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More obscure characters
harisenisms wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[S'up Mansion. Sheryl Rainsworth is in your library, assessing your situation. She's grilled asked a few of the residents for information since arriving, but even better than word of mouth is the written word. She's found one of the record books of one of the Barma's in one of the kitchens and is looking it over in her chair by the warm light of the window.

She smiles, and sets the book down briefly.]

Only you Rufus.

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[Liam comes in for tea and nearly does a doubletake. He hadn't known that a Sheryl was here.]

Lady Sheryl!

Ah, would you like some tea?


Yes Liam that would be lovely. Does this mean your master is near by?

I haven't seen Lord Barma lately, but I believe there are several versions of him here. Excuse me while I prepare the tea.

[He immediately moves to put on tea. He remembers her favorite from when he stayed at Rainsworth, and he quickly brews it and returns to the library. He sets the tray on a table near the window and pours her a cup.

She may notice that he moves a bit stiffly.]

Did you just arrive, milady?

A few days ago. [She takes the cup.] Are you a little sore by any chance?

[Ah, so not completely new...

The question surprises him for a moment, but... Well, other people have noticed. He must be moving oddly?]

I was injured when I came here, a little over a month ago. Still recovering, I'm afraid.

[He pours himself some tea as well.]

This may seem like an odd question, but what was occurring in your world when you arrived here?

Oh dear, do I need another discussion with Rufus about treating his servants with kindness? [She sighs in dismay, a harisen tapping her thigh. She turns to Liam however.]

You and Xerxes are currently recovering at home, but it has not been a month since that incident. Quite frankly Liam I am impressed you are up and walking after a month.

Lord Barma isn't responsible for my--

[Then the rest leaves him breathless, and he has to set his teacup down and take a seat while he recovers. When Liam looks at her it's with wide eyes.]

Xerxes is alive then? He survived?

Oh yes, I suppose you would not know if it was before-- but yes. I'm afraid however he...may not be the same after this time. That man, you know he acts as if he live forever.

I thought I had gotten him killed.

[He gathers himself; her words are sobering, but he's alive!]

I woke, and no one was there. I needed to know about Xerxes, so I made myself get up. That's when I was brought here. No one here seems to know the outcome of Yura's party.

A Xerxes here, one from a different world entirely, has been caring for my injuries. He's older, and his Liam had similar injuries. If not for him, I'd still be in bad shape.

[She smiles gently.] You two always were such great friends.

Not always.

[This is murmured before he picks up his tea and has a sip. He remembers they hadn't been at first.]

How badly was he injured?

You both were severely hurt. As I said, I'm surprised you're walking after a month. I...cannot say I am sure if it will be the same for Xerxes.

[So Xerxes could be bed-ridden...? He remembers what the female version he met here said, and he looks rather horrified.]

This is my fault. If I had told him about Hare, he wouldn't have risked himself.

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