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Not Such A Noble White Knight Tonight
sinclare_sorrow wrote in pandoraheartsdr
"- And that's the last of the blasted stuff, honestly, I don't know where he gets off, doing something so childish and , well down right rude! What the devil have I ever done to him that rendered this sort of retaliation. Nothing! that's what! Bloody madman..."

Rambling to himself, was the White Knight, as he heaved heavy wood and broken glass, the keys of a piano and various stuffing tangled in springs, out of his chamber door, and down the hall towards the gardens. He'd more than likely have to burn half the rubbish, which was going to be traumatic, seeing as the last time he was around fire was the second tragedy.

After lumbering and hauling the wreckage out into the correct places to dump it in, Albus made his way down into the kitchen. Milk, a nice old glass of milk is what was needed.. and something else. Spotting the kettle and the cup set out a side, Hatters cup, the one with the chip in it from having been tossed at the White Knight on many an occasion, when a terribly brilliant plot thickened in his rusty old mind. Taking the salt and taking the sugar, peeling the lids back and swapping them over carefully.

"That ought to teach the trouble maker a thing or two about messing with me."

[ooc: Albus the White Knight, is seeking revenge on a rather big prank that could have gotten him to a lot of trouble with the mansion's Will. Feel free to bust him, help him or mock me/ tell him off xD]

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[Liam catches the tail end of this swap when he comes into the kitchen, and frowns disapprovingly.]

You do realize that several people will be quite angry with you if it stays that way?

So long as one person is completely and totally angry, and I'm no where in his sight, then I shall return and put things back in their place.

[Turning, nodding, a hand to his chest as he bowed out of habit and respect.]

[Not having this. He walks past the Chain.]

You do realize that I'm switching it back? Now.

I don't wish to be caught in the wake of an angry Xerxes Break. And if you're targeting him, you should know better.

[How forwards of Liam! Albus has never disturbed him while working, has he?]

And I regret to inform you, Sir, that I might very well have to put them back, the wrong way.

...X- Xerxes? ...

[Stopping, startled a little. Was he that transparent? had his actions called out and given him away so easily?]

[Liam does not want to have to deal with angry people over salt in tea. He does not like such pranks probably because of prior experience and having learned his lesson of not messing with Xerxes' sugar. He raises an eyebrow.]

I would be one of the people rather irritated to find that the bit of sugar I put in my tea was actually salt. I am simply less violent about it than most.

Who else drinks more sugar than tea? Aside from Hatter, of course. They would probably be the ones most irritated about it.

Although, Eques would likely be quite angry to discover that his baking was ruined by such a prank, but I haven't met him. And anyone eating said ruined baking.

[He wants to be able to use the kitchen, and fallout might prevent that.]

[Send them to Albus, if that should happen. Albus isn't the kind that likes pranks too! this is suppose to be a lesson the the Chain he's wanting to offend!]

You're making this harder for me, than it should be. How about I just make you you're tea? whenever you want some, come to me and I'll get it? That way you know you wont have salt in your tea, sir.


[He'd not known Break all that well.. Kevin never had sugar in his tea... you of all people might have known it, Liam, after all... you were there, you saw him, just after he lost Albus...]

You're fast making this seem like a bad idea ... I'm going to have to reconsider aren't I?

[Oh, he would. Gladly.]

How inconvenient. I know neither your name nor where to find you. Nor am I the only person who would be inconvenienced.

[Liam hasn't yet met a Kevin here, and he doesn't know who this chain is yet.]

That would be the intelligent thing to do. I would recommend considering a way to target only the person you are upset with, rather than the entire mansion.

[He'll go ahead and start switching it back now, since the last bit indicates that it won't be redone.]

I would also keep in mind that if anyone tries this prank in the future, you would be the one blamed. It's best not to put yourself in that situation.

[Then it shall be arranged!... somehow.]

My name, Sir, is Albus. I am a Chain, please, don't fear me as I have never devoured a living soul only horrifically slaughtered them! in this Mansion. I am the White Knight... and you would be?

[He could be found by simply calling for him, or, if Liam wanted, Albus could tell him the number and floor of the room he'd taken on as his own.]

You would? and so tell me, what would you recommend I do instead of this?

[Now that was a thought... but it didn't bother him much, as he was sure Hatter would tell anyone and everyone, that anything and everything that was to ever go wrong, was Albus' fault.]

[Liam recognizes the name, but it takes him a moment to recognize it. He's heard it once only, and he never asked about it. The memory startles him so much that he spills a bit of salt on the counter before he recovers.]

Kevin's Chain...?

I am Liam Lunettes.

[He cleans up the mess, not bothering with the superstition of what to do after spilling salt. The question makes him frown.]

Well... I have no idea who you are trying to prank, but if I were to give you ideas I would be partially responsible. Honestly, I would rather stay out of it.

[This reaction is watched closely, strange.. that this man was startled.]

Yes, that's correct, or should I say, was correct. I no longer hold a contract to the man I call Master.

[Here, let Albus help? he feels a little bad, what on account of Liam being so nice as to clean up the mess he made after all.]

Mad Hatter, he destroyed something's that belonged to the Mansion and deposited them in my room... I wanted to leave a sour taste in his mouth, much like the one I get, every time I see his face...

Ah... Well, from what I understand the Will destroyed you. At least, that's what I've heard. That would certainly end the contract.

[He lets the Chain take over, since it is his responsibility.]

Personally, I wouldn't cross Hatter. The damage he did to one of the rooms on the second floor--probably where much of what was in your room came from--was rather...

If you dislike him, the best thing to do is avoid him.

[Such a painful memory... forgive Albus, if he just stands there a moment, his hands upon the counter once he's set the sugar and salt back in place.]

Yes, and the Kevin I've met here, well.. they hardly seemed interested or have the need for a chain...

[He frowns as Hatters power was mentioned.]

He's had the chance time and time again to end me, he's never though. For some reason he likes to keep me around, I'm convinced its to torment me for this pointless and wasted life I live now...

[You couldn't be more wrong, Liam... Albus doesn't hate Hatter.. well actually no, he does hate him... but its a really painfully complicate love hate thing going on.]

[Liam gives him an apologetic look. He spoke before thinking.

That likely places them before the period where the Sinclairs were murdered, then, which is interesting knowledge]

I've been told life is what you make of it, that you get out of it what you put in.

I suppose sometimes it's hard to find a point. I see no point in being trapped in this mansion, myself, but if I don't find a one I may go mad. The same likely goes for you.

[Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose and side glancing towards Liam. It wasn't his fault. Albus had an idea of what happened, the Kevin he spoke to here touched upon the subject, but as for details? he was in the dark about it.]

So I'm a rather odd bend to the rules then. As all I've contributed to life is my loyalty and murder.

Mad? no, I've been through madness, this place is calm for the most part. However, should you need help, I insist you call for me.

[Nodding, in a small polite bow as he set all the sugar and salt back in their correct places. Nice and tidy.]

Well, you're still alive here. I suppose whether you continue that trend here is up to you.

[Liam starts checking cabinets for tins of Eques' cookies.]

Calm, perhaps, but not home. If it were calm and home, I'd be on better footing.

[He gives the Chain a bit of a startled look.]

Help? With what?

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