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All the dresses. All of them.
Brb dorking
almost_knightly wrote in pandoraheartsdr
So life has been kind of obnoxious of late. The bulk of it has been fine as usual, really, but between panicky Liams with roving Bandersnatches, another bad fit of homesickness, and discovering that he'd spent a week brainwashed into thinking he was married to dear old Stuffy!Break and having that end in spectacular failure --

...well. This wedding is immensely convenient for him. What better way to ignore all the things he doesn't really want to think about than to fling himself into a creative project?

Yes. The dorkiest Break in the mansion, bullied forever trained at home by his tyrannical fashion designer of a Sharon, is responsible for sewing most if not all of the major wedding outfits. His room, he decided, is not big enough for this venture and also he recently had excellent sex in it with that other Break and that is just weird, so he has taken over one of the second-floor parlors for his base of operations. His beloved sewing machine is over by a window where he can get lots and lots of light -- all the curtains are thrown open for that exact reason, in fact -- and the rest of the room is literally covered in sewing projects in various stages of completion. Empty teacups are sitting around in random places, Break's pot of singing flowers is in the corner serving as a pretend radio, and the man himself is skulking about barefoot with his hair in a ponytail, his vest unbuttoned and his shirt untucked. The look in his eye could be described as "rabidly manic".

There's also a sentient doll and a ferret playing amidst the chaos, but bah. Every last bit of this is normal when this Break is around.

No, the really interesting thing is the entire corner of the room that has been curtained off. Break has heard tell that the Glen involved in this wedding might try to sneak a look at Miss Jackie's dress, and we can't have that~

[This post will technically take place over the entire week, so everyone will get their own custom responses! You will get immense bonus points if you bring him food, bring him tea, or harass him until he sits down and lets you give him a shoulder rub. Action and prose are both fine, and beware the Mad Hatter. He's being a dear and helping Break out, and may decide to threadjack at any time...]

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[Liam's been looking about for him, and the state of this room--given what he saw of Break's room the other night--makes it clear who has taken it over.

Have a Liam with clothing over his arm.

He comes in and peers into an empty teacup. He'll probably be nice and take those out of the way at some point.]

I could make you a massive stew pot full of tea, but then I wouldn't be able to carry it.

Now there's an idea, but it'd be cold before I could drink it all, you know how I forget about fings. Speaking of, Liam, could you be a dear and call Sharon for me? She left her iPod in the apartment last night, you know how she went crazy the last time she lost it and I'd ravver not --

[Break emerges from behind the curtain, babbling on, only to stop abruptly and look around the room, confused. He even goes so far as to lift a hand to his forehead.]

-- have her...crying, about...I forgot where I was.

[Liam stares at him for a moment, wondering just what an iPod is and how one would go about calling someone, but the fact that Break seems to be a bit out of it has him concerned. And with the mention of 'hypoglycemia' in one of their last conversations...]

Are you alright? When was the last time you had something to eat?

People have been bringing me snacks. [He sounds almost defensive.] I -- don't know, though. I'm...

...this is what I do at home a lot, so. I lost track, that's all.

[Waving it away, Break heads over to the sewing machine and sinks down into his chair there. He doesn't look shaky. Just a little disoriented.]

Did you need somefing?

When was the last time you ate something nutritious? Cake, cookies, and tea don't count. I can make you a sandwich or something, at least.

[It's the disorientation that worries him a bit. And if Break is allowed to nag him, he's going to do it right back.

But the question makes him look around at the scads of sewing Break already has to do. Liam has no idea how he'll finish all of this in the time he has, and he's not going to add his own to it; he's nothing but a guest anyway, and not even acquainted with the bride and groom yet.]

No. You have enough to do. Don't worry about it.

Canterbury brought me -- that might have been yesterday.

[That's as close to an admission of defeat as Liam will get. Break rubs his neck for a moment, then stretches until his back cracks audibly. When next he speaks, he seems to be thinking out loud.]

It's actually not as bad as it looks. Everyfing's just laid all over the place at the moment, that's why. I've already got my patterns and most of the cutting and the basic garments will come togevver quick, and I've got Hatter helping me wiv the detail work. And he doesn't need to sleep.

Then I'll make you something. From what I understand, you're liable to pass out without food, and that seems to be the last thing you need if you have so much to do.

[He sets the clothing he was carrying on a bit of empty space so he can go do so and starts gathering empty teacups to take with him.]

I have nothing to do. I may not be any good with sewing, but I could help you cut fabric, if you need assistance.

...I appreciate it.

[Because he is hungry, and he knows he should eat, and he knows his own Liam will feel better knowing someone else was there to fuss over him, should he ever show up.

All the same, once Liam has left and come back, he'll discover Break has taken advantage of his absence to start examining the clothes he brought in with him. Nice try.]

[Liam nods, finishing gathering the cups he can easily carry, and heads to the kitchen.

When he returns, it's with a plate that has on it a chicken sandwich, carrot sticks--Hare's mental contribution--and several boiled eggs that had been in the fridge. Liam peeled those in the kitchen.

Also, a fresh pot of tea.

He winces when he sees that Break's examining the clothing.]

Don't worry about that, I said.

Who said I was worrying?

[It's a perfectly reasonable question, because he's not. The food does distract him from it, however, so he tosses it aside. Then he perches in a chair and pulls the plate over, digging in happily.]

You wouldn't have brought it for no reason. Out wiv it.

[Liam sighs.]

My wardrobe was full when Knave tossed everything on my bed and went through it. Apparently the mansion decided that it wanted me to wear that to the wedding.

[His lips tighten a little, and he crosses his arms a bit defensively.]

That was what I was wearing when I encountered Lily Baskerville. And it is the only formal wear in my wardrobe.


[The ferret scrambles up Break's arm and onto the table, then, drawn by the food; absently, Break passes her a bit of chicken to munch on as he rises from the table, wiping his hands carelessly on his jeans. Rummaging around in one of his piles for a moment, he returns with a half-finished coat -- it's more or less put together, but it's not lined yet, or hemmed, and there aren't any buttons.]

Try this on.

[While he's waiting for Liam to take it, he reaches over and pops an entire boiled egg into his mouth.]

[He hesitates before taking it, in part because he's distracted by omg ferret.]

Isn't this for someone else?

[Lady Buttercup von Fuzzbutt cares not for your insignificant mortal awe, Liam.]

It was for Knave, but there's a flaw in the fabric by one of the seams in the back and I couldn't take it in wivout makin' it too small for him. You're thinner, so it should do fine, and I already have all the bits cut out. Won't take long to finish it.

He found a different fabric he liked better, anyhow.

[With that, Liam takes it, but sets it aside so he can remove the coat he's currently wearing. Break won't have to make something new for him, and it means this work won't go to waste, anyway.

He's not picky, anyway, so long as he doesn't have to wear that outfit.]

Thank you.

[He slips it on, careful with his left arm.]

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