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throwing tantrums
willoftheabyss wrote in pandoraheartsdr
[There's a combination of loud noises coming from the kitchen. The sound of things being broken, screaming, glass shattering.]

I hate it. I hate, hate, hate it!

[Screaming at the top of her lungs. Pieces of leftover wedding cake and other treats laying upon the floor. She herself is also a mess.]

Everyone... Everyone expects so much out of me. Wants so much... And yet I won't ever be able to get my own happy ending.

[Trembling hands raised up to her face as tears tumble down.]

Not fair, not fair, not fair!

[She picks up a glass vase that has white roses in it and throws it across the room. It smashes up against the door.]

I will never get a happy ending. So why should anyone else be able to? I hate it. I hate this place!

[Falling onto her knees upon the floor.]

Everyone should just... Die. I'll never... Have the chance to be happy. And my own wishes... Will never be granted.

I hate humans... All of them are so selfish. Self centered. I want to just... Leave this place.

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[Liam was coming in for wedding leftovers and unfortunately neglected to recognize the voice before opening the door. Oh, crap.

He forces a benign smile.]

Ah, excuse me. I apologize for interrupting.

[He's going to just... try to leave now and go to a different kitchen. If she'll let him.]

[Eyes fix upon him. Too late, you've been caught.]

Oh, it's Mister March Hare's contractor.

[Clearly he needs to be more careful around here.]

I didn't realize you were here, Will. You seem... troubled; I don't wish to bother you.

Are you happy, Mister Liam?

[A simple question.]

[It seems simple, but he gets the impression it's not such a simple question. It's not for him.

Liam has moments here where he feels content, but they're brief. And at home, with what amounts to a war, and Xerxes...

Not to mention he's unsure whether a yes or no answer might set her off.

It takes him a while to answer, and when he does...]

I don't really know.

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