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[ if you've been near the kitchen today, you've probably noticed a small, white-haired, red-eyed teenager going back and forth to it several times over the course of the morning, carrying various small bowls, bottles, jars, and other such things. .. yeah, hopefully you didn't need any of those.

he's claimed a small sun-room near the rear of the mansion. there are plants everywhere, several cabinets and work-tables, and canterbury himself is stocking his shelves with the things he's collected. --one of the cabinets holds several bottles and jars with medicines already made and labeled. with no physician here, he's taken it upon himself to do what he can to keep the residents of the mansion healthy.

despite that, he himself is sporting a neatly-wrapped bandage on his hand, wrapped around his palm, and there's a small pile of shattered, bloodied glass dumped into a wastecan that he needs to empty. even though he's himself again, there's enough of hatter left in him that sometimes, he loses himself. the wounded hand had been a remnant of that.

he moves to his work-bench, picking up a small vial and checking the paper carefully pasted on it, before lifting a pen, inking it, and writing the contents on the label. ]

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[Liam intended to cook himself something to eat, but this makes it clear that he won't be cooking--instead he hopes there is some yogurt in the icebox.]

I see you managed to get the paint off.

[He notices the bandage as he enters the kitchen, and heads over, concerned.]

Are you alright?

[ he glances up at liam with a bright smile, setting the pen down and nodding. ]

It just came off that night for some reason. I suppose because the day was over. [ logic. ]

[ at the question, though, he flushes, glancing uncertainly down at his hand. ]

I'm all right. I just broke a glass by accident.

[He smiles back.]

I stopped floating that night as well.

[Liam comes closer and takes a closer look, but it seems to have been treated. Then he looks around the room.]

It seems you've been rather busy in here.

Oh, well.. I've just been putting some of the medicines in here. [ he makes a vague gesture. ] Most everything is still in the workroom I'm using.

[ he lifts the vial he was writing on, offering it to liam. ]

Actually, this should help your wounds heal more quickly. It's supposed to help keep things from scarring, too, but I find it's not as effective at that sort of thing.

Medicines...? You're a healer?

[He takes the vial out of reflex and stares at it.]

Fortunately, my wounds have been healing well. At some point, I believe the stitches are supposed to come out, but I have no idea when...

I was in training to be one when I died.

[ a brief pause, glancing up at him, wiping his hands off with a cloth. ]

If you want me to check, I will.

It's good that you have that knowledge. We may need it here... We do, really. I had to stitch a wound for a newer Xerxes.

[Liam blinks at the offer.]

I... Not here.

I would appreciate it, though. A Xerxes has been helping me but... the fact that I'm injured seems to bring back bad memories for him, with his own Liam. I've been trying to avoid asking him for help with them.

We can go back to my work-room if you like.

[ he puts away the last little bottle, collects the empty ones, and straightens, glancing at liam again. ]

It's not good for you to neglect them, even if it is for Xerxes' sake.

[He nods.]

That may be best.

[He grimaces at that.]

I know, and he would be irritated if he knew.

Then don't do it again. If the stitches were to fester in the wound, you'd be in trouble.

[ he slips by him toward the door, turning back to make a gesture to follow him. ]

It's not far, and I have tea on.

[He blinks.]

Stitches can fester?

[Liam follows; he certainly hopes that hasn't happened!]

[ a brief laugh. ]

The wound around them can if they're not being taken care of properly.

[ when they reach the sun-room, he dumps the vials out in a small wash-basin to be cleaned, then washes his hands and moves to pull back a curtain in a little area he's using as an examination room. ]

Come sit down, then, and let me see them.

I've been keeping it clean...

[He has a seat, and unbuttons his coat before starting on the shirt. Normally he'd be embarrassed about this, but in this situation... Canterbury is a doctor.]

[ he waits patiently until the shirt is off, then moves to carefully begin unwrapping the bandages, dropping them in a wastecan.

his fingers move gently to the wound, touching the skin around the stitches carefully. ]

When you say 'keeping it clean', what have you beend doing? You've been wrapping the wound in the bath, haven't you? Have you been cleaning them with salt-water?

[ he leans in closer, making certain none of the stitches have been pulling, before sitting back on his heels with a hum. ]

Actually, they'll need to come out soon.

[Liam's a bit surprised that the touching doesn't hurt, actually. Canterbury clearly knows what he's doing. He blinks at the questions. Because he's been doing, well...]

I've been wiping it with a wet cloth. I'm afraid I've never been wounded like this, so...

[He glances at the wound.]

Really? I won't risk the wounds reopening?

[As there are several, including one that disappears beneath the waistline of his pants.]

I said 'soon', not 'right now', Liam. --Don't wipe it from now on, just dab it. Use a little hot salt-water every few days to keep it disinfected.

[ he glances up, brows drawing together. ]

Are there stitches elsewhere? I should look at your other wounds.

[Liam nods, paying attention to the instructions. He'll be stopping for salt in the kitchen, then.

He sighs at the question.]

The ones on my side-- [He pulls aside the rest of the shirt to show the stitched slashes, and then gestures down] --and the one on my hip.

[ogod does this mean removing pants?]

Let's see your hip, too, then. [ he rises to close the curtain, giving them both more privacy, then offers a quiet smile. ] Don't be embarrassed, all right?

[Liam nods, embarrassed anyway. He doesn't normally disrobe in front of other people, and stands to reveal that wound as well.

He'll be focusing on a point in the curtain now.]

I was limping for quite a while because of it, but it's easier to move now.

[ he settles on his knees again as he unwraps the bandages, fingertips moving as gently over the wound on liam's hip as the earlier stitches. ]

.. Bandersnatch really did a number on you.

[ he rises, gathering up a clean, damp cloth, settling on his knees again to carefully dab at the gashes. ]

[Again, it doesn't hurt, but the whole thing is embarrassing. Is he really going to have to go through this again when he's taken home?]

He did. I had to resort to Hare's talent, and even then, Hare said that another Baskerville actually stopped the attack. It didn't make me as disinteresting to attack as I had hoped.

[Then he blinks a bit. Had he mentioned Bandersnatch to Canterbury? He can't remember.]

You remember, from...?

.. You mentioned him. [ satisfied that the wound's clean, he finds clean bandages, begins to wrap it neatly again. ] I remember him, though, I think. Xerxes was so angry.

[ he smooths the bandages around the other man's thigh, securing them and rising. ]

All right, I can wrap the others, now.

Ah. The conversations from those first few days are a little... vague.

Xerxes thought I was dead at the time. I never expected that he would...

[Be so upset, so upset that he would throw away his own life to avenge him. That's what he'd like to say, but...

He takes advantage of this to pull up his pants, relieved to no longer be exposed, and has a seat again.]

Thank you.

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