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Do your best, Liam-san!
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[Liam has his chin perched on the top of the stack of files in his arms, in order to hold them steady as he comes down the hallway nearly at a trot. The stack is so high that he can hardly see over it, so he doesn't even notice at first that the corridor around him has changed from the familiar Pandora decor to something... different.

He's inches shorter than the Liams usually seen around the Mansion, but that probably has nothing to do with it since the taller ones just carry larger stacks of papers.

He finally slows and stops when he comes to a wall where he was expecting to find a door. The corridor branches to left and right here, and he stands and looks both ways, with a little difficulty since his glasses have slipped on one side and he doesn't have a hand free to right them.]

Oh no, did I go the wrong way? I thought I had the layout memorized completely by now! But... this looks different than any part of Pandora I've been in before.

[He's still one of the youngest members of the staff, so even with Duke Barma's patronage and his reputation for being trustworthy, he knows there are things about the organization that he hasn't been told yet. He assumes this secret area of the building is one of those things.]

I hope this isn't going to get me into trouble! I'd better go back the way I came...

[When he turns around and finds there's someone standing behind him, well, you know what's likely to happen to that stack of files he's carrying.]

[ooc: teenage!Liam, fresh from the omake where he shows Gilbert around Pandora for the first time. Have fun with that. ^^]

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[Young Liam is going to find his older counterpart, carrying several books from the library with his good hand and blinking at him in some surprise. He hadn't seen this Liam before. Only the slightly-off one.

When the stack goes tumbling, he'll wince in sympathy, because he has had exactly that happen.]

At least you didn't take a tumble with them?

YIIIIII I'm sorry I didn't mean to... in...intrude...

[He nearly does take a tumble, stumbling back a step. All he can think is that he must really be in a forbidden area if Duke Barma has come after him and sprung such a startling illusion on him.]

I - I made a wrong turn, Sir, but I haven't seen anything! I'll go back immediately, as soon as I - aahhh!

[That's a slightly panicked wail as he sees how far the papers have scattered, and he starts scrambling to gather them.].

Intrude in what?

[Did he really just call Liam 'sir'? He thought this was one of Barma;s illusions, didn't he? He doesn't blame him, if he's as young as he looks, but was he really like this at that age? Maybe Break was right about him fretting too much.

He bends to start helping with the papers.]

I'm not Lord Barma, nor am I an illusion. [As the fact that he can pick up papers should make obvious.]

[He pauses when he sees that. He's used to the Duke's illusions by now, and when he really looks, he can tell this isn't one of them after all. Which means he's stumbled into some even stranger secret in the depths of Pandora!]

Then w-what's going on? It's something to do with the Abyss, isn't it? *gasp!* Can people really come out of the Abyss in the future? But, that doesn't make sense; I wouldn't still be here, too.

[It's a valiant attempt at logic.]

[Have a sigh, young!Liam. This place defies all logic.]

Slow down. Deep breath.

As far as we can tell, this is like the Abyss. This mansion brings in people from a variety of worlds, and even from different places in our own timelines. I already met a very odd version of myself, for example, and now I've met you. Which I suppose means there are at least three of us here.

And, very importantly, there are Baskervilles here, as well as Chains in human form.

You're not at Pandora anymore.

Oh man, I was *so* going to use that line!

Worlds? And times? Three of us?

You mean, you're really from my own future? I'm going to get that tall? Wow.

B-but, I don't understand. Where are we, and how did I get here?

Does anyone at Pandora know about this?

[He thinks in question marks. Liam is curious about everything]

Re: Oh man, I was *so* going to use that line!

Yes, three of us, that I know of--although the other one is a bit off. Aggressive, Xerxes called him.

[As the questions come one after another, he boggles a bit. Oh god was he really like this? No wonder Xerxes loved to harass him so much...

He'll just be running through those answers.]

Yes. I'm you at twenty-six. And, yes, you're going to be this tall.

A mansion. On grounds. And from what I understand no matter how far you go on the grounds you just end up on the other side of it. I rather think of it as a bit of a prison. From what we understand, the mansion just plucks people from other worlds as it likes.

Likely Pandora knows nothing of this, or at least that's what Lord Barma believes.

[He quirks an eyebrow.]

Perhaps getting you some tea would help? [Chamomile, it is what you are getting.]

Re: Oh man, I was *so* going to use that line!

[Automatically, Liam starts to reach for the pen and notebook in his vest pocket. He needs to take notes on all of this! He stops when his older self mentions Lord Barma.]

He's here too? But I just spoke with him less than an hour ago. Unless there's more than one of him, too? That's pretty hard to imagine.

[But reassuring, especially if there are Baskervilles around.

He nods; suddenly tea sounds absolutely necessary.]

Thank you, yes, tea would be most welcome, now that you mention it.

[Notes? Well, yeah, he'd probably have done the same if he'd had his pen and notebook with him when he got here.]

There is a version of him here, yes. There may be multiple versions. From what I understand it is a singularly bad idea to mention to any version of Glen Baskerville that you know him.

[He glances at the paperwork. It may have something important in it, best not to leave lying around.]

We can drop this paperwork off in my room on the way. We shouldn't leave it lying around where anyone can read it, after all.


Glen Baskerville! From the past? Or did he come back to life, like some of the stories say... That wouldn't be good, would it. But if he did, I'm sure Lord Barma would like to ask him a lot of questions!

[Liam doesn't even stop to wonder whether Glen would be likely to answer them. He notices the papers again and flinches at the mess for a second, then starts scrambling on hands and knees to gather them up.]

Oh! Yes, thank you. It's nothing very important, though. Just some old reports of unproved Chain sightings that never got filed properly.

[Aggrieved sigh. No one at Pandora knows how to keep things organized!]

Not this one, he wouldn't. Glen Baskerville is dangerous, and liable to kill you if you ask anything.

[Liam gathers a few, but the teenager does most of the work.

He can, however, commiserate with that.]

They never do. It's a wonder Pandora gets anything done, at times.

Oh? Oh! Ah, I guess he wouldn't be very friendly, would he. That's a shame. We could learn so much about Sablier and the Abyss. I think Xerxes would really like to know more about what really happened, too.

[He tucks the papers into a manageable stack, cringing a little when he thinks of how much trouble it will be to put them back in order. Later, though. Tea and information are more important right now! He's ready for his older self to lead the way to the tea.]

But it must be dangerous anyway if the Baskervilles are here. Is Xerxes Break or Duchess Rainsworth here too? Or anyone else from Pandora? I hope so! And - and - what do you all do here?

{Sorry, older Liam, but so many more questions! Too bad this place doesn't come with a welcome brochure and a travel guide.]

From what I understand, one of them did a lot of damage here. Best to stay away from them if possible.

[He takes as much of the stack as he thinks his arm can manage--he'll get the books later--and leads the way to drop them off in his room.]

It's quite dangerous. There are several versions of Xerxes here. Lady Shelly is here, but I haven't encountered the Duchess. Also, several versions of Gilbert--though you may not have met him yet? [He's not quite sure when he met Gilbert at Pandora.]

And I know a certain Xerxes here, if you go to him with that many questions, likely won't hesitate to dangle you by your ankle over a staircase. I really recommend tempering your curiosity, here. There are far more effective ways of gathering information than asking; you should know that from Master Rufus.

[Have a bit of a scold there, young Liam. This Liam is worried you're going to get yourself in trouble.]

[Several Xerxes Breaks? He almost trips on his own feet when he hears this. That could be worse than Baskervilles, as far as he's concerned!]

Gilbert.... Nightray? I've seen him, I think, but we haven't been introduced.
[He's wondering why Gilbert would be here at all since he's still at school, or why Liam would mention him out of all the other nobles.

The scolding gets through, though. His older self is right; Duke Barma would expect him to be far more discreet than this. As for Xerxes Break...]

He did that once already! [Indignant Pout!]

[Yeah, that reaction is warranted.]

He's a colleague in my world. He'll become a part of Pandora, and later will contract Raven.

[Oh, my. Liam is assuming he met one here.]

In any case, some of those who would normally be allies here are not, and some who would be enemies are not. You need to be careful, and the best way to do that is to be unnoticeable.

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