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the baskerville-vessalius wedding.
duchess baskervilleₒ
hopewasleft wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Today had been a day long in the making, and many people had had a hand in it. The mansion's grand ballroom was as elegant as it had ever been, decorated as it was for a Baskerville wedding. The doors had all been flung open onto the balcony outside, and stairs led down into what would be the reception area afterward. With spring in the air and the gardens blooming, the tables had been set up on the grounds outside. Everything was surprisingly perfect, considering the habits of the mansion's Will; perhaps she, too, was looking forward to the wedding.

[ ooc; i'll set up several threads, sort of like the pandora meeting post. also lmao short post sorry guys. post away! ]

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LOOK, HE'S NOT EVEN THAT DRUNK. And is dressed pretty damned well thank you very much - clothing worthy of a noble wedding. He cleans up nice when he wants to.]

[ the bride slips up beside him, curling her hand in the crook of his elbow and beaming up at him. ]

I hope your lady wife won't begrudge a dance? After all, I hear you're my nephew.

[Ah, the lady!Jack. Such an odd turn of events, but Oscar is finally starting to understand how this place works. There's only a moment of shock on his face before he turns his lips upwards into a bright smile and places a hand over hers, leading her out to the middle of the dance floor.]

Right you are, milady! And in all my life I never thought I'd be witness to the rewriting of history like I just was.

[Consider most of your dances claimed. She was standing beside him, one hand on his arm lightly and making sure he didn't overdo the drinks]

It was a lovely ceremony.

[He's behaving himself, okay. He's not even singing along with the music or anything!]

Just about as lovely as ours.

I was terrified that day.

[She smiled at him though.]

I think she handled it much more gracefully.

[Gil is not sure if want.

She knows maybe it's time for Uncle to sit down however.]

Ah...Lord Oscar? [Approaching very cautiously with her hands up.]

Gil, my boy!

[Oscar is hurrying towards you, Gil, arms open wide. COME TO UNCLE.]

Oh-! I'm-! [Nope too late, she is being suffocated. :|]

...I missed you too.

Ooooooscar. I'm not sure the dancefloor can handle the sheer scope of your fabulousness just now, mate.

[He's been watching that alcohol disappear, okay. Come talk. Sitting down. In a chair. Eat something.]


Is that a challenge, Xerxes? Challenge with a capital C? Because you know what else starts with a C? Cowardice! Which is what you'll be displaying if you complain and don't join in!

[Hello, Oscar. You are his excuse to get away from Vincent. Liam looks a bit stressed, if you squint through the alcohol.]

You should probably slow down, Lord Oscar. You wouldn't want to have to turn in early.

Liam! Have you danced yet?

[Ignoring your statements pretty much outright.]

[ hi, oscar, there's a chain suddenly right beside you. looking glass is dressed in his usual white and silver, his hair pulled back into a tail with a white ribbon, his usual bandages wrapping his throat beneath his collar. they're habit more than anything lately.

he beams up at the human man, happier than he's been in a long time. ]

Master Oscar! [ he knows it's not his oscar from his world, but.. ]

[For a moment Oscar can only stare at the sight in front of him, taking in the bandages and collar with nothing but a concerned and curious look. It's definitely the same image of his great-great-great-grand uncle, but at the same time...

'Master' sounds a bit strange in that voice.]

You all right there, Jack?

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