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the baskerville-vessalius wedding.
duchess baskervilleₒ
hopewasleft wrote in pandoraheartsdr
Today had been a day long in the making, and many people had had a hand in it. The mansion's grand ballroom was as elegant as it had ever been, decorated as it was for a Baskerville wedding. The doors had all been flung open onto the balcony outside, and stairs led down into what would be the reception area afterward. With spring in the air and the gardens blooming, the tables had been set up on the grounds outside. Everything was surprisingly perfect, considering the habits of the mansion's Will; perhaps she, too, was looking forward to the wedding.

[ ooc; i'll set up several threads, sort of like the pandora meeting post. also lmao short post sorry guys. post away! ]

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[Break is exhausted.

He expected to feel this way today right from the start, honestly. There's always more or less an all-nighter just before the conclusion of a big sewing event like this, and on top of that he spent his morning running around seeing to it that everyone got what they needed to get. After, he had fled to his own room and had a miniature panic attack with the realization that he hadn't found himself anything to wear, but the mansion is being nice today, it seems -- formal wear from his own world appeared in his closet overnight.

So, here he is, dressed up and well-pleased with himself and so, so ready to sneak away and sleep for a good three days. Also, awfully, awfully smug. Never let it be said that Xerxes Break cannot do what needs to be done in the face of crippling homesickness and rampant personal problems that he refuses to share with most of his companions!]

[Liam sets a cup of strong tea in front of him. He's a little concerned that Break might collapse mid-reception, with the way he's pushed himself these past few days.

He does, however, understand working too hard to meet a deadline, so he's designated himself the bringer of the tea. It's about the only thing he's been able to do to help, and even then he's gotten the impression he's a bit unwelcome--and he has no idea why.]

Lovely wedding.

[Break, who has honestly been entirely content to just sit back and watch for most of this wedding, rouses a bit when Liam speaks. Collapse? No. It's not that kind of tired.]

Mm. We needed somefing like this, I fink. People get entirely too caught up in the worser parts of being stuck here.

[Nodding his thanks, Break sips at his tea. How sad that tomorrow he'll be back to foraging for his own food.]

[Liam nods and takes a seat next to him with his own tea.]

That's true.

[It's what he's focused on, unfortunately. He feels a bit purposeless in this place right now, though making sure Break ate decently gave him a bit of one for a few days.]

It's nice that they're here together, so this can happen.

I'll tell you what's nice. That girl, there? All that black hair? [Subtly, he points her out to Liam.] That's their daughter, all grown up. You may have seen Jackie carrying around a baby? Same girl. She gets to see her parents get married.

[Break smiles into his tea, almost serenely.] It's interesting, the chances you get here that you'd never get at home.

[Liam glances over at the girl, and confesses,]

I'm afraid I haven't met the bride, or the groom.

It is nice that she gets to see it. Even if it isn't a memory she can take back with her.

Oh, you'll adore Jackie. Such a sweetheart.

[He pauses, thoughtfully. Being so tired has made him a bit more open.]'s not really any different from being at home, when you fink about it. We're put here, for no reason we know of. We stay here for an undetermined amount of time, never knowing when we'll leave. We get close to people and sometimes they disappear on us out of nowhere. And once we ourselves are gone, all that's left of us is what the people here remember.

I would like to meet her, at some point. She's rather busy now, so perhaps later...

[He considers his words, a bit surprised by how very true they are.]

Slice of life, really, I suppose. [He sighs softly.] I suppose part of the problem is that I have no idea what to do here. I've found myself with an overabundance of time for the first time since I was... Well, around eight or nine, I suppose.

[Lady Shelly wanders over, noting with some interest the difference in the cut of his formal clothes, and with some amusement the decidedly smug look on his face.]

You look quite dashing, this evening, Mr. Break.

Miss Shelly. Gorgeous, as always. You remind me of a song my own Shelly loves, in fact.

[He reaches out to squeeze her hand when she reaches his side. He's teasing, but he means it.]


[She squeezes his hand back, smiling warmly.]

And what song would that be?

It's late in the evening; she's wondering what clothes to wear.
She puts on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair,
And then she asks me, "Do I look alright?"
And I say, "Yes -- you look wonderful tonight."

We go to a party, and everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady who's walking around with me.
And then she asks me, "Do you feel alright?"
And I say, "Yes -- I feel wonderful tonight."

[It is incredibly difficult not to blush when being sung at, even knowing that there is nothing romantic intended. Shelly ducks her head in a sudden fit of girlish bashfulness.]

It's a lovely song; I agree with her.

[Attached he may be, but he knows all the Rainsworths enjoy their romance, and Break is an entirely capable flirt when he wants to be. Now, though, he's just looking to fluster her a bit; and with that mission accomplished, he's too kind to go on to the next verse.]

Did you hear the song the Bat was singing earlier, out on the dance floor? That's anovver song from my world. I was singing it recently; he must have overheard.

Your world has some very talented composers.

[Recovering her composure, she glances across the floor to the chain in question.]

You must teach him more. He has a rather pleasant voice.

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