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the scientific term for this is 'in a snit'
mad_poetry wrote in pandoraheartsdr
*Inside a room in an out-of-the-way corner of the ground floor, there's a series of rather terrific crashes.

The wardrobe topples right over, one door snapping halfway off its hinge. The desk ends up on its side, drawers ripped out and mangled. Books fly everywhere; the curtains around the canopy bed flutter to the ground as they're ripped from their rods. A heavy chair makes a very good dent in the wall, one table leg puts out a pane of glass as it's pitched right into the bay window.

In the middle of all the chaos, one man plops down onto the floor, breathing rather hard. He's barefoot and sloppily dressed, teeth and fists clenched, still looking entirely ready to destroy something-- Xerxes Break always did have a bit of a temper, after all...

But perhaps one wouldn't so much expect to see him take a deep breath as he stares at the floor, running a hand over his face, looking... honestly rather pained.*

((Backdated to before the meteor shower. Pissy Break is pissy, the Will's little April Fools prank was the last straw for him.))

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[Liam had been on his way back to his room from the main kitchen, when he heard the crashes.

Last time he heard crashes, it was Hatter having a tantrum. When he peeks in the cracked-open door at the mess--prepared to hurry away if necessary--he's not entirely surprised to see a Xerxes Break behind the damage. He's just not sure which one, or if it's one he's met yet.

It's the pained look that concerns him enough to make his presence known.]


*preoccupied as he is at the moment, hearing that voice takes him by surprise a bit -- his head jerks up and he glances back and forth before finally noticing he's neglected to shut the door all the way--*


*a quiet, seething sort of sigh. The look on his face right now is reminiscent of the Break who used to frequently brood in windows and push young boys out of them. His voice is quiet and not particularly welcoming*

Do you need something?

[He's opening the door just slightly, but not entering. The voice reminds Liam very much of Break's early days at Rainsworth. If he winds up sprawled on the floor right now, he's not sure if he'll be able to get up. He's still not entirely sure which Break this is.

He almost asks if Break is alright, but that'd be a stupid question--clearly he isn't. He's concerned, and when Liams are concerned they nag.]

I heard the crash. Last time, it was Hatter. I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised to find you in the middle of this mess.

...It's my room. *muttering the words as he glares over at Liam for a moment, then glances away again, running a hand through his hair* I can wreck it if I feel like it.

It will all just be back to normal tomorrow anyway...

*absently staring down at a book lying next to his foot, then kicking it aside, not particularly kindly.*

[The glare, to him, indicates that this may be the same Break he met the night he arrived at the mansion, nearly a month ago.

The book hits the door with a loud thud. Liam chooses to ignore the anger--he usually does, anyway--and opens the door further, stepping inside to pick up the book. He straightens the pages, brushes a bit of debris off the cover, and sets it aside. He never has been one to appreciate destruction of books.

He knows Hatter's destruction was due to going back to their world and participating in the battle at Yura's mansion. Whether Break's snit is due to something similar...]

Mm... Rather negates the point, doesn't it?

[He's referring to both the fact that temporary destruction isn't likely very therapeutic, and also to the fact that it can't have much impact on the target if it isn't lasting.]

Hardly. *leaning his chin against one palm, gaze seeming to grow stormier as Liam walks further inside* The point is not to make things stay wrecked, it's to wreck them.

*then, however, staring at the rather stiff way the other moves, his brow furrows more*

--You're the injured one.

I suppose. It'd be nice to think that the damage has an impact on this place, though.

[He blinks. That means this one can see.]

Yes, though rather less so than I was initially. I met you in the library the first night, didn't I?

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