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the baskerville-vessalius wedding.
duchess baskervilleₒ
hopewasleft wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Today had been a day long in the making, and many people had had a hand in it. The mansion's grand ballroom was as elegant as it had ever been, decorated as it was for a Baskerville wedding. The doors had all been flung open onto the balcony outside, and stairs led down into what would be the reception area afterward. With spring in the air and the gardens blooming, the tables had been set up on the grounds outside. Everything was surprisingly perfect, considering the habits of the mansion's Will; perhaps she, too, was looking forward to the wedding.

[ ooc; i'll set up several threads, sort of like the pandora meeting post. also lmao short post sorry guys. post away! ]

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[This Liam is well aware that the mansion cleans up after itself, so he's going to concentrate on making sure the multiple drunken revelers make it to where they need to go.

As well as, perhaps, an exhausted Xerxes.]

[Said exhausted Xerxes is still in the chair he'd staked out some time ago, feet up on the one next to him. He'd wound up socializing quite a bit instead of sneaking away, and now he's waiting for the others to clear out a bit before he tries to navigate the halls.

Or so he'll claim. Really, he's debating the merits of just diving under the table and napping there. But on the other hand, if he actually bothers to get up, he can go to his warm and comfy bed. What to do, what to do.]

[Liam catches sight of him after helping with some other guests, and heads over.]

You look exhausted.

[He offers a hand--his good one--to help Xerxes up.]

Come along. It wouldn't do for you to pass out in a chair after helping make this possible.

[Break tilts his head back to stare up at the man, blinking slowly.]

I am exhausted. [He concedes. He doesn't take Liam's hand, but he does reach a bit past it to latch onto his wrist, and pull himself up that way. The help isn't necessary, but Liam does try so hard.] I fully intend to sleep for at least a day. Maybe two.

[Liam leads him toward the door.]

You look like you could use it. I'll check in on you tomorrow, bring you something to eat. There are going to be plenty of leftovers from the receptions, I think. I'll make sure to wrap some of those up before the mansion decides to clean up.

[He's kind of falling into his role as Xerxes' caretaker here. It's the role he's used to.]

I've got food stashed in there, but it's much appreciated. Don't be surprised if I don't wake up at all, though. I'm known for crashing after stuff like this.

[Break is too tired to argue. He follows amiably, hands in his pockets.]

[He remembers his own Xerxes' crash after Sablier, and he's glad his back is to this one right now. It's something he'd rather not think about, and he's glad this crash is due to something completely different. And, if it's happened before, isn't dangerous.]

If your stash of food consists of tins of cookies like mine does, I doubt it will help much.

I'll check anyway. I can always bring it back when you do wake up.

[He'll be pausing near the stairs so Xerxes can go first.]

Pfft. No, I have a stash of potatoes. I gnaw on them, raw.

[He's being snide, but there's no meanness in his tone. He takes the stairs two at a time -- stepping on every one of them is way too much work right now.]

[Liam pulls a face at the idea, but he knows Break is being snide. He heads up the steps after him, a bit slower since he's being careful not to strain that leg still.

Without thinking, when he gets up there he takes Break's elbow as though to lead him.]

[Break tilts his head at him at the touch. He's so loopy by this point that at first it doesn't actually occur to him to ask about it, but once it does:]

What's that for?

[Liam blinks and then-- Oh... He forgot. Or didn't think; this Xerxes is so different, after all. Liam just slipped into his old role of helping Xerxes--except this one isn't blind. He immediately removes the hand.]

I'm sorry. Habit.

[That's said after a moment, with a bit of embarrassment.]

[Another blank look at that, for a moment. Then, Break blinks in sudden understanding.]

Ahh. Yours is blind, right.

[Liam nods, not looking at him.]

I've gotten used to helping him.

Mm. My Liam took care of me all the while I was sick. I don't know that I'd've made it if he weren't there.

[They're close to his room, now.]

That's... basically what I try to do.

[He continues to escort him. He wishes, wishes, that his presence, his help, was enough to ensure his Xerxes' survival.]

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