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the baskerville-vessalius wedding.
duchess baskervilleₒ
hopewasleft wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Today had been a day long in the making, and many people had had a hand in it. The mansion's grand ballroom was as elegant as it had ever been, decorated as it was for a Baskerville wedding. The doors had all been flung open onto the balcony outside, and stairs led down into what would be the reception area afterward. With spring in the air and the gardens blooming, the tables had been set up on the grounds outside. Everything was surprisingly perfect, considering the habits of the mansion's Will; perhaps she, too, was looking forward to the wedding.

[ ooc; i'll set up several threads, sort of like the pandora meeting post. also lmao short post sorry guys. post away! ]

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[Liam feels just a little bit awkward here, since he doesn't really know anyone in the wedding party. He'd feel more at ease if he had some task to do. But he did find an invitation in his room, along with a nice formal suit in his closet this morning, so he's here.

He's fascinated by all these people, all these variations of people he knows and people he thinks of as legends.

But mostly, at the moment, he's utterly entranced by that cake omg does want.]

[Liam notices him and, assuming that this is the same one he met last week, comes to stand near him.]

Settled in?

Oh! [It's you, other me! At least he has to assume it is, since he hasn't met any other hims around here yet.]

Thank you again for your help when I arrived. [Hm, it's a little weird to be thanking himself.]

I suppose so. I guess you could call it settled, anyway. I'm certainly not used to all of this yet. I can't believe I'm at Glen Baskerville's wedding!

[He nods at the thanks to acknowledge it; it's just as odd accepting thanks from oneself.]

I've been here for over a month, and I'm still not used to it.

From what I understand, this Glen is different from the others, in that the Tragedy never occurred in his world. I understand that may be because of Jackie's existence.

The others... Well, I recommend avoiding them, unless you meet the one with the raven pendant around his neck. That one is a chain contracted to Gilbertine.

[You seem pretty cool about it all to him, but then again, he hasn't even been working for Pandora very long, so it's all pretty exciting.]

Wow... It's as if someone really did change the past and made it better! Jack Vessalius being a woman instead of a man is... a pretty big change, though.

[blink. blink.]

Glen Baskerville is a chain? People can turn into chains? Or was he always that way? [He'll be pondering that one for a while...]

Gilbertine! [He barely knows Gilbert Nightray in his own world, but he wondered why he was a bridesmaid.] Is, she really a woman?

I've wondered why it couldn't have ended similarly even in worlds where Jack Vessalius is a man, to be honest. Such a small detail, having a huge effect...

[Questions again, oh my.]

One version of him is, and yes, supposedly people can turn into chains. A young man around here is the human who became Hatter, and the Will of the Abyss, when I had the misfortune of running into her here, mentioned that it happens. Apparently not all chains were once human, though.

Yes, she's a woman, but she normally dresses like the other Gilberts.

[He nods, looking across the room at the members of the wedding with a thoughtful (and slightly goofy) smile.]

I suppose... we don't really know why Glen Baskerville did the terrible things he did, do we? I mean, he must have had a reason. We don't really know why the Tragedy happened. And we still know so little about the Abyss, even after all this time that Pandora has studied it.

[He's trying not to ask so many questions, really he is, but he's so curious about everything! Besides, this is just like talking to himself. Well, sort of. Speaking of which, there's one question he's not sure he wants to know the answer to.]

There, um. There isn't a female version of us here, is there?

[He's going to ignore that goofy smile, Tiny, and you should be happy of that. He knows you can't get drunk, fortunately.]

No, we don't. Not yet. I'm sure we'll discover it at some point; it would be even more tragic if it could have been prevented by a matter as simple as Jack's gender.

[Oh, no. A female version? He hadn't even considered that horror. Why did you bring this awful idea to his attention?]

No. At least, not that I've met. There seem to be female versions of Gilbert and Xerxes, though.

[Nah, no drinking, he's just soaking up the happy atmosphere. It's just like your goofy smile in that Unbirthday party photograph, older Liam. 8) ]

You're right, we will find out someday. I don't think that's really a simple thing, though; I mean, even if youcould go back and change the past to make it better, how would you change Jack Vessalius into a woman?

[Yeah, sorry, he wishes it hadn't come into his head, either.]

Oh good. That's a relief. Xerxes being a woman, though. That's hard to imagine. Maybe if he were a woman, he wouldn't cause so much trouble. [And not make people worry so much. He'd like that.]

[Oh, stfu, Tiny.]

Nothing ever is simple, but it would be sad if it was something like that.

[He shrugs at that.]

I doubt that, honestly. Xerxes Break is Xerxes Break. He doesn't follow societal conventions--how would being a woman change that?

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