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[Forward dated to Thursday Evening]
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[There is a smell of cake wafting through the Mansion. A wedding cake. On the eve of Jackie and Glen's marriage one of the Gils is preparing for the blessed occasion with perhaps the most important part of the celebration. The kitchen seemed to have been made for large scale cooking with a large oven, several stove tops, and deep sinks, and to top it all off a walk-in ice box full of large slabs of ice from who knows where.

Right now four pans of batter are baking, with Gilbertine (hair tied back, apron on) mixing batter for two more pans. She pauses to wipe the sweat from her forehead, but she looks pleased, more happy than she's looked in
weeks really.

Still this is quite a bit of work for one person. Come help her out? Or not.]

[OOC: Forward dated so we have some time to hopefully finish or mostly finish logs. Action tags preferred but prose will be accepted. \o/]

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[Liam will wander in checking for Xerxes, with several articles of clothing hanging over his arm. He blinks a bit around at the amount being cooked and baked before nodding at Gilbertine.]

You look rather busy.

I do need to get this done so it's ready tomorrow. [She shrugs and glances at the clothing on Liam's arm.] Though I see Break is as busy as I am.

[He grimaces at the mention.] He didn't make these. The mansion thought it would be amusing to supply these as my formal wear.

It's the formal wear I wore to Yura's party. [The outfit he nearly died in, like brand new.]

It's got a vicious sense of humor, yes. [*sigh*]

I've noticed. [He gives the clothing over his arm a little sour look.] If Break is too busy, I'll have to wear them.

[He gives the kitchen another look.]

I'd offer to help, but I'm terrible with cooking.

I'm afraid Break is about as good as his counterparts at taking care of himself when he's on task. [She snorts and shakes her head.] Don't worry about it, I'll get Gilbert to help me with the difficult parts.

Which is not at all. I'll check in on him once I find him, and make sure he eats. Make sure you eat yourself, Gilbertine.

[He blinks at her curiously.]

I met a new Gilbert a week or two ago, but I'd assume you're talking about a Gilbert who has been here longer?

Oh yes, he's been here only a little bit longer than I have. I'm surprised you haven't run into him yet. [She shrugs, but then frowns.] Ah this new one...did he introduce himself as Duke Baskerville?

I've spent much of my time in my room, so it's not too terribly surprising.

[He shakes his head, surprised.]

Certainly not. The Gilbert I met seemed to be from a similar timeline to my own. He was in the middle of the battle at Yura's when he arrived, apparently. I haven't seen him since.

Oh yes I think I met him too.

He was panicking and looking for Oz--and I haven't seen an Oz here, either. Beyond him, you're the only Gilbert I've met here.

[He asks curiously,]

There's a Gilbert who is Duke Baskerville here?

Yes. He explained he had somehow been adopted by Glen Baskerville as a child and raised to be his heir. [Which still sends a shiver down her spine. She shrugs.] He...doesn't seem to be as power hungry as some of the Glens but his own views and motives have yet to be seen.

[It makes Liam shiver as well. What on earth happened to Gilbert if the body now houses Glen?]

Someone else to be careful of, then.

Mm. [She walks to take out one of the baking pans and test if it's cooked through.] He claims to have no hostilities towards Pandora however.

[Liam decides to check the fridge for a bite to nibble on while he's in there.]

The question, of course, is whether he's honest about that.

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