenty of rooms here; there's absolutely no need to sleep outside.

[He's a bit exasperated, but he focuses on getting the tea on.]

And you certainly can't stay out there when you're sick like this.

A form that is not necessary. And I like the outdoors.

(It's always so dark in the Abyss, after all. Broken rooms and monsters only exists in there.)

I guess...

[He doesn't understand it, honestly; after all, Hatter has his own room.]

In any case, sleeping outside may have contributed.

[He hesitates briefly, considering options. Liam's pretty sure that the rooms around his are taken, and he'd prefer to have her near if he's caring for her.

He's well aware that she's female, but she's also a Chain. There's a chaise longue in his room that he can sleep on temporarily, as well.]

You can stay with me until you're well, then.

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